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Chapter 1: Mysterious Girl

by Earnest Moody about a year ago in fantasy

A Story about Demons, Angels and Civil War

My life is such a drag, sometimes I can't understand myself and others can't understand me. Even my own Mom, can't understand how my mind work. I go to school at Tekumin High, a pretty decent high school, we are the best school in the county as of the moment. My best friend is Takerogami, a calm headed, intelligent guy. Him and I are rivals which is odd to be but we are. One Day in class, we had a new girl enter our classroom. The teacher introduced her as the new girl to the town and school.

"Hello, everyone my name is Daesyung".

My jaw damn near dropped, after watching the beauty of this girl and her cute voice just rung in my head at every word she said.

"I will be joining you guys for the rest of the school year".

I hurried and reached for my phone to text Takero, about Daesyung.

"Bro, can't you believe how gorgeous she is"

"Ryako, you should go after her"

"I don't stand a chance at all with someone like her"

While we were texting, Daesyung chooses to sit right in front of me and greets herself towards me.

"Hi, I'm Daesyung nice to meet you"

Lost for words, I couldn't barely speak.

"I-I-I-I'm Ryako, nice to meet you too"

I turn and look at Takero, as he starts bursting out laughing at my shyness. Before I can say something else, she tells me something a bit unorthodox, that which sounded like a riddle of some sorts.

"Devils may kill, Angels may protect, but who will really win such a War that has been waging for a millennia, are angels truly on your side as you may think they are... what will the warrior do if civil war is brought to his home"

Both Takero and I, looked in awe like we had no clue of what was going on or even what in the blue hell was she talking about, Devils, Angels and even Civil War...

"What are you talking about Daesyung"

"In time, Ryako you will find out real soon"

Later that day

So I decided to walk home for once and enjoy the nice breeze and as well as try to crack Daesyung riddle, hell I don't even know if it was a riddle or a warning....

"What can she possibly mean by civil war"

As I'm pondering on about Daesyung so called Riddle, I see a man in a hat with some sort of badass looking sword.

"Hey sir, you have a cool sword, where'd you get it-----"

Before I could finish my sentence he was next to me in a instant and I looked down and the sword was impaled in my abdomen.


Earnest Moody

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