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Can Robots Take Over the World?

by Miguel Flores 4 years ago in artificial intelligence

Robots are coming. They are coming to help us or to kill us.

Can robots take over the world? Well if you think of it in a big picture, robots can take over the world. But if you look very closely, you could see that robots could not take over the world. Well, it depends on how the future goes down. With the technology we have now, it is possible that robots could grow into something great. Here are reasons why robots could not take over the world:

Number 1

Robots are only as smart as their creators. Robots cannot be smarter than what a human knows. Robots would not be able to outsmart us or use smart words because the creators know not to make the robot smarter than human beings. Even though robots could do stuff longer than us, robots would not be able to be freethinkers.

Number 2

They do not have hands that work. Programmers forever have been working on a robotic hand that is exactly like a human hand. Nobody has ever made a hand that can do things a human can do. Robot hands cannot move like human beings. We would be able to do things that robots can do, like fight or work machinery.

Number 3

The third reason is because robots do not have rights like humans do. Robots could not sue people nor be sued. Robots could not own property. Robots will not be able to own property, they cannot own businesses, nor run one. Robots not having rights also includes them not being able to become president or even vote. Maybe this will change if robots get more advanced in the future, but for now, robots cannot take over the world because of this.

Number 4

Some people might think: Well what if they make an army? Well never has an army taken over the world ever in history, so this is easily debunked. Robots will never be able to take over the world with an army. If they were to make an army, one we could take them down fast with the united nations helping and everybody else. Second, we could hack them. Sounds funny, but with all the new ways we could hack, we could find ways to hack the robots without even being to close to them.

Number 5

Even if the robots were able to have hands like ours, we would still need to be able to design a way to control them to manipulate objects in a human-like way. Human children take years to do this, and the learning mechanisms are not understood. This would hold back robots for a while and we will just not need to worry about them.

Number 6

There is no technical match for the human and animal skin that has a variety of tactile sensors. This perception is required for complex manipulation. Also, the software that processes the input from the sensors in robots is nowhere near as sophisticated as the human brain when it comes to interpretation and reaction to the messages received from the tactile sensors.

Number 7

Robots and their robot companions will be expensive technology. And that means they would not be used everywhere. They will displace a lot of humans. Some areas may deteriorate economically, but AI and robots certainly would not replace all humans, or even most of them.

Robots have the smallest chance of actually taking over the world. Robots are something that the world would eventually need and will get smarter than they are now. When that day comes and we work for the robots, you could maybe be a robot nurse or robot doctor. Get it? All jokes aside, I hope the day where robots are smarter than us comes.

artificial intelligence

Miguel Flores

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