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Chapter One

by Seisla Wolf 4 years ago in science fiction

Honesty is the best policy...

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You'll think I'm crazy for coming right out and saying all of this, but there really is no other way to say it. Even if it isn't the truth and I really am just crazy, these are my deep rooted beliefs, things I've seen and felt and if nothing else — I just need you to understand. Can you do that?

I came here from somewhere else. Not here as in another town or city, here as in this world. I know it sounds strange, I'd be rolling my eyes and pulling that face too. I remember everything. I remember growing inside my mother, feeling my fragile body form. I remember stretching out when I felt myself running out of room, the panic and madness of my birth, the pain in my eyes as they felt the light for the first time. It's so vivid and clear, like it happened five minutes ago. If I try I can remember how I came to be there even, where I was before that. The memories get hazy the further back I go — but they're there. I remember everything, from the first signs of life on earth to the birth of the planet itself. I can feel the heat, the speed of it even now. Like I'm right there in the middle of it all. I grew up with this window, that's the only way I can describe it. It's like this entire world is a simulation, myself and the window are the only things that are consistent and real — at any point I choose, I climb through the window, out of my physical body into whole other worlds. Worlds I understand and thrive in, some I even create myself. When it gets too heavy, I come back here, and visa versa — they are my escapes from each other, and I am trapped, wandering forever between them. I have so many lives, so many bodies in a sea of endless worlds I simply hop between. Some good, evolved, pure, some full of nothing but death and destruction. I've seen that look in your eyes before; yes, it's quite the adventure at times, but immortality is far more complicated than I ever anticipate. I get so tired, so confused. I forget so easily where and who I am, what I'm doing, who and what things are important to me even. You see, in the other worlds — time is different. I have spent 24 years on this earth, but in that time I've spent thousands of years in other places, other times. I found the secrets to time travel, well, more like they found me. Time. I thought you couldn't get it back. You can, you just can't change what has happened - the moment has already been created and saved on the cyber space of reality so to speak, unchanging. To change a moment that has already happened is not to alter the past but to create a new one altogether, an alternate version of reality. I have done this so many times I forget which story I am truly living. I question, almost, who I am. Throughout the years, the window — my portal — was my time travelling machine. From there I would climb into a huge stone temple, draped in foliage with overgrowth and ivy tearing down the walls and ripping up the floors. I would walk to the end, a wall sized mirror is in front of me, framed in intricate gold designs and to my left an empty, stone, rectangular bath. I step into the mirror; not a moment later I emerge from water, sometimes a lake or a stream, sometimes the ocean itself — but I am never wet.

I am in another time, another place. Sometimes rainforests, sometimes the deserts of Egypt...sometimes I have no idea where I am and I walk in on things I shouldn't, I once witnessed a child sacrifice — it was... Horrific. When I want to come back to the temple I climb back into the water I came from, the water brings me to the bath next to the mirror and I emerge from it; it's full now but like before, I am never wet. I walk back through the temple, back through the window and into my body. When I wake, sometimes I don't always remember my experiences, it depends how far away I was, if it was too long ago or I was somewhere that hasn't happened yet — sometimes it's easy to forget. Time, although different depending on where you are in the universe — is still relevant. That is why we get de-ja-vu when we have experiences we've already witnessed in 'dreams'. We can't have a full memory of something that hasn't happened yet, so until it does happen, we forget we've been there before. Let me know if I'm not making any sense...

My connection to the other side has no limits, I have befriended entities of various levels — what we have named alien, ghost, angel, demon, god — I have spoken too, I have understood, I have loved, and I have come to accept as simply an extension of myself. I can't help but wonder, is that all life is? Are we all just different versions of each other, interacting and co-creating realities simply for the joy of experience?

I've seen whole galaxies being created, destroyed, worlds at war, angels and demons themselves in battle. I've surpassed enlightenment and touched the fabric of reality, I've transcended dimensions, ripped open wormholes in my bedroom walls. How do you tell someone that without sounding... well, how do I sound to you right now?


science fiction

Seisla Wolf


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Seisla Wolf
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