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Craziest Sci-Fi Movie Fan Theories

When you think about it, some of these sci-fi fan theories don't seem so crazy.

By Futurism StaffPublished 8 years ago 6 min read

Are you prepared enough to hear some of the most absurd, mind-boggling, craziest sci-fi movie fan theories? I guess if there ever was a fertile ground for weird and over-imaginative theories to flourish and gain a lot of popularity it was only logical to happen among the fans of the sci-fi genre. I mean, if you enjoy watching movies in which reality is by definition a pretty flexible concept, why wouldn’t you also enjoy stretching it a little bit more? Anyway, some of these craziest sci-fi movie fan theories actually have some solid arguments, so why not hear more about them?

Skynet Wants Humans Alive 

If you had the power to destroy half of the human race, you could probably destroy the other half as well, right? I mean, you nuked us already, why not do it again and finish the job? Why would you, instead, overcomplicate things and invent the time-traveling machine to send your henchman to kill the ancestor of John Connor, your biggest threat? And why just one Terminator, wouldn’t you send an army?

The answer is the most obvious one—Skynet needs humans. Well, the second most obvious since the first one would be because there would be no movie otherwise. I think even the die-hard sci-fi fans would walk out of the theaters if all they were offered were a bunch of robots living in harmony without humans bothering them with their antics. We will ignore this for the sake of this theory and go back to Skynet needing humans. Why? Well, why not. It is, after all, a maniac and evil computer. So it probably just needs someone to be evil to. Maybe Skynet is following in Joker's footsteps—“Kill you? I don’t want to kill you. What would I do without you?” What, indeed.

Owen Grady is Volunteer Boy

This crazy fan theory has a very sound logic behind it, even though it's just pure speculation. Remember when the kid in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park says to Dr. Alan Grant that the velociraptor doesn’t look that scary to him? And then jokes that it looks like a 6-foot turkey? Since we never find out the kid’s name in the movie and in the credits he is listed as Volunteer Boy his name could actually be - Owen Grady.

At the end of his scene, the Volunteer Boy or Owen, as we here like to call him, accepts the lesson that Dr. Grant gives him and decides that he will “show a little respect” for the raptors. Well, in Jurassic World, Owen remarks that his connection with the raptors as a “relationship based on respect”. Still not convinced? Then take in the consideration the fact that the age difference between Chris Pratt, who plays Owen, and Whit Hertford, who played Volunteer Boy, is just one year. Mind-blowing, right?

Joker is War Veteran

This theory has been circulating for years now, and not without reason. It has some interesting points that make it sound...plausible. First off, let’s agree that if Joker is a war veteran, he definitely has PTSD. I mean, the symptoms are all there—irritability, anger, reckless behavior. On the other hand, symptoms also include a persistent feeling of shame and guilt, but hey, he doesn’t have to have all of the symptoms, does he now?

There are some “clues” that Joker, at least the one played by Heath Ledger in Dark Knight has a military background. He is a great tactician, someone detail oriented who pulls off some extremely complicated plans, just like some high ranking military official could. He is also well-taught marksman and gun expert, especially when it comes to explosives. He understands the system since he can anticipate military and police response to the crisis. Surely, inside knowledge would help him with this.

Think about it. Could you not imagine Joker becoming a warlord in the depths of theVietnam jungle, just like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now?

Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord

I suppose that if we were to rank craziest sci-fi movie fan theories by the level of "craziness", this theory would be at the very top. I mean, Jar Jar Binks a Sith? Hardly imaginable, but let’s look at some facts.

First, he seriously kicks ass even though he should be incompetent. Also, don’t forget that he did that epic force jump in Episode I. That is something only a Sith or Jedi can pull off.

Second, it wouldn’t be a first time George Lucas introduces a seemingly insignificant character before revealing their true purpose in a surprising manner. Look no further than Yoda, an odd and old creature from Dagobah. Perhaps Lucas planned to reveal to us that Jar Jar is a Sith who actually escaped death by using Jedi mind trick, but gave up on that idea because of the hatred Jar Jar character received from fans.

Jar Jar eventually even did aid the Sith when he helped Palpatine to gain unlimited power through Galactic Senate. Considering, is this theory still so far fetching? Yeah, probably is.

The Na'vi are Not Native to Pandora

How different of a story would Avatar be if Na’vi aren’t actually from Pandora? Pretty different, I’d say. This fan theory originated on Reddit and then quickly gained popularity among other fans.

If we look at the constitution of Na’vi, we see that it's very different from other Pandora beings depicted in the movie. They have more limbs, more eyes, more ways to breath than Na’vi who seem more like Earthlings than Pandorans. So, maybe Na’vi are actually descendants from some ancient alien species that came to Pandora long ago?

Yes, I know humans don’t look anything like most animals here on Earth, but that doesn’t necessarily disprove this theory. Maybe our ancestors were also some ancient aliens?

Stan Lee is Uatu The Watcher

Artwork by Gabriel Hardman

Stan Lee being The Watcher is not just one craziest sci-fi movie fan theories, but it is also a very interesting one. Uatu is a part of a Watcher race, that, you probably guessed it, observe and record all that happens around the universe without interfering, while Uatu himself is watching over Earth.

So, even though Stan Lee obviously doesn’t look like Uatu, he could still be disguising himself so he can roam the Earth freely. I mean, he is suspiciously always around for the fun superhero stuff. Those not interested in this theory would probably say those were just cameos, but who would be a better fit to play Uatu The Watcher than the man who created the universe?

Cobb’s Totem Is His Ring

This theory actually makes too much sense to be on this list, but I guess unless Christopher Nolan confirms it himself, it will remain just a theory. Inception is a movie that follows Cobb, a widower whose job consists of getting into people’s dreams so he can plant ideas in their heads. As fun as that might sound to a casual observer, this line of work carries significant risks. That is why every dream planter should have a totem, something of personal significance so they can know are they dreaming or not.

Throughout the film we were lead to believe that his totem was a spinning top and if it kept spinning forever that would mean he is in a dream. The movie ends abruptly when Cobb makes his top spin, so we are left wondering if it ever fell and thus is he in a dream or in a real world.

This theory says that Cobb’s totem was actually his wedding ring, since he wears it in the dream sequences while he doesn’t in reality. If this is true, fans can conclude that the movie ends in reality, since he is not wearing his ring.

Agent Smith is The One

Just try to keep an open mind about this one and it might make some sense in the end. So, if we don’t assume that Neo is The One then we can look at the things we know about The One and see if Agent Smith fits in.

First, we know that The One has to be born in the Matrix and Neo was technically born outside, in the pod and plugged into the Matrix. Agent Smith, on the other hand, was born in the Matrix since he is encoded into it. Second, The One can alter the code and, while Neo can do it, so can Agent Smith as we see at the end of the first movie when he is able to multiply himself.

At the very end, Agent Smith fuses with Neo and fulfills the ultimate objective of The One—to join with the source. So even though this definitely is one of the craziest sci-fi movie theories, it sounds very possible to us. The mystery lives on!

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