Casino Kingdom

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& The Evil Witches

Casino Kingdom

In a time long ago lived a mighty king in the Casino Kingdom. His name was William. He was a fair and just king or at least he tried to be. He always surrounded himself with three guards, Richard, David and Mark, and a healer, Amy. This is because there were four evil witches trying to cause havoc in his kingdom. Their names are Stephanie, Lyssa, Nicole, and the high-priestess Laura. The good witch Julie and the good wizard James were kept busy by the king trying to counteract the evil spells. And when it was too much for them, he would ask his Elder Faeries, Elizabeth and Michelle, to search out the witches. They were usually able to disable the witches from causing havoc, at least for a while.

Today was a nice, quiet day. King William had just come back from the small village of ATM. He liked to check on the villagers there to make sure the evil witches had not taken all their loot. The kind king would often replenish their loot so that the villagers would stay content. He was about to go check on the Village of Reds when he ran into Karen, a merchant and another whom he had not met before.

“Good day Karen. Who is this?” asked the king.

“Good morning King William. This is Tammy. She is a merchant who comes all the way from the land of Newfound. She brings with her new and interesting merchandise,” answered Karen.

King William perused their merchandise and even bought some items off both ladies. As he finished his transaction with Tammy, his three guards came running up. Richard spoke first, “Sire, you must come with us to the Village of Reds. The evil witches have attacked." They leave immediately for the Village of Reds.

Upon their arrival, they see the damage created by the evil witches. All four of them start immediately helping to clean up the debris and fix the damages as best they can. As Mark is helping fix a fence with a villager, he is informed that the witches also said that the king is next. Mark informs the king of this threat. The king tells him not to worry and to keep helping the villagers, they will deal with the threat once the village is fixed and the villagers are safe again.

Once the king is back in the castle, he and the guards get together with Julie and James to figure out their strategy. However, while they are mid-discussion a huge cloud of smoke appears. And once it dissipates, there are the four evil witches, grinning and immediately they start attacking with magic. Richard and David jump in front of the king for protection and Mark, James and Julie attack the evil witches. Chairs are being tossed around like little rocks. The battle seems to go on forever but the evil witches end up retreating due to their injuries. Mark runs to check on King William, who is fine. But David and Richard have been hurt pretty badly. Mark sends Julie to get the healer. The healer spends the next couple of hours healing David and Richard.

At the evil witches lair, they are using witchcraft to heal each other when they hear a knock on the door. Cautiously, Nicole heads towards the door. “Who is it!”

“It’s me, Tammy.”

Nicole opens the door and lets Tammy enter. Tammy looks around at the witches who have clearly taken a beaten. Nicole walks up behind her and says, “What news do you have for us?” Tammy starts to tell them the information she’s gotten regarding the king, his guards, his witches, and his healer. She has been able to figure out a weakness in their defenses and together they will be able to eliminate the king once and for all. Evil cackling can be heard from miles around. Just outside the lair the nymphs, Tom and Brian, have overheard every word. They sprint towards the castle to inform the king of the evil witches’ plan and that Tammy the merchant has been a spy all along.

As the witches appear in the castle dining hall, it appears to be empty. Although, the hall seems ready for a feast. The table runner down the centre of the table is gold and purple and seems to be made of velvet. The dinnerware is laid out ready to be used. The only thing missing is the food. Looking around the room reveals festive decorations. The witches look at each other confused. The hall was supposed to be full of people but where are they?

Suddenly the doors crash open and in comes the king’s guards, weapons and shields in hand and the Elder Faeries. Lyssa, acting quickly, disappears and reappears behind David, and sends a blast of energy through his body, causing him to fly across the room, hitting the wall and dropping to the ground unconscious. The Elder Faeries come charging towards Lyssa. Stephanie appears beside her and they start fighting back together. Michelle goes after Lyssa and Elizabeth goes after Stephanie. Blasts of energy are going back and forth hitting walls and sending stones flying. One stone hits Lyssa in the back of the head making her fall to the ground. Stephanie runs to her side to check on her and that’s when Michelle and Elizabeth combine their powers which delivers a powerful blow that kills both Lyssa and Stephanie.

Nicole and Laura see their sisters' motionless bodies and become very angry. Nicole sends out a blast towards the king which throws him back and knocks him out. There’s a pool of blood coming from his leg where a nail has punctured his skin. At the same time, Karen comes running in and goes after Laura. Laura turns her attention to her and laughs, “A merchant? You’re a merchant! You think you can defeat me?”

“I’m not only a merchant,” answers Karen, “I’m also a trained assassin hired by the king to take you out.”

As they fight, Julie and James have cornered Nicole, attacking her from both sides. And in one impressive move, Richard plunges a sword through Nicole’s heart. As she falls to the ground, she looks at Julie and motions for her to come closer. Nicole whispers, “Be careful sister, he who strikes me down is not a true servant to the king.” And then falls motionless to the floor.

Laura lets out a scream and attacks the assassin with more force, but Karen bests her and drives a knife through Laura’s heart.

As they stand there with the witches dead, Julie and James are further away from everyone, whispering to each other. Richard goes from William to David, checking on them, telling Mark to get the healer.

“She was lying Julie,” James says. “It was probably her last attempt to destroy the king. It’s all over, don’t worry about it.” Julie lets out a sigh as she catches Richard’s eyes and then looks at the King. “Is everything OK?” Richard asks.

“Nothing, Richard,” James answers and shoots a look at Julie.

“Yeah, nothing,” Julie answers as she walks out of the room. Richard follows her with his eyes, but then turns his attention to the king while Amy goes around healing people.

Nicole Cormier
Nicole Cormier
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