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Captain's Log

by Tessa Lawrence 11 months ago in fantasy

The Telling of my Tale

Captain’s Log: Day 1

I suppose I should introduce myself, in case someone someday finds this book and would like to put a name to the tales that will undoubtedly be scrawled across the pages. I am Henry Alacard, at the moment I am living in the small village of Riverwood whose most recent events I shall now recount to you as they are no doubt the beginning of this epic journey. My Uncle Regie raised me out here in this serene village after the death of my parents some 20 years ago. He was a comely fellow, never without a smile and with a knack for storytelling. One tale he told always captivated me, it was about journeying to the edge of the world, traveling over the clouds and through the sky, he used to tell me that all The Answers could be found there, the answers to everything. It was his life’s ambition to one day make it to The Edge and he soon had me running after this dream, we talked about building a sailboat to fly over the clouds and through the sky. However, my uncle’s dreaming ended sooner than expected, he became very ill, last night he died in my arms. His last word’s I shall preserve forever within these pages, he said, “You must make it to The Edge for me my boy, you must find all The Answers and you must write them down so you may share them with me when we meet again.” He was the only family I had left, and now nothing is tying me to the village except for my incredibly cumbersome lack of a sailboat. Today, after I buried Uncle Regie, I went to sort out his belongings. I was shocked to find a large chest in his closest which I had never seen before, it was a very small house you see and very difficult to keep something secret. Riddled with curiosity, I gingerly opened the chest nearly fainted at its contents. The chest contained $20 000 with a note written in my uncle’s handwriting that read, “For your journey”. And so, I bought this little black notebook with creamy page with which to write down The Answers and the tale of how I got them. With the money that remains, I will build a sailboat and gather a few provisions for my journey. When the construction is done, I will set sail and leave the peaceful village of Riverwood behind, quite possibly, forever.

Captain’s Log: Day 10

It has been just over a week and the ship is finally completed. I have gathered enough food and water to last me for months, whether or not that will be enough I cannot say but I have faith that I will make it to The Edge regardless of the hardships that lie before me. I set sail tomorrow at dawn, and I fear I may not catch a wink of sleep due to my excitement of my adventure to come.

Captain’s Log: Day 11

The feeling is almost surreal, to be living the story told to me as a child, then manifesting into my most ached for desire. I have been flying towards the clouds for about 8 hours now, I suspect I will surpass them within a fortnight. Meanwhile, I have been drawing the landscapes as they unfold below me, it is fascinating to see the rise and fall of the land, to see the rivers carving their path through the unmoving landmass. I will have to tell Uncle Regie all about it.

Captain’s Log: Day 27

I have spent the better part of the day within the clouds, I must say that I was grossly unaware of their enormous expanse. It was intriguing at first, being the first person to discover such a phenomenon that could have vast implications on the world below. However, the air is damp, my garments are dank, and I wish things were a lot less moist! Every breath I take feels as if I am drinking in the air, it is so saturated that I fear I may grow gills if I am exposed to these conditions much longer.

Captain’s Log: Day 28

It took longer than I had anticipated to pass the clouds, but it was most certainly worth the wait. The night sky, without the lenses of weather and distance is just breathtaking, radiant, heavenly, otherworldly… indescribable. I hope the soul who finds this book in their possession will have the wonderous opportunity of witnessing the undiluted expanse of the starry sky. I find myself often, mouth agape, staring into its depths, cast away from my surrounding environment. Sometimes, when I am staring at the stars, my conscious thought dissolved into the abyss, I believe I can taste The Answers on the tip of my tongue. Just a basic understanding, an idea, a rough outline, but when I focus on the taste, it slips away from me again, and as frustrating as that is, it rekindles my incessant need to make it to The Edge and figure out the end to the story. But who’s story, I wonder, will I find at the end of the world?

Captain’s Log: Day 57

The days have become rather grueling, perhaps it would have been a bright idea to bring along some companionship. Although I knew of no one who would wish to come along with me on this perilous adventure, the notion of an innocent abduction has flittered its way across my mind. Although, it may not be an idea of my own making, the wind, which so abrasively invades my one ear and discharges out the other, whispers ghastly ideas and suggestions that leads me to believe that the winds intention is to drive me mad! However, personifying the wind may be the result of my going mad, and my insanity has created the voices on the wind in order to disguise the fact that I am indeed already mad!

