Day 3 Morning

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A sci-fi romance.

Day 3 Morning

I kept going back and forth in my mind, should I call it it, or should I call it her? I did build her to be in a relationship with me. I suppose I will call it, her. She did not sleep through the night, she was on a low power state. Even though she booted up, there were still a lot of updates that needed to happen so that the software was safe. Parts are cheap, very true, though that does not mean I want to keep buying new parts because of a malfunction. So I would rather her spend time downloading everything she needs to run properly.

She was on the living room couch, sitting bolt upright, and eyes wide open. I noticed that when she is doing core updates, her eyes glow a bright blue, but when it is a small update to information, her eyes stay purple. It is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, I just find it interesting. I then started to wonder what it would be like if the robot had blue eyes anyway, it must get confusing sometimes, though, I suppose the blue light might give it away.

I furrowed my brow, seeing as she was still here, does that mean a girl finally spent the night? If so, as far as a first time goes, it is pretty pathetic. I hang my head at the thought, and prop it up at the forehead using my wrist, while also holding onto a cup of coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker, though I do find myself drinking a cup in the morning to start the day. Odd. My mind is all over the place, at least, even more than usual. I look up and stare at her. Her. I have not even named her yet, what's a good name. A name she might like. Then again she might just accept anything I give her. Does she have one herself? And if she does I did not even bother to ask for it.

'Is everything alright?'

I had been staring, though I had not been paying attention to her at all. 'Do you have a name?'


I felt my collective consciousness crack and shatter into many pieces. She did have a name, and I was far more interested in touching her instead. I am starting to see why they all said no to me, and why I had to literally build a girlfriend.

'It was on the box that held my core.'

What ever shattered pieces were on the floor were thoroughly ground into dust.

'I had assumed that you knew, which is why I did not bring it up.'

'I just assumed that was what the model was called.

'It is, I am the model, if you are not happy with the name, you are welcome to assign me any name that you want.'

'Violet is fine. I really like it,' setting the cup down I look at her. 'It suits you.'

'Thank you.'

'Well I need to head off to work now. Would you like anything when I get back?'

'No, thank you. May I ask how long work would last?'

'Eight hours, sometimes more.'

'Thank you, I shall recharge in the meantime.'

I take one good look at her, hoping to take a mental picture of her for me to think about while I am at work.

For the first time in a long time I found myself eager to get back home, as opposed to working here. Usually I do not even feel the hours go by, however, I can now feel every second slowly tick by. I was on edge, and I hated it.

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