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Build a Tremendous Food Delivery App to Profit Your Business: Foodesoft

Ubereats Like App Development.

By Abinesh RPPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Online food delivery and ordering businesses are moving forward to do their services online. Nowadays, the food and delivery business is heaving to its heights. Many restaurants are looking forward to doing their business through online platforms. People also like to have their food at home by ordering through online applications.

Reasons to start your business online:

* By starting your business online, it can reach many audiences with an online platform.

* Easy to order their food without any risks.

* It can make customers more comfortable.

* For startups, this business is required with a minimum of the amount and more success.

* With an online platform, you can showcase your business in the global market.

* It Supports 24/7 and 365 days availability.

* Receive better customer support.

* It takes your business to the next level.

Come let’s see why start your food delivery business with Foodesoft.

Why start your business with Foodesoft: Ubereats Clone Script?

Foodesoft is the right platform to start your business with. Doing business is not a big deal but achieving success in the business makes you quite assertive.

Foodesoft is the best online platform to build your business with our clone scripts like Ubereats, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. And one of the best looks of Foodesoft is the enhancing features and undamaged workflow. It supports both native mobile applications like Android and iOS platforms. We will develop an online platform as per your business needs. By developing an online food delivery application with Foodesoft, receive bulk and repeated orders from customers to increase revenue and earn profit at a very low investment.

Our Ubereats clone script will take your business to the next level and it Provides user-friendly features for your business.

Features Embedded in Foodesoft: Ubereats Clone

Features embedded in our software are user-friendly. The user can operate this software very easily. By developing a platform with Foodesoft, give your customers all the rights to place an order online. It will upgrade your client restaurant’s reach by using online website booking, Mobile Apps, Order Managing Apps, Delivery Apps, etc.

Tracking Orders through App:

Customer can track their orders instantly with the mobile / web application from the ordering app. Also, the restaurant admin can track the delivery boy's location from their admin panel. Delivery person will get their customer location and they can track routes with help of Google maps. Once the order can be delivered to the customer's doorstep, the customer, delivery boy, and restaurant owner will get an instant notification.

Auto dispatch System:

Once the order has arrived from the customer to the restaurant, this auto dispatch system will automatically generate a notification to the delivery person. It has been assigned to the person who accepts this request.

Instant Notifications:

Restaurant App: If a new order has been placed by the customer, a notification will be sent to the restaurant automatically. The restaurant will receive a notification through the restaurant app. With that, they can manage the order and it has to be assigned to a nearby delivery person.

Delivery Boy App: The delivery person will get an instant notification when the new order has been assigned from the restaurant. Along with that, they can get customer delivery addresses, and time for food preparation.

Customer App: Every customer will get an instant notification, once their order has been accepted by the restaurant, and also the delivery person picked up their orders to be delivered to their doorsteps.

Multiple Payment Method:

User can use their payments online / Cash on Delivery. Online payments can be made with our integrated payment gateways. With Foodesoft Clone Script, the user can see their payment history by viewing the “My Account” option. All credit cards, debit cards, and wallet payment methods can be accepted.

Reviews and Ratings:

Once the order has been delivered to the customer's doorstep, they will get an instant pop-up to update their order review and ratings. It can be upgraded to know customer satisfaction with the food and Services. Also, the user can give reviews and ratings about the delivery person.

Profile Management:

Every user, restaurant & delivery person can easily manage their profile with their Android / iOS platforms. They can be allowed to edit their bio as per their needs.

Everyone can create a separate profile by signing up using their e-mail IDs/mobile numbers with a password option. They can manage their login credentials more safely and securely.


Ubereats clone platform. We build a powerful portal for you and your restaurant owners to manage their business, menus, orders, delivery, payments, and much more. Foodesoft provides you with free installation, support, and source code for a onetime fee. We also give you 24/7 support services.

Would you like to set up your online food-ordering business? Foodesoft is the right platform to start your business with. We have a team of skilled developers who will deliver the platform in a short period of time. It supports multiple currencies and languages.

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