Dark Voices

by Emily Bates 2 years ago in fantasy

These are the first couple of chapters of the book that I am writing. Please leave any advice, thank you for reading!!!

Dark Voices

Chapter 1:

It was any normal day in Colebrook, Connecticut. For other residents, not

me. While the other lovely seventeen-year-old hang out and have fun

with their friends, I was packing because I was moving to

Salem, Oregon. Why you ask? Because my aunt Alexa, or should I say

Lex, got a new job in Salem to be a Manager at a magazine corporation.

So we decided instead of getting a new house, we were going to move

in with my grandma. I wasn’t sad about leaving my best friend because I

didn’t have one. But I was sad that I had to leave my first love Alex. Alex

was the only person who didn’t think I was a weirdo. Which was nice

knowing that he didn’t think that because he was the most popular guy

around. Last night was the last time I could ever see him in person, I was

sad about it but I was glad that we talked about keeping the relationshipgoing even though i’m moving across the country. “Are you done

packing?” Lex ask as she grabs the last couple of boxes in my room.

“Yeah let me grab my bag and i’ll meet you outside”. She nodded and

took the boxes out to the moving truck. I take the picture of my parents

that I have on my nightstand and I put it in my bag. It was the only thing

left that I had of them. My parents died when I was four and them my

Aunt Lex decided to take me in. I was happy that I would be living with

my aunt but I didn’t understand why my parents died. I heard Lex say

something downstairs, so I grabbed my bag, took a last look of my

bedroom that I grew up in, and left. I knew in that moment that it was

going to be the last time that I was ever in that room, or in the house that

I grew up in. All the memories I made in this house are going to be with

me forever, even if they weren’t good memories. I walked outside, put my

bag in the trunk of the car, and got in. As soon as I got in the car, that’s

when I heard it, the thing that has been with me all along since I was four.

Chapter 2:

When we finally arrived in Salem, Grandma was sitting on her patio waiting for us. “Oh my goodness, well hello Olivia, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you!” “Hi grandma,” I said. We both leaned in for a hug and hugged each other. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen her and I felt like I was at home, but I had another feeling too, I just couldn’t explain it. Lex came up beside me and put my bags on the floor. She hugged grandma and then she said, “here Olivia, go put these in your room upstairs and get settled in, me and grandma have to talk”. I went upstairs, but I didn’t know where my room was until I saw a door that had my name on it. I went in, the room was a lot bigger than the one that I had in Colebrook. I sat the bags down on my bed and walked around the room. The walls were midnight blue like the ones I had back home. There was a vanity and a dresser. The vanity matched the bed frame which was black and metal. The dresser was wood but had weird engravings on it, like symbols. On top, there was a jewelry box which had different engravings on it from what I saw on the dresser. I tried to open the jewelry box, but it was locked. I tried to look for the key but I couldn’t find it anywhere. That night, we were all sitting at the dinner table eating. “Lex told me that you two were going to go up to the high school tomorrow and get you enrolled into school”. I looked at Lex and said “Yeah, so people can make fun of me again and call me a freak because that’s what I totally want to deal with in a new town”. Lex and grandma looked at each other, then Lex said “ I know that you didn’t get along with other kids at Colebrook, and I know that you’re upset that you had to leave Alex but--”

“But nothing” I said. “ I’m going upstairs, if you need me come get me, other than that leave me alone for the night, goodnight”. As soon as I got up to my room, I grabbed my phone so I could call Alex. When I called him, the call went straight to voicemail which was weird because he always picked up. I called again a few more times and it still went to voicemail. I went to my bag and the first thing I grabbed was the picture of my parents. I put it on the nightstand and then I grabbed my pajamas, put them on, and laid in bed. I didn’t sleep at all that night because it felt eerie in the house at night. I could feel somebody watching me but when I looked, nobody was there, and I knew in that moment, that it wasn’t going to be the last time.

Emily Bates
Emily Bates
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Emily Bates

I love writing, it helps me escape from everything and it relaxes me. I have started on my first book, and my goal is to publish it when it is done. thank you for reading my stories!!

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