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Bring Religion Back: The Answer to All Our Problems!

by Kennedy Brown 3 years ago in religion
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But really, let's not.

I’ve never been a religious person.

Even when I was little enough to be open to the idea of religion, I could remember sitting around thinking about how “ridiculous” the Bible sounded. MY heart somehow always knew that religion wasn’t where I was going to put my hope and faith, and I would learn later in life to put all that hope and faith into myself; God's not going to build me.

What's the exact "right" way to raise a child along with religion anyway? To let them think for themselves openly? Or to push one's own beliefs onto them, and hope that it sticks? My sisters and I were lucky enough to have a mother that let us choose a religion for ourselves. All raised the same way, all adopting different beliefs, and none of us looking at one another downward for choosing the religious paths that we did.

While investigating the outside world, there have been so many people that have told me that the only reason they believed in anything was “just in case” God or Heaven was real; then, in a polar opposite, I turned around and witnessed (countless times) those who did believe in religion, who attend church every Sunday, and pray every single night not have the actions to match what they preached—most of those actions resulting in hate or negativity.

I feel as if it's a shame when someone gives credit to a theory that seems as naïve as believing that the tooth fairy is real—and when it comes to deciding "what I am," I decided that I am nothing, or that everyone is their own God (if there must be one).

Rewinding back to the tooth fairy comment: Isn’t that weird to think about? That once upon a time we all firmly believed that there was a tooth fairy, Santa Claus, or Easter bunny—and it turned out (in the end), they weren't real, but we all believed "just in case" so we'd get presents or have a reason to spend time with our family. Heck, if you think about it, they’re all just as magical as Jesus. The tooth fairy being even cooler since she brings you money—well, I guess Jesus can bring you money too, if you pray hard enough, right? I don’t understand how it’s not logical for someone to believe that if they want something, and they get it, it’s due to their own thoughts and actions, not because God answered their prayers. Why give self-credit away to someone who doesn't deserve it? Miracles can happen, but why does there have to be a pinpoint reason they occur?

You can’t win when discussing religion with someone who firmly believes, though. If someone dies, it’s because Heaven needed an angel. If they live through something that’s a "near death experience," it’s because Heaven wasn’t ready for them. Not because they’re just lucky, or because of survival of the fittest. But hey, whatever helps the human population cope with hope, death, and sudden life changes. I do believe that there is something inside us all that is more powerful than we can understand, that we’re all on our own paths, and that every person who enters your life has a purpose.

The hype right now is to bring religion back into the government and education. Football players aren't taking a knee during the National Anthem, less people are attending church on Sundays, they took religion out of public schools, SINS are being made, but why bring religion back when we can just bring back being a decent human being?

There are genuinely great, golden-hearted, non-religious people out there who would give their left arm to someone, but they're all going to hell.


About the author

Kennedy Brown

LGBT member, just trying to make a difference.

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