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by Nitisha Chapman 11 months ago in astronomy

Do I Relate?

There are many difference aspects of the zodiac sign Cancer. While I can relate to quite a few, there are also some that I cannot relate to.

A few of the overall traits I can relate to are loyalty, imaginative, persuasive, and being emotional. Why? Well because I will remain loyal to keeping the secrets of the ones I love or consider to be friends. Whether we still talk or not, I will not reveal their secrets to somebody else as it is not my place to do such things. I love to think outside the box on how to get problems solved, crafts done, things decorative, and how to do various different tasks. I do my best to always picture what I am reading as well. In the field of persuasion I devise my methods based off my situation. Depending on how some people look at it they would possibly think it was manipulation. However, I do not use to for my personal gain so I do not look at it as manipulation. Why? Because generally what I am persuading someone to do is to get out of their home instead of being cooped up inside all the time, or to read a new book, or to spend time with family, or to go have fun with friends, or to just take a drive or walk. On occasion it is for my benefit as well. Usually for things such as getting family pictures done, or go to dinner, or to get out of doing some cleaning around my house. I will also agree that I am emotional. Usually the subject or time of year is what brings more emotions out. For instance the time of year of someone I was close to passing or their birthday, the time of year when I had my miscarriage, Valentine's Day when my family came crashing apart due to my father's affair coming out into the open, the topic of miscarriage, the topic of alcoholics, the topic of people abusing the system while people who actually need help cannot get it, etc.

I also agree with how much they love children, family, and traditional values. I love my nieces and nephews and just adore my daughter. I love being a wife and having a family with someone who I trust and can build throughout life with. I do have many traditional values which I agree with. Some of them include not cheating on your spouse, working together with your spouse to solve problems, raising your own child instead of someone else even if it means you and your spouse work opposite shifts, going without so that your child is provided for, treating others as you wish to be treated, respecting your elders, working hard for what you want instead of having it handed to you, and many more traditional values along those same lines.

I can but cannot relate when it comes to the views on money. I can related due to yes I want to provide for my family. However, where I do not relate is that I will not overwork myself just to have money and miss out on time with my family. I also love to go do things such as be at the zoo or a park or a museum and go to fairs, therefore, I spend money instead of saving every penny I can.

I can also relate to not falling in love quickly as well as needing honesty, respect and faithfulness over deceit, one night stands, and casual encounters. If I cannot trust the person I am with or get respect from them then I will not be with them. Respect if a two way street that a child needs to see growing up in order to go on to be a respectful adult and not get into an abusive relationship. I also do not want to be used for a night of pleasure then ditched. I want a relationship to build and grow. I also am not a fan of deceit and lies. There was already too much of it in my childhood that I will not tolerate it as an adult.

Traits that I do not relate to are being pessimistic and choosing to be with an abusive spouse. I am not someone who always looks at the bad going on or assumes the worst is going to happen. I always try to be happy and think of what good things can happen or what could outcomes there are to every situation. I also would not be with a spouse who was abusive to me. I will not be treated like I am a slave or worthless or like I am a physical or emotional punching bag. Nor will I let my daughter, nieces, nephews, or any other child I have watch be treated that way then think it is alright for either them to be treated as such or to treat their future spouse in such a way either.

So, I relate to quite a bit but also do not relate to quite a bit. I believe part of whether or not someone can fully relate to their zodiac signs depends no their experiences throughout life. Not every person is going to be exactly the same based off their zodiac signs as not everybody grows up the same or has the same experiences as other adults.


Nitisha Chapman

Just a mom looking to share her experiences of life.

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