Chapter 1 -

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1989, neon lights, good music. And the year 2020.

Chapter 1 -
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8:30pm –

It’s a warm Saturday night, with neon lights, loud music, and smell of pizza in the air. I got to the rink just at 8:30pm for Bree’s birthday party. If I’m being honest, I’m not even sure why I came in the first place. These girls aren’t even my friends. We aren’t really interested in the same things. I feel like I’m just trying to conform to a standard that definitely won’t matter when high school is over. But, here I am.

I walk over to where Bree and her clique are sitting. As usual, she’s overdone it this time. But that’s the thing about Bree. Everything’s always over the top with her. The cake was twelve layers of frosting. Pastel colors plastered all over the cake in a typical mosaic. Pastel. Terrible color choice, really. Thank god it isn’t fondant. I hate fondant. Fondant is a plastic, baseless coat of sugar trying to compete with buttercream frosting. Personally, I would have went for something unique, like a cake without the frosting. Or better yet, cupcakes with a dark color scheme.

Bree greets me and invites me to sit at the table. She’s kind, courteous, polite. Think Elle Woods, but younger and in real life. I greet her and the group, but it just doesn’t feel right. Something about this day doesn’t feel…right. But my better side admonishes this, ignoring the nagging feeling in the back of my mind. I do the usual things, greet the guests, give Bree her gift. Talk the same the other girls do, with their high-pitched voices and neon bangles, wearing an outfit I don’t even like. But I conform. The fear of loneliness is very real. Especially after what happened to my sister, Kayla.

After cake(which I will now admit tasted really good), Bree and the girls got their roller blades on and were out on the rink. As I’m stumbling to get my roller blades on, a man sits next to me. Covering his features was a dark top hat with a long rim. He had dark trench coat with a vest and tie, a mysterious aura about him, like a Sherlock Holmes kind of guy or something. He took out this block with an Apple logo on the back of it and asks me if I knew what it was. It was huge, and there weren’t even any buttons on it. He claimed it was a phone that can also play music from an app for a small fee. What is an app? How does it play music? Where is the CD supposed to go? How are you supposed to call someone on a piece of glass bigger than the size of my hand without any buttons? How do you even hold it? He laughs at all of my questions, then asks me what year this is. I tell him that it’s 1989. I know, I’m not supposed to speak to strangers. Ugh, why do I sound like my mom? Anyway, he looks at me with a panicked face. I ask him what year he thinks this is. He says he’s from the year 2020, and that he can’t give me too many details, but told me to remember to always wash your hands and invest in a company called Zoom.

At this point, I think, this guy is a total psycho. But I am curious about the phone thing he had and how it works. I turn around to look at him, and he’s gone. He leaves a card that says 2020. It has a weird metal thing to the left of it. It looks like a credit card. I put it in my pocket and join Bree and her friends. I try to forget what the guy told me and try to enjoy roller blading. But the year 2020 keeps echoing in my mind.

science fiction
Bella A
Bella A
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