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Dathomir | A Dark Planet of the Galaxy

by Culture Slate about a month ago in star wars
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The War Has Come To Dathomir!

Permanently bathed in red mist by its red dwarf sun Domir, Dathomir is a distinctive and dangerous planet in the Outer Rim of the Star Wars galaxy. It is home to many species of iconic Star Wars predators and it has a unique history with the dark side of the Force. Many of the most famous Sith of the Clone Wars era cite Dathomir as their homeworld. This article is going to explore what makes Dathomir such an interesting planet within the Star Wars expanded universe.

Dathomir isn't a pretty world compared to some of the more luscious planets of Star Wars like Naboo or Alderaan. The terrain is mostly made up of swamplands and mountains, making the creation of big cities and flourishing advanced civilizations nearly impossible. This unforgiving terrain has however given rise to some truly epic predators. The most legendary among them has to be the rancor. Standing around 5 metres tall, with long arms and massive jaws, they have evolved to survive the harsh terrain of Dathomir, giving them an imposing and dangerous appearance. Dathomir is also home to more fearsome fauna, such as the bat-like chirodactyls and the corrosive-acid spitting bane back spiders.

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Dathomir was also home to many clans of force-sensitive natives. The most famous of these were the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers. Both of which were known and feared throughout the galaxy for their prowess as warriors. Especially the Nightsisters. Sometimes known as the Witches of Dathomir, they wielded a dark version of the Force known as Magick which they drew from the core of the planet.

They were the de-facto rulers of Dathomir, being by far the strongest clan. Legends within the tribe claim they were taught how to wield the Force by an exiled Jedi. However, this is disputed by the Jedi themselves.

The Nightbrothers were made up totally of male Zabraks, and they had brutal and barbaric lives. They were subservient to the Nightsisters, usually working as their protectors.

Before the Battle of Naboo, Darth Sidious travelled to Dathomir and spoke with the leader of the Nightsisters, Mother Talzin. After discussing the secrets of the Dark Side of the Force, Sidious took Talzin's son, Maul, as his apprentice. Another young Nightsister, Assaj Ventress, was also given away by Talzin to a criminal, and she too would eventually find her way into the service of Sidious via Count Dooku. However, she later travelled home and sided with the Nightsisters against her former masters Dooku and Sidious.

During the Clone Wars, Dathomir became a prominent location of the war. Count Dooku travelled there in the hope of convincing the Nightsisters to join the Confederacy. Talzin refused to join but did let Dooku pick a new apprentice from the Nightbrothers. Dooku left with his new apprentice, Savage Oppress, but tension still remained between the two sides. Later in the war, Talzin captured Dooku and attempted to sacrifice him. This caused The Confederacy to send a huge fleet to Dathomir led by General Grievous, and the Nightsisters clan was destroyed by his droid army.

After the war, Maul made Dathomir the base of operations for his criminal empire Crimson Dawn. The planet was also visited around this time by Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis, where he feuded with one of the last remaining Nightsisters, Merrin, and uncovered a plot by former Jedi Taron Malicios to learn the secrets and powers of the Nightsisters and use them against the Jedi. Cal eventually defeats Malicios with the help of Merrin.

Dathomir has a stern look, harsh terrain, and harsh creatures living on the surface. Death is part of the culture on this planet. But it is all this which gives Dathomir a unique feel in the Star Wars universe. It saw most of its prominence during the Clones Wars era, and since then has faded slightly into obscurity. But the planet once ruled by a witch's coven was feared by the whole galaxy, and homeworld to some of the most iconic Star Wars villains ever surely has more secrets to give up yet.

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Written By Simon Tebbutt

Source(s): Wookieepedia

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