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Collaborating with the Full Moon

by Donna Giffen 2 years ago in astronomy
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Welcome and utilise the power of our beautiful ol' friend Luna, to release the old and call in the new.​

Photo by Sue Plati Photography. Model: Donna Giffen.

The Full Moon is the climax of the monthly lunar cycle, up to which, energies have been building and building. This is the moment of culmination and the Big Bang. The time of fruition and completion of a cycle. The time for releasing the old and letting go of what does not serve. Lower energies, negative patterns, toxic thoughts, beliefs and behaviours find their way into our lives and influence our mental, emotional and physical health and well-being, but we’re often so busy getting by, managing ourselves and our situations that we forget we have the power to address them! The full moon is a perfect opportunity to pause do so with the assistance of our dear ol’ friend Luna.

This final Winter Moon is the first of three Supermoons of 2020, the others occurring on 7th April and 7th May. A full moon earns her “Supermoon” status when she is at the point in her orbit of the Earth closest to our planet and appears often bigger and therefore brighter than a typical full moon.

Throughout time, full moons have been allocated names that coincide with nature and her happenings in the cycle of the year and helped to track the seasons. In March she is most commonly known as the Worm Moon, celebrating the Earth’s rebirth from Winter slumber when the ground softens, and the earthworms return along with the birds eager to nibble on them after a Winter diet of berries.

Her Northern names include the Crow Moon, their cawing symbolising the end of Winter, the Crust Moon, tied to the thawing of Winter snow and the Full Sap (or sugar) Moon means it’s time for tapping the Maple trees. The Europeans named her Lenten Moon, corresponding with Lent and a little farther East she earned Holi Moon as she coincides with the Hindu Spring festival of the same name.

Whatever the month, the Full Moon can assist in our own cycles.

We are always changing, evolving, rarely the same creature each new day, week or month, all of our experiences shaping us as we go and the Full Moon illuminates what we need to shed so we may continue to grow.

It’s important to recognise and bring forth what hangs in our depths and shadows, that which limits our potential and holds us back so we can clear it out and welcome the new. The March Moon is all about transformation and rebirth.

What’s holding you back? What do you want to release? What do you need to leave behind?

We each have something that makes us feel icky about ourselves and less than we know we have the power to be. This isn’t about self-criticism, it’s about self-evaluation and honesty and knowing we have the power to be the best version of ourselves when we take the time to spend on a little internal gardening.

Whatever it is for you, take responsibility for it, without judgement and ask for help and guidance with releasing it! Resentment, fear, self-doubt, judgement, disappointment, discord with self or others? In order to let it go, you must be willing to forgive and release. Without exception!

Want harmony? Set the tone.

Want love? Set that vibration.

Want peace, success, abundance? First wish it for others.

You don’t get to have what you’re not willing to bless another with, regardless of past experiences. Everything comes from within.

EVERYONE is a teacher. A mirror. A sacred agreement. A tool for shared evolution. And that’s beautiful. Don’t hold onto anything & tie yourself to people and events that were moments of transformation because they hurt!

Forgiveness, gratitude and release are called upon at the Full Moon and the lunar energy is there to help! Welcome and utilise the power of nature!

Below is a suggested evening spent with the Full Moon based on my own rituals should you wish to embrace her magick.

1. Take a salt bath, massage your body with salt in a shower, or place your feet in saltwater. Add some lavender to these for extra cleansing.

2. Burn sage/incense, or a candle to cleanse self & space.

3. Make yourself a herbal tea. Hot lemon water will do. Imagine the herbs cleansing you as you drink.

4. Sit. Close your eyes. Breathe. Connect. Say thank you to the moon and ask for guidance.

5. Write out what you choose to forgive yourself for while you made your way this last month. Write with compassion.

6. Write out “thank you” for the lessons along the way and what you are grateful for currently in your life!

7. Write what you are releasing in relation to yourself.

8. Write who you are forgiving and why (even if, especially if, you feel you can’t.) Ask for their forgiveness in return!

9. Write thank you to each of them for their presence, the lessons and the growth (even if you don’t see it right now)

10. Write out what you are releasing related to other people/events.

11. Sit a moment. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths, exhaling all you are releasing, imagining the energy expelling from your body with your breath.

12. When you feel lighter, begin breathing life into the new space! Allow the sparklines of it to wash through you. Smile. You’re powerful.

13. Send blessings towards everyone who has crossed your path this month!

14. Observe how light & clean you now feel! Wallow in it a moment! Say thank you. To the moon and to yourself for holding this space.

I write all I want to release on little pieces of paper (per category) and burn them. To do this you’ll need a dish and some kind of tong. (you can use tweezers if you have none, but mind your fingers)

Hold one corner with tongs/tweezers and light the other on a candle, over a dish and watch it all go with the smoke and fizzle in the ashes!!!

It feels magnificent!

From this space, especially given we are approaching Spring, which bring the energy of fertility and abundance, maybe write out what you want to draw in and breathe faith and vitality into your dreams.

Happy releasing!

If you find this article useful and it resonates with you, it would be awesome if you could share it with others. You can visit me on IG too: www.instagram.com/donnagiffen


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