Demons Run

by Aaron Cline about a year ago in literature

Part 1

Demons Run

I ran to the right, but still they were right behind me. It seemed that no matter how fast I ran I could not escape the dark forces that were chasing me. I decided it was time to face them since there was no chance to outrun them. I stopped my fast pace, turned around, and drew my two swords. They would be here at any moment. My heart was beating out of my chest, adrenaline was pouring through my body. Then all three came around the corner, they were dark creatures from the underworld. They held their dark swords and charged at me. I jumped over the first one and hit the second one on the top of the head with the back of my sword. The third one was too fast and slammed into me with his shield.

I was forced back and the others closed in on me. I then realized that I had made a mistake in turning around and trying to fight these creatures. I had to act quickly. Three swords were flying directly at my head. I ducked under them and spun to the side. I jumped back but the demons were still coming; their speed was inhuman. One of them, the bigger of the three, lashed out at me. With his two-handed sword, he moved his arm back, preparing to deliver a powerful blow. I put both of my swords together in an attempt to block the impact. The strength of the demon was so powerful that the encounter vibrated through my arms and made me drop both of my swords. I jumped backward and the demon’s sword missed me by inches. The other demons were just standing to the side and watching what was going on and waiting for their leader to finish me off.

I moved and quickly drew my short sword, it was the only weapon I had left. The demon charged me again but in mid-charge, he slowed down as if I was not a worthy opponent. I quickly decided to lunge at him, our weapons clashing, the reverberations again went up my arms from the shear strength of this monster. I tried to jab the demon in the gut, but I was blocked again. I was not fast enough. Then the demon stopped and looked at me. I stopped as well, knowing that this could be my only chance of rest.

The demon spoke, “Prince Julius, we have you surrounded and you are not quick enough to fight us.” His voice was the deepest and darkest voice I had ever heard. “You can come with us willingly or we will take you by force. Either way, you shall come with us.” We both had our swords down. I could try to quickly attack him, but I wouldn’t be fast enough. “Choose, human!” he yelled. I chose to lunge at him. He wasn’t expecting it and he couldn’t get his sword up in time and I penetrated his left shoulder with my sword.

I pulled my sword out preparing to strike again, but the other demons grabbed both of my arms. The bigger demon punched me. The confrontation hurt so much that I could feel the blood pouring out of my nose.

“You will serve well in the arena while your world burns,” he said as he punched me again. “Tie him to the wagon.” The other two demons followed the commands of their leader and tied me onto the wagon. Inside of it was a dwarf who was unconscious. I did not understand what was going on. Then one of the demons constantly threw punches at me and my vision was beginning to fail. The only thing I could hear was laughter and then everything went black.

Aaron Cline
Aaron Cline
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