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budh and leo sunsign through marriage prediction

by marriage prediction 12 months ago in astronomy

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According to marriage prediction When Mercury is with Leo sign in the seventh house, one does not get the desired wife. If the Sun is also included in this yoga, that means the Sun is present with Mercury and Leo in the seventh house, then the wife is characterful but has an angry and fiery nature. While calculating kundli matching before marriage it found that There is a habit of feeling proud in pride, pride and talk, due to which there is a lack of sweetness in the married life.

lucky stone for virgo zodiac sign: Virgo is the sixth zodiac. It is situated between the lion and the Libra in Krantipath of the Sun. The longitudinal extension of this amount is 11.2 to 15.8 hours. Its latitudinal range is 15 degrees north to 23 degrees south. The specialty of this zodiac is that we try fast to overcome any difficulty and difficulties and also succeed in them. They have an affinity for arts and crafts. They are more excited about love. They remain aware of their duty towards their family and wife and children. There are also some negative aspects of this nakshatra like these are extremely emotional. People of the opposite sex are particularly attracted to them. Unknowingly get caught in a conspiracy. A person of this zodiac sign should wear Emerald, Peridot, Onix or Torquise.

lucky stone for scorpio zodiac sign: Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign of the zodiac. Mars is considered the lord of this sign. Its place in Krantipath is between Libra and Sagittarius. Its longitudinal extension is about 15. 8 to 18. 0 hours. The latitudinal extension of Scorpio is 10 to 45 degrees south. This zodiac is known as brave, courageous and warrior. This amount is considered harsh. The special quality of this zodiac is to achieve whatever the goal is in any case. In these, the desire to learn is strong, so to understand and understand the subjects, focus patiently and calmly. The second aspect of this zodiac is cleverness and intelligence. They also like to clean their work as soon as they leave. Their behavior towards the person of opposite sex is rough. They should wear Tiger eye, Indragop or Red Coral.

lucky stone for aquarius zodiac sign: The longitudinal extension of the eleventh sign of the zodiac is from 20.5 to 24 hours. Its latitudinal expansion is from 3 degrees north to 25 degrees south. In the mythology of Babylonia, it has been called the God of the sea. The positive aspect of this zodiac is deep insight, following principles and rules. There is a store of knowledge inside it which appears in time and time of need. They like entertainment. Being keen on learning and passionate. Its negative aspect is physically weak, feeling of defeat in the mind. They do not like to meet others. It is the gem of this zodiac. Blue Sapphire, Lepis and Blue.

lucky stone for pisces zodiac sign - Pisces is the twelfth sign (12 th sign) of the zodiac. The latitudinal expansion of this sign is from 33 degrees north to 6 degrees south. Its longitudinal extension is 22.8 to 22 hours. In Krantipath it is between Aquarius and Pisces sign. This zodiac is characterized by being intelligent and enthusiastic about life. Look energetic towards love and friendship. There is always a desire to innovate. This zodiac makes devotees devoted to religion and spirituality. Its weak aspect is to look physically fat, laziness and to be highly enthusiastic for gaining popularity. Their gem is Pukhraj (yellow sapphire) and Tateri. also you can search other blogs for rest sunsign.

marriage prediction
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