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Part 1

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“There has been a superior being watching us for ages. Watching us prosper, go to war, attempt peace. Forced into a state of non-existence… She saw our traditions become irrelevant- a mediocre optional lesson. Everything She created became a shell of what it used to be. These centuries have gone by slowly, but the damage is reversible. After seeing Her last, I have been told that our kind will be able to live on.”

The rest of the room was used to being drilled with the accounts of their failures, but the man up front was providing new information. Sensing this meeting will be an important one, they shifted and listened intently.

“She has spent countless years redistributing ichor throughout the world. Unfortunately, it led to a lot of death… given disease after disease occurred at the same time, it wasn’t a noticeable tragedy in comparison. Enough humans were fused and reproduced since the time we were exiled for a new generation to sprout.”

So, we’re finally getting somewhere. Thought a man with sharp features sitting next to a woman whose presence could breathe life into a room, their fingers interlocked. He decided to interject.

“Does this mean we will return to our original thrones?” His face was blank, but the others read this for exactly what was.

The man in front scowled and held back from destroying the room.

“We do not return to our thrones; our generation already had its turn. This time we are to witness if the human hybrid can prove itself to Her. We had our chance, spoiled it, and lost the privilege to embrace the surface. We are a disgraced people; this is the last history lesson I will give you.” Thunder rumbled lowly within the room.

“We aren’t mere people,” the sharp man mumbled. His beloved gave his hand a quick squeeze and a worried look. “Demigods aren’t meant to be in positions of power.”

“It isn’t about power…” The electricity in the air crackled around the man in front, “It’s about reeducating to unify humanity with Her. Do you really believe your existence is any more than extension of Chaos and her creation?”

A glass of red was set down by a dainty man as he flashed a harmful smile towards the sharp man, “Oh, the delusion.” He pushed his ornate chair abruptly, standing while grabbing the glass by the stem with his manicured middle finger and thumb, “I’ll go see if Atlas wants some wine.”

Shannon Norman
Shannon Norman
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