Controlling Cyborgs with the Mind

Cyborgs are upon us, but what will happen when they will be able to be controlled by the mind? Evil or not?

Controlling Cyborgs with the Mind

Machines in the future will be available in all types including evil. Yes, these machines will include the super-advanced cyborg that will be designed to serve mankind. Not that we don’t have any evil machines nowadays, but the cyborg will up the game because they will eventually be controlled by the mind. How horrible is that!

I heard on the radio a while back in which machines will eventually be controlled with the mind. I heard this from Joe Rogan on KROQ here in Los Angeles, CA. Rogan also brought this up on his TV show, Joe Rogan Questions Everything. In the show, he was able to fly a remote control helicopter with his mind. Like many of the episodes of his TV Show, that particular episode was pretty fascinating!

I had also heard or read somewhere, a while back, that jet fighters were going to be controlled by the mind in the future. The technology is already here in the present, but the actual use of fighters in that fashion has not been used just yet. I guess drones took over and controlling a plane with the mind would be futile. However, the idea has been there for a while now.

What If Criminals Got a Hold of Mind Controlled Cyborgs?

Anyway, my point is that certain machines will be used for evil things and not good things. Machines already are being used as such. However, can you imagine a criminal getting a hold of this technology! Imagine if this technology went into the black market. I’m sure that at the elite levels of criminality, like politicians and such, certain technology is used for pure evil acts. On the other, what if regular people could grab a hold of this through the black market in the near future.

Evil machines will be used to rob banks or commit murder. One could just easily control a cyborg with the mind to go do evil deeds. It would be perfect! No witness! No evidence! Of course, the cyborg or robot would be programmed to self destruct after committing a crime. Oh wait, there would most likely be some sort of IP address, but hackers would take care of that, I’m sure.

Essentially, drones are pretty much the same thing. They are machines being control by a person far away and killing others from far away as well. The risk of dying by the person controlling the drone is none since they are in an air controlled room looking at a screen. The drone does all the work.

Now, imagine what our wonderful government will do with this technology! Cyborgs that look like people will commit crimes, especially if they are being controlled with a mind. Of course, these cyborgs would be considered weapons, and we all know what happens with weapons. They are always available in the black market, right? Seriously, how do drug cartels get so powerful around the world? Those organizations can be as strong as a small nation when it comes to arms.

A Movie Touched Upon this Matter

There was a movie called Surrogates starring Bruce Willis that touched this matter. In the movie, people are able to use a cyborg that looks identical to them to send out into society. The real person stays home and controls the surrogate from home inside a pod. The mind connects with the robot, thus people can function in the world with the surrogate.

In the movie, the cyborgs have an ID of some sort to tell who the real person is. Of course, the plot gets deeper when a cyborg is used for murder, which is impossible since the cyborgs are designed to be incapable of such heinous acts. Anyway, other weird points come into play when female cyborgs are controlled by men and such.

In the end, it will be very weird when cyborgs come to exist as fully functional machines with humans. They will be used for weird behavior for sure. Many, will take those opportunities to the limit, and who knows what the limits can be once cyborgs come around. Evil will always be present, and a new form of it will arise when cyborgs become a household appliance.

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