Chapter 0 - The Beginning


XTC78 Nebular Sector. Located 150 million light years from Earth.

Interstellar ship Nova10. The crew consists of 25 people, mainly doctors, scientists, and researchers. There are very few militaries whose only functions are the protection of the crew and mission. They have been traveling for several months, looking for a planet located in the Sector.

Navigation Radar starts to make noise. As they approach an area, the noise increases heavily.

Navigator: "Captain, we have detected a very high peak of mass and energy in this direction." He says, pointing to the darkest place on the map, apparently a cosmic cloud.

Captain Rok: 'Will it be?' 'Could it be?' "Perfect! It's there! Take us immediately to those coordinates. " He's excited. "Attention! This is your Captain speaking, prepare for impending turbulence. "

Nova10 moves cautiously, but at full speed towards the direction indicated by the captain. The sensors are put on alert, because they have detected an anomaly. Unexpectedly, all the instruments stop working.

Pilot Steve: "Switching to manual navigation!"

A drop of cold sweat ran down Steve's back. While entering the cosmic cloud his only allies are his experience and his senses. When advancing, he could see a lot of debris and ships cut in half; probably ships that didn't make it.

Pilot Steve: "Prepare for imminent impact!"

Rocks, and debris repeatedly hit Nova10's force shield. Despite its difficulty, this route was the best option for survival, at least so Steve thinks.

Steve: "Captain Rok... I think we've already had the worst part." He says with a smile of relief, as he wiped the sweat from his face.

Suddenly, a gigantic shadow appears among the clouds. Steve is shocked. He does not know how to react, and keeps his course, hoping that whatever he observed does not take them into account.

Steve: "Ca... Ca... Captain... There... there's a creature inside the cosmic clouds... It's much bigger than Nova10!"

Captain Rok: "Shit! attention military personal! Attention military. All to their battle stations, a possible encounter with a hostile creature."

The footsteps of the soldiers running toward the energy cannons were heard in every corner of the ship. They are in full alert, waiting for their captain's orders. Silence roamed the corridors of Nova10, all remained silent. Suddenly, the co-pilot becomes aware of what appears to be a giant planet.

Co-pilot: "Wow! Have we passed the clouds? When? Captain... Planet insight...

The cosmic clouds and the mysterious creature were left behind. The crew members realize that before their eyes is the largest planet they have observed. Progressively the instruments began to return to normal, and the tension in the cabin starts to dissipate.

Navigator Lu: "Captain, the sensors are working at maximum capacity, we received details of the composition of the planet... The information we are receiving is impressive."

Captain Rok: "It never ceases to amaze! We have to thank our sponsors, and the extensive database of the Lihbrs."

Navigator Lu: "Confirmed, captain. It is the largest planet known to date. The presence of abundant flora and fauna has been detected. However, there are no artificial structures, apparently, there is no intelligent life.”

Captain Rok: "Mr. Steve, take us to the atmosphere, we need to get closer. No matter how advanced our sensors are, nothing like looking at everything up close and putting boots on the ground."

After hours analyzing and discussing the results, the crew will disembark and explore the planet directly. The captain finds a place that seems safe, and orders the landing, he was anxious to step on the floor of this exotic and virgin world.

Captain Rok: "Sergeant, Miller, verify that the package is safe, it is the most important part of this mission"

Sergeant Miller, accompanied by two soldiers, goes to the compartment where there is a metal container with several protection mechanisms, and a small window. He checks the instruments, and confirms that everything is in order. Atmospheric sensors indicated that oxygen saturation is optimal and safe to breathe. The first to disembark is the military to ensure the safety of the area.

Sergeant Miller: "OK! Attention! We are about to be the first to step on this earth, everyone stays alert to any situation! Remember that the fulfillment of the mission is the most important thing."

Five soldiers and Sergeant Miller come down in perfect formation. The military creates a perimeter large enough for civilians to work without a problem. A defense system consisting of guns, bars, and traps.

To be a fact-finding mission, the military is very well prepared. For some scientists the protection was excessive.

When everything seemed to be calm, one of the scientists realized that his own weapons began to point to them.

Scientist: "And these animals do not even know how to mount cannons?" While approaching the captain. "Captain, it seems that some weapons are pointing at us, I think they got confused..." He says with a nervous smile and with a drop of sweat on his face.

Captain. Rok: "Do not worry, me and the Sgt, Miller set up the cannons. In addition, they are designed not to attack us. They are intelligent, they can not shoot against any form of life that is in their database. They verify the DNA with laser technology, and then make a facial recognition to corroborate the information."

The staff lowers the rest of the containers and activates their panels. In a few minutes, everything became a habitat of about 500 square meters with all the comforts for the crew. The structures were of medium size, ideal if, by some unforeseen circumstances, or by the same investigation, they had to stay for much longer.

Cannon 1: "tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh." Bullets start to come out at full speed

Cannon 2: "Booom!" A loud explosion is heard very close...

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