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Colour of City

by Zachary Bellrose 4 years ago in extraterrestrial / science fiction

The Nature of Character

A layout of the first cities in the world, situated on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern day Iraq, E.DIN to the DIN.GIR, Kiengi to the Ugsaggiga

Welcome back! Picking up from where we left off, we begin with the end of Alulim's reign and exile onto the dustball we know and love today, Mars! Shortly after this, management of Eridu is transferred.

411600 B.C.E. - Alalngar rules in Eridu for 36000 years. Enki designs an "Earth-Splitter" and other mining equipment to be constructed on Nibiru and brought to Earth. A way station is built on Mars under the management of Anzu; rocket ships are developed as well. A Landing Platform under the management of Abgal is built in the Cedar Mountains of Lebanon, "with power beams the surface he flattened. Great stones from the hillside the heroes quarried and to size cut." The Anunnaki are being affected by Earth's fast. Ninmah arrives on Earth with women nurses and a fruit bearing vine used to create elixir for the Anunnaki. Laarsa was built and established as a navigation headquarters, Lagash was built and established as a twin station of Laarsa. Sixty leagues perfectly northwest of the 2 cities, Shurubak was built and established as a medical wellness and relaxation haven under the management of Ninmah. Continuing on the center line another sixty leagues, Nibruki was built and established as Earth's Mission Control Center under Enlil's management; the Duranki, a device known as the Bond of Heaven & Earth, was stored in Nibruki along with The Tablets of Destinies. The population is 600 on Earth, 300 on Mars. Enlil date-rapes his future wife, impregnates her, is tried, sentenced, and then exiled to South America where he learns of the hidden nuclear weapons. She forgives Enlil, and he returns. She marries Enlil and is renamed Ninlil, Nannar/Sin is born to them, the first Anunnaki born on Earth. Enki has several daughters with Ninmah in the Abzu, she returns to Edin. Enki summons his wife Damkina and their first born son Marduk/Ra to Earth, "By her and by concubines Enki five more sons had, these were their names: Nergal/Erra and Gibil, Ninagal and Ningishzidda/Thoth, and Dumuzi the youngest." Enlil and Ninmah summon their first born son Ninurta/Ishum to Earth, Enlil and Ninlil have one last son, Ishkur/Adad. The Anunnaki begin to complain about Earth's cycles, rations, etc. Teams of workers are periodically exchanged from Nibiru to Earth, the Igigi/Nephilim on Mars were beginning to complain about a lack of a rest area on Earth for them.

354000 B.C.E. - Anzu organizes a mutiny to steal the Tablets of Destinies to control the operations of and rule the Anunnaki and Igigi. Anzu faces Ninurta in an aerial battle and loses; he is tried, sentenced, and executed, "With a killing ray Anzu's life breath was extinguished." The construction of Bad-Tibira begins as the metallurgical center to smelt and refine gold shipments to ease working conditions. Marduk is placed in charge of managing the way station on Mars.

Once again, wow! The technology we're hearing about, the math that must have been used to develop a city plan like that, aerial vehicles, rocket ships, way stations, bonds of heaven and Earth! Oh, the chains that bind! So what exactly is going on? A full-fledged mission to Earth with recurring travel between 3 planets! We're being introduced to a lot of important people that will play a role of influence in a variety of ways! So, first of all, Enki is at work designing equipment to be built on their planet and then brought here to Earth, with terms like "Earth Splitter," it's not hard to imagine it being mining equipment. Then we have them building a way station on Mars, which according to them, barely had an atmosphere suitable for any. They then proceed on to rocket ships which are developed by them to deliver gold from Earth to the way station on Mars being transferred to lighter, faster spacecraft which can more easily escape the gravity of the red planet. At this point, they construct the large landing platform for returning spacecraft in Baalbek Lebanon that the Temple of Jupiter was later built upon by the Romans. It wasn't long after that when the Anunnaki notice in acceleration in their aging due to Earth spinning so fast. This is when Ninmah, the half sister of both Enki and Enlil, is summoned with her harem of nurses to tend to the workers on Earth, and with her, she brought what sounds eerily similar to grapevines to create the Anunnaki's favorite alcoholic beverage, well, besides beer that is! They begin building their functioning city settlements in what is now Iraq; each designated with their own purpose, and as you can see by the map above, the distances and positioning of these cities were precisely laid out on 45° flight corridors, so obviously, air travel was feasible. They give us an approximate count of 600 Anunnaki on earth composed mostly of workers, while 300 are managing the way station on Mars; these Mars workers are Anunnaki, but they are given the title "Igigi" which translates to "those who observe and watch." Enlil takes out one of Ninmah's nurses on a date and after her refusal to make love to him he forces himself upon her; essentially date-raping and impregnating her; for this he is tried, sentenced, and exiled into the wild mountainous South America. It is here the Abgal reveals the hidden location of the 7 nuclear weapons brought to Earth by Alulim. During this time the nurse pleads for forgiveness of Enlil who is returned to civilization where they promptly marry and she is given the name and title of Ninlil; shortly after their child Nannar is born to them, who became the first Anunnaki born on Earth. So to explain a little about the royal customs of the Anunnaki that was eventually passed down to humans, in particular the gaining of a rightful male heir, they had a rather peculiar custom that, especially in royalty, you had to have a male child born to the royal half-sister from the same father but from a different mother; this is why Enki was desperately trying to conceive a male heir from his half-sister Ninmah, which resulted only in daughters. Ninmah and Enlil already had a son named Ninurta, who was born out-of-wedlock. Enki, at this point, requested that his wife Damkina, who was a daughter of Alulim, and their firstborn son Marduk, who would eventually become known as the national "god" of Babili and the Egyptian "god" known as Ra, the one and only. Enki along with his wife and concubines had 5 more sons, including Ningishzidda who would become known later as the illustrious "god" of wisdom, writing, mathematics, architecture, and magic to the Egyptians, Thoth. While Enlil and Ninlil conceive their last son Ishkur, the Anunnaki begin to complain about how fast Earth is spinning and the toll it is taking on their aging while the Igigi on Mars complain about the lack of a Bed & Breakfast for them on Earth, because let's face it, life on Mars probably sucks, because of the conditions. The leader of the Igigi attempted to stage a mutiny which backfired after an aerial battle with Ninurta in of course some form of aerial vehicles, when Anzu lost the fight and he was tried and sentenced, he was executed by what can only be described as some type of ray gun much like the "phasers" used in Star Trek. After this battle, the Igigi were left without a leader so Marduk was designated to the task of regaining order amongst the Igigi so that the gold would still flow accordingly to the Anunnaki wishes. Like I said, "Wow!" A lot is happening on our little blue planet, which they call the 7th planet, as well as our tiny red neighbor, the intensity of their impact on our planet is about to get even more crucial, so stay tuned as tomorrow's post reveals much about ourselves as a species and our own impact we are making!

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Zachary Bellrose

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Zachary Bellrose
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