Captain’s Log: Day 58

It seems that the case of my ailment in the entry previous was due to some fungal growth on the meal I had prepared previously. The contents of which I promptly hurled over the side of my vessel. I took precautions against this specific predicament, only bringing dehydrated food along with me and keeping them tightly sealed in the hull of the ship. I suspect that day within the cloud cover had something to do with it. The dampness leeching into every crevice and coating everything it touched. Anyway, after my manic escapades I was exhausted, in every level of my being which made for a wondrously deep sleep, the like of which I am certain I will not experience until I am reunited with Uncle Regie.

Captain’s Log: Day 76

Today I came across the first break in the cloud cover beneath me after the day I viewed the dazzling night sky. I promptly grabbed my drawing supplies to copy down the landscape, when I finished my drawing, however, I noticed something rather odd about the picture. The word mountains was sprawled across my page where the mountain range should be. I looked back down at the mountains and noticed that they did indeed take the shape of the word mountains. In my confusion my eyes wandered to a river and noticed that the bends in the river formed the word river appearing to have been written by the same hand. It was as if the landscape was describing itself through words, as if someone had written in the mountains and the river onto the world below. Whether this is the greatest mystery ever stumbled upon or an incredible coincidence will be determined when I find The Answers.

Captain’s Log: Day 86

I am not sure what day it is. I have just woken up from my unconscious state, it is still light outside but judging from the ache in my stomach I suspect that I was out through the night and that it is indeed the next day. I have done a quick survey of my ship which has brought to my attention the following damages: the mast is broken in half, no chance of repair, half the hull is missing along with most of my remaining food and water supply, and I no longer recognize my surrounding environment. I am sure this entry has been confusing for the one who will be reading it so I shall now recount the incident that created my unfortunate state. What I believe to be approximately one day ago, started off exactly like the last 30 days or so which I do not need to tell you about since you have undoubtable read about them in my previous entries. It was around mid-day that I noticed a change in the wind, now the wind had not changed since I passed the clouds so I found this development intriguing. I leaned over the side of the ship to see what all the commotion could be about, that was when I saw the most monstrous metallic object. It looked just like the nib of the quill I am using right now to describe its atrocity. The entire thing was 100 times larger than my vessel and was swirling about in fluid, calculated movements. After tearing my eyes away from its sheer size, I could see the very tip of it carving up the landscape, reshaping it with each swift movement, creating its own world. In my flabbergasted condition, I failed to realize just how close the object was getting, until it hit. I remember being flung around like a ragdoll, spinning wildly, and being launched through the air at dizzying speeds, hearing my ship splintering and my skull cracking on the mast. The moments I remember next I have written at the beginning of this entry. Looking around now I no longer see clouds below me or a sky above me. It is a vast, muted wasteland, the same colour as the pages I am writing on. I do not know how much longer I can survive this journey for, my supplies are gone, and my spirits are as bleak as the view below me. I fear I may see Uncle Regie before I ever get to know The Answers.

Captain’s Log: Day 93

I have run out of rations, my water is almost gone, the world below has not changed. I am chained to nothingness, void, empty. Whoever finds this book, heed my warning, do not go chasing the night sky for when you catch up with it, there is nothing left to chase.

Captain’s Log: Day 98

I do not know what has happened, my ship seems to have run aground! I am writing as quickly as I can so as not to forget anything. My surroundings are no longer bleak and endless, there is texture and colours! I am climbing to the highest point of my ship to get a better DEAR LORD! There is a person, no, a giant! He has a weapon, no wait it is a quill, with a nib much like the one that attacked me. He appears to be writing in a book, the edge of which my ship has fallen off of! The book looks just like mine, black binding, creamy pages, but wait, that means I have sailed out of the book? … Am I this person’s story? Am I made up; Born from their imagination? do I exist? I must, no, I do, and this must be The Edge and now I will find The Answers to both my old and very new questions! But, I have reached the last page of my book, I have nowhere to put The Answers, this is the end of this story. And this person… writing my story, what happens when they run out of pages?


Tessa Lawrence

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