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by Len Sherman 4 days ago in astronomy

You May be a Crab, But You Don't Have to be Crabby

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For those of you who have a starry outlook or hooked on stargazing, Cancer is one of the medium-sized constellations, which is bordered by Gemini on the west and Leo on the east. Although many of Cancer’s stars are rather dim, that doesn’t mean Cancerians are dim-witted, quite the contrary; they tend to be highly intelligent.

Greek mythology claims that while Heracles, Zeus’ son, was battling Hydra (serpentine monster that had many heads), a crab suddenly appeared. When the tenacious, cranky crab bit him on the big toe with one of its pincers and wouldn’t let go, he hopped around on one foot until he slew it. When the goddess Hera, an enemy of Heracles, discovered the poor crab had been squashed like a big bug, she placed it among the stars.

If you came into this world from June 21 to July 22, then your astrology sign is Cancer and you are a Crab. Well, that being said, although you may have a hard-outer shell, doesn’t necessarily mean you are crabby. And then on the other hand, if people are trying to probe into your innermost thoughts and feelings, they might want to take a step back because then the claws could come out. However, beneath that tough, crusty exterior beats a heart of gold. Any friend in need who comes knocking at your door, like jumpin’ Jack-Flash, you’re in their corner and ready to help out. Because of Cancerian’s fragile and unpredictable nature, you need a lot of TLC but those fortunate enough to gain your trust will receive your undying loyalty.

Like a gob of glue, you’re very reluctant about letting things go. You try to keep in contact with everyone, including divorced spouses but then you don’t want those monthly alimony cheques to end do you? Also, marriage is very important to you and you take your wedding vows very seriously, very seriously indeed. As far as you are concerned, being married is a lifelong commitment. Since you are devoted to home and family, despite the fact that your little boys and girls turn into rebellious, cantankerous teenagers, it’s probably best if you avoid those fickle, superficial, flaky Geminis and lone-wolf Aquarius’—let’s face it—sex isn’t everything. An ideal mate would be either a Scorpio or a Pisces but if they don’t happen to come along, you might consider tying the knot with, a Taurus, Capricorn or even a Virgo. Going solo isn’t for you.

You are extremely intuitive, bordering on psychic, which can worry some people, especially when you often end their sentences when they’re talking to you; it’s almost as if you’re reading their minds. If for some reason you are considering an occupation, enjoy living in a caravan or tent, you might consider investing in a deck of Taro cards and becoming a fortuneteller. Who knows, maybe it’s in the stars and you can fleece some rich celebrities.

Despite being moody and occasionally pouting like a scorned lover, your highly imaginative creativity sets you free as soon as you begin dabbling with a paint brush on a piece of canvas. You may not be a Michelangelo but artsy is sometimes your middle name. Although your shyness may cause you to blush easily, go red as a bloody beet, once you get those turbulent emotions under control, you will be a success at any endeavor you undertake.

Being pessimistic and insecure can sometimes hold you back but once overcome—look out world! Of course, being a Crab, because they walk sideways, you really should try avoiding that because maybe that’s the reason you’re often going in the wrong direction. Bumping into rigid objects doesn’t help either, because like a peach, you bruise easily, especially your feelings. Also, you have a tendency because of your suspicious mind and manipulative manners to anger others but if you absolutely can’t stop yourself, don’t take on anyone who is bigger and stronger than you, or you could wind up getting squished like Heracles did to the little crab that bit him on the toe.

Unfortunately, like many other Cancerians, you are seldom satisfied. You never seem to get enough approval, money or even love. When someone declares their love for you, you ask how much do you love me? You’re forever demanding more, which can sometimes create problems with the people you love, especially a spouse. No one likes to feel like they are a failure, when they’re doing everything right, so sometimes do yourself a favour, especially when it comes to the people that you care about—keep your big mouth shut.

Len Sherman
Len Sherman
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Len Sherman

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