Danimal Ch. 1

Chapter 1 - Where did we get ourselves into?

Danimal Ch. 1

Silence takes over the entire camp after the explosion, cannon 1 stopped firing, everything is quiet... very calm.

Suddenly a lifeless blue creature falls to the ground, large, wings, scaly skin, in its snout still radiates heat.

Sgt. Miller: "A dragon? Son of a bitch. EVERYONE!!! To your battle stations, NOW!!! MOVE YOU IMBECILES!"

The soldiers are placed in their positions, two of them go to the container, from their facial expressions you can see a great seriousness in them and a military/mercenaries style—they know what they're doing, their weapons are different and very powerful.

The rest go to their command posts where they can better control the guns and their surroundings. Sgt. Miller looks for his rifle and stays outside—the rifle is nothing ordinary, it shows that a large sum of money has been invested in this mission.

Sgt. Miller: "In my days the battle was fought outside." In his ear he hears the voices of the other soldiers

Soldier 1: "Sgt. Miller, we can see about 10 creatures nearby, some small and others big. The cannons are 100% operational."

Sgt. Miller: "Ok, prepare the dome in case we need it."

The dome is a sphere that serves as a shield, and it can resist even nuclear bombs.

Cannon 4: "Boom"—fire everywhere.

Cannon 1, 2, 3 and 5—without any movement.

Soldier 1: "Sgt. Miller, we've lost cannon number four, no creatures nearby."

Sgt. Miller goes to cannon four. An immense rock is on top of it.

"Damn it, from where? Like, shit?"

Sgt. Miller: "I need a scan 200 meters from cannon four, immediately."

Soldier: "Sgt., there is a creature of medium height. No, there are two. NO, THERE ARE SIX! RUNNING TOWARDS YOU SERGEANT!"—drops of sweat on his face.

Sgt. Miller: "At last, I was bored."—shoots a purple flare, indicating that the whole staff should take refuge.

Five dragons entered through cannon four. Their speed is incomparable, but Sgt. Miller is not a rookie. He points the rifle to the first by firing a yellow laser beam, injuring the first dragon in the chest. With the other hand he takes out a grapple gun and shoots it on top of a structure, on impact the rope retracts and you can see how Sgt. Miller goes flying in that direction, escaping from the clutches of the first dragon.

Sgt. Miller with drops of sweat and a smile on his face prepares.

The dragons manage to penetrate a small part of the camp. Some scientists see those creatures and collapse to the ground in their own urine, in their minds nothing happens, they are totally controlled by fear, to which the dragons turn and go straight towards them.

Heads, legs flying everywhere, guts, bones, blood, this was not hunting, it is a massacre, the dragons have no mercy, in their faces, you could read some sort of expression, as if saying, "GET OUT!"

A total of five dead, unrecognizable scientists.

The Sgt. Miller returns to the grapple gun, but this time towards the first dragon. He manages to hit it in the same place of the wound, he goes flying towards the dragon which in pain notices what happened. The dragon opens his mouth and a fireball starts to form and then shoots towards Sgt. Miller.

Sgt. Miller fires his rifle at the ball, causing the two to impact, canceling the effect. Through the smoke created, Miller comes out with a smile on his face, seeing the dragon in the eyes, and reshoots his rifle, this time in the mouth, causing him a mortal wound.

Sgt. Miller: "Son of a bitch, die!"—his hair singed, with sweat and full of life.

He turns to realize that the other guys took care of the other dragons without any problem, but some structures were damaged, nothing too serious.

Sgt. Miller feels a penetrating look, the atmosphere becomes heavy, death is the only thing that is in his head, his legs tremble, it is difficult for him to remain standing.


The soldier presses a button and immediately, a gray sphere appears at full speed at 400 meters from the ground, and in a matter of one second, creates an energy dome around the camp.

At that same moment, it the entire dome is covered in flames,

Sgt. Miller: "Where the fuck did we get ourselves into??" "Can the capsule hold those flames?"

Soldier 1: "Yes, for now, we're fine."—pale face and holding a cross in his hand

When the flames dissipate, Sgt. Miller still feels the look again, he started searching for it, a much larger dragon, its gaze is fixed on him, the air feels hot and heavy. It opens its wings and flies away.

Sgt. Miller: "Cap. Rok, you can come out now, for now, we are safe."

Cap. Rok: "That was close. This is definitely what we are looking for."

Sgt. Miller: "Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry, I do not want to spend more than a day here."

Cap. Rok: "I'm sorry, but the mission requires more than a day"—seriousness and strength are noted in his voice.

Sgt. Miller: "What the fuck are you talking about? We were almost devoured by dragons and you want us to stay here more than one day? What the fuck does it take to stay here for more than one day?"

Cap. Rok: "The last ingredient of our experiment. We need a living dragon, preferably much larger than those who are dead. Under no circumstances should it be injured, as it can contaminate the blood and would be useless. And besides, if we leave without completing the mission, you have wished to be eaten by those dragons"—fear on his face is noticed.

Sgt. Miller with a look of acceptance knows that Cap. Rok is not lying, and he puts a plan for that capture into motion.

Meanwhile, the two soldiers next to the container notice that the mechanisms are somewhat altered.

Soldier 4: "Sgt., I think the subject is waking up."

Sgt. Miller: "Cap. Rok, apparently your package is waking up."

The captain runs off and signals the other scientists. In the room they see the two soldiers pointing weapons towards the container, the window is a little cracked.

Container : "crack"—"tum tum"

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