Diamond, Surf, or Tree?

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Diamond, Surf, or Tree?
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So, today was the day—decision time. It was the morning of my 21st birthday. Since World War III and the global financial crisis of 2019, a few things had changed here in the UK, we no longer had the regular birthday parties or weekend celebratory trips to Europe of our predecessors... it was registration day.The world is very different in 2039.First of all, there wasn't much left of southern Europe and the USA to go and visit, once Trump and ISIS got through ruining everything.

Thankfully though, Trump is long blown up and religion is banned, as is being forced to believe whatever your family believes; or is afraid not to believe.

No longer can religion be hidden behind as an excuse for violence and taking control of other people—it is all banned—and those who run what is left of the world have the authority to put to death anyone who tries to revive it or control others for controls' sake!

Morality and fairness rule today's society, not religion.Secondly; border controls have much improved—applications by proper channels is now the ONLY accepted method of entry.

Part of the reason for the war between Europe and the UK was that everyone here got sick of the people pretending to be refugees coming to the UK, when it was already too deep in financial crisis to cope with them as well as us—they were using violence and deceptive practices for selfish benefit, trying to force their way in to the disadvantage of those born in the UK—something had to be done. Before the changes, UK nationals were being left homeless and starving, not being fed for days at a time, with DWP and local government offices refusing to help those who had paid tax and national insurance for 20 years or more... yet offering food, houses, clothing, heat allowances, transport and advisers to those pretending to be refugees from other parts of Europe.

The hippy idiot millennials kept falling for the hype—calling those who could see what was really happening a bunch of racists... how stupid they were proven to be!!!!

The majority of the 'refugees' were lying—they were actually financial migrants; who could easily have gone to any country in Europe, but chose Germany, UK, and Sweden because those countries were the only ones NOT requiring them to work for any benefits received.

Of the 3 countries mentioned, the UK had the most gullible government, bullied by masses away from realism and into the "fear of accusation arena."

These spineless governing fools were literally too scared to do the fairest thing by their own countrymen, because the hippy know-nothing youngsters were branding everyone who wanted the fairest thing done a 'racist'... and these idiots led to the collapse of our welfare system because too much got given to the incomers and our own were being neglected. Riots and system collapse followed.

The new system built in its place was a lot stricter—and run as it should have been in the first place—putting nationals who had contributed first! Everyone now has to earn enough points in their chosen form of work, in the area of birth before being allowed to move to another area to live and work; or use services outwith their area without special permits. Thankfully, and more fairly for our own Nationals, this included those coming to the UK too; because of the lack of infrastructure to support so many people now.Currency—so much global travel and the financial collapses caused by WWIII basically ended both the need and the production of individual national currencies—everything is electro-currencies now, and it must be earned, not inherited. So, back to my 21st birthday... what happens now, in 2039 is that I, like every other global citizen, am required to make 3 decisions and register my declared choices with the local government office.Choice 1—I've tried 3 different kinds of work so I need to choose which one to do for the next 10 years. I need to choose carefully, as changing isn't allowed before then except in special circumstances. I loved my cooking job, so this was an easy selection.Choice 2—My compulsory rest places. One place for days off from work, and one place for my 3 compulsory holidays through the year. I'm going to choose the Ayrshire Coast, Scotland for my weekend rest-breaks and the Jungfrau Region, Switzerland for my holiday breaks as a lot of it is still there and still beautiful, even after the last war.Choice 3—Diamond, Surf or Tree.....?I'd put a lot of thought into this one, tossing and turning it around in my mind. Nobody is required to do what other family members do with this choice, with regards to your time of death—this decision is completely your own. I don't know if this made the choice easier or harder for me.Due to land being desecrated in the war, fracking damage to land structures, and so many bodies needing to be buried after the conflicts, there were no burial plots left in the UK or indeed Europe.We must all choose one of the following options instead:1. To be a Diamond—Cremation, followed by the ashes being compressed into a diamond which your loved ones could keep, store and display with electronic images of the person.2. To be Sea Surf—Cremated then scattered on the waterway of your choice to just gently float away.3. To be a Tree—The bodies are dehydrated and crumbled down, mixed into compost and used to plant a tree with, to help restore our landscape.Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but I want to be a tree.I ticked the final box and smiled.That's it—choice made... now for the rest of my birthday.At least there is still pizza and alcohol in 2039!Some things simply didn't change!

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Rosalyn Grams
Rosalyn Grams
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