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by Ethan Graham 2 years ago in vintage
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The gods deliberate on their latest creation

The gods gather themselves and sit in their thrones to begin the discussion of their greatest creation. Jove at the head, crackling with lightning, Juno beside him glowing with motherly radiance, Mars next with his sword resting against the table, Minerva on the left of Jove has her owl perching on her shoulder, Venus sits by her naked as usual her husband Vulcan next has his hammer in front of him, Then Apollo strumming lightly on his lyre, then Mercury, fidgeting restlessly in his seat Bacchus who is slightly drunk pours wine for them, Diana holding her bow and quiver tightly, Pluto, counting his gold , with Vesta beside him, nursing the nearby fire, and Ceres with her slightly darker complexion, and last but not least Neptune, holding the reins to his horses.

These gods are masters of their domains yet they can not agree on the simple design for their newest creation. Jove says, “It shall have but one leg as that is all it needs.” Minerva interjects with “But father how, is it to stand on one leg if it is not a tree? What else have you seen stand without tipping on a single leg?” He replied, “Well then, We shall have Aeolus to stir the winds around it to keep it upright.” Aeolus, who happened to be passing by hearing this proposal, “I am not going to waste the energy to keep every single one of those upright, my winds have better things to do with their time.” Jove surprised by this outburst scraped his idea, “Anyone else?”

Minerva thought that it should have seven legs. To this Venus said two should be enough, as was the customary number for lovers. Again They felt that it would be unable to stand upright by itself. As the deliberation continued several numbers were suggested, Pluto said five would be good, Apollo thought maybe fifty would be nice, Bacchus threw in his voice and said that it should have several thousands of legs. None of them could make up their minds.

Then Vulcan who had barely said a thing, finally spoke up “It shall have four legs, one at each corner, this shall keep it upright and it will not tip of its own volition.” Jove looked a little startled by the boldness of the quiet smith. “Can you build for us a model, so that we may properly understand your genius?” With that Vulcan stood and limped away to his forge.

His forge was worked by the Cyclops these one-eyed giants were the perfect assistants for the lord of the forge, with their strong muscles. He toiled, heating the gold and pounding it into shape upon his large anvil long into the realm of Nox, and his work was coming to an end as Aurora rose In the east. Sweat poured down from his brow as if it were Tiberinus rushing within his banks. As the sun reached the apex of the sky he stood back and took a look at his masterpiece of gold and mother of pearl.

He carried this back to his fellow deities, and held it out to his father, who took and with eyes full of wonder, gazed at his reflection in it. “Son, I think that this is exactly what we are looking for. You do us all proud for the masterful craftsmanship that you display here.” Jove set it in the middle of the chamber so the others could get a good look at it.

Its sleek metal shone in the sunlight reflecting the divinity of the gods themselves, the four legs held it perfectly and it did not tip over or look outlandish, With several unnecessary legs. The gods all took their turn to congratulate Vulcan on his accomplishment. “Vulcan, my brother you have outdone yourself this time,” Said Mercury. Mars took a quick look and walked off by himself, Venus joined him and put her arm around him. When they returned Mars had tears running down his face. “Brother this, this is the most beautiful thing I have seen in my immortal life, what is it to be called, O master of the forge?” Vulcan was quite overtaken by his brother's behavior toward him and his creation. “I call it a chair. Come mother I would like for you to be the first to sit on it, as a gift to you.”

Juno looked at Vulcan with a weary glance unsure if she should sit, Jove gave her a little push toward the chair to persuade her. Juno reluctantly sat down and was quite surprised by how comfortable it was. “Vulcan you really have outdone yourself with this, I would certainly trade my throne for it.” Vulcan looked pleased, “Thank you mother, you may thank Thetis for providing me with the mother of pearl I used for the seat and back.” Jove beamed at his son, “It is splendid, my boy.” “Yes, father I have also devised a plan that it could be made of wood so that the mortals can make them for themselves.” Jove Smiled at Vulcan and then at his wife, Who looked rather shocked as metal threads spread over her body binding her to the chair.


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An aspiring writer, trying to find my niche and an audience. Hope you enjoy my content.

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