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Cocktail of Cats

by Bianca Furger 4 years ago in fantasy
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A story to tell your children.

On a dark night, two twin sisters went through a series of weird events. The twins Azeroth and Zarate were both 19, and they were searching for love. But the twins were rude and cold hearted. They treated any boy with no respect and they still expected to get love in return. Living in Muir Woods there wasn’t much selection except the boys they knew very well growing up with. They wouldn’t mind dating any of them, but the boys had no interest in them. They were tired of trying and just wanted a stable relationship. The night was October 31st, halloween and they decided to go to the local dance. They arrived at the dance and noticed people out of town were there. The night was perfect for them to get out and meet new boys.

“I’m glad we came Azeroth, there are many new faces”, said Zarate. “We may have a chance tonight”, added Zarate. They walked to a table Where a nice looking old lady sat. She seemed familiar but the twins couldn't put a finger on it. Sitting down the old lady introduced herself, her name was Ganeesh. Ganeesh had a raspy voice and she spoke quietly, always looking around at people. The twins were disgusted by how Ganeesh looked and couldn’t help but stare and glare at her. Ganeesh had a big crooked nose, snow white skin, big ocean blue eyes, thin frizzy grey hair, and super long finger nails. “So what is your costume, or are you always this ugly?”, Azeroth asked Ganeesh. Ganeesh controlled her anger knowing these girls were just specks of dust to her. Ganeesh ignored her and whispered in their ears, “So you want these boys to fall in love with you? Follow me, for I will give you a potion and they will be all over you”. The twins didn’t believe what they just heard. So off they went out of the dance through the woods coming across a hollowed out stump that reeked of all sorts of scents.

Inside Ivy leaves grew on every inch of the wall and ceiling. The room was dark and humid. Several candles were lit and showed vases of random items. The girls really believed she was a conjurer now. The twins wanted the potion asap and barged the Ganeesh with the characteristics they looked for in men. They wanted them to be Good hunters, loyal, and have good hygene, good agility, and wide varieties of ethnicity. What Ganeesh had in mind was something out of her hands. She didn't like the twins and she had another potion in mind. With the same labels different outcome, cat potion. The twins couldn’t wait “What’s the hold up!”, the twins yelled. Ganeesh presented them a white, silky potion and said, “Be cautious, as you can't take back what will be done. You should be mindful and polite to people. Love is something you have to work at and not misuse”. Without thinking or saying a word the girls dashed out of the stump running towards the dance, never thinking of seeing Ganeesh again.

Slipping into the dance, they poured the whole bottle into the punch bowl. Azeroth and zarate guarded the bowl letting no females drink it. Men approached and the girls smiled and flirted. Watching several men drink they stared. But the men started to grow varieties of fur, then they grew ears and a tail. Growing smaller and smaller til all the men in the room were cats. As if they were stuck in a realm any man that stepped foot into the dance became a cat. That is how cats came to be different breeds. The twins were shook and were freaking out. They left to find Ganeesh’s stump but found no sign of it. As if it were all a dream, it was gone. But the twins learned a valuable lesson, that love can't be played with like a puppet on strings. And some things you wish for may just be too true. So be careful and go through life like it's a maze, not knowing what comes next.


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