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Breaking Down All The Easter Eggs In The 'Kenobi' Trailer

by Culture Slate 2 months ago in star wars
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Did You Catch That?

The ghosts of Obi-Wan's past have their sights set on the Jedi Master. Recently, the official trailer for Obi-Wan Kenobi was released by Disney+. The feelings of joy and nostalgia were strong among fans both young and old. Within the trailer, there were nods to previous films and animated series. From the return of the score's composer to references to classic characters, the trailer provided the audience with small hints of what could be expected and a sense of familiarity with the world they grew up in.

With much anticipation and eagerness, fans young and old are ready for a new chapter in the Star Wars saga. There will be new battles, new characters, new worlds, and so much more. There is still much to be unpacked and rediscovered in the recently dropped trailer.

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John Williams Is Back With A Vengeance And Ready To Tug On The Emotional Heartstrings

It will not be Star Wars without the return of its composer John Williams. His iconic scores have established the mood and stories of the Star Wars universe. With its principal composer comes the return of some familiar sounds. One of the easily recognizable scores in the trailer is "Duel of the Fates." It was a duel of literal fate—Anakin's fate. Either Darth Maul would be the victor and train Anakin or Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon would win and train Anakin.

This is not the only well-known track to indicate an upcoming battle and emotional turmoil. Williams also brings back the first section of "Battle of the Heroes" from Revenge of the Sith to convey the inner demons Obi-Wan is battling. Having previously left Anakin to his fate, there is the chance of him having to face the transformed Anakin, now Darth Vader. This might also extend to Inquisitors searching for him.

Nothing Changes With Luke's Home Until It Does...

As poor moisture farmers, not much changes in the realm of the landscape. Deserts tend not to change too drastically. Their home and situation stay the same. However, we know a notable and tragic change will occur. The spot where Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru are standing in the trailer is the same spot where Luke finds their charred bodies in A New Hope.

Is Luke Wearing Podracing Goggles?

When Obi-Wan is watching over Luke, the audience is treated to a young Skywalker playing pretend, acting as if he is riding around in a spaceship or perhaps podracing. Either way, Luke's spirit for adventure is already coming to the forefront of his personality. As his aunt mentions in A New Hope "[Luke] has too much of his father in him." Considering how Anakin already piloted ships by the age of ten, it stands to reason that Luke would have the desire to want to fly ships as well. There is the parallel of two kids dreaming of something better, trapped in a desert, and having their dreams fulfilled by a mysterious man in robes promising them a new life.

Introducing Nur, The Planet Of Inquisitors

The system of Nur coincidentally orbits Mustafar, the site of Darth Vader's greatest failure. Yet Mustafar is close enough to Nur for Darth Vader to be able to check on the Inquisitors regularly. Nur is primarily a water world with the main imperial structure being Fortress Inquisitorius. The objective of Fortress Inquisitorius is quite literally to be a prison for captured Jedi, who will either join them or be killed. Trapped on a water world in a fortress designed to be as menacing as Darth Vader's castle, the Inquisitors make sure they were a force to be reckoned with. Considering the Inquisitors are forced to relocate here from Coruscant, any plans, orders, and events taking place will be off the books, so to speak.

Is Obi-Wan The ONLY Force-sensitive They Are Looking For?

In times of persecution, it is common for the Jedi to seek refuge on worlds affected by war or worlds in the middle of nowhere (i.e. Nar Shadda, Bracca, Tatooine, Telos, etc.). Ergo, it will not be illogical to think that a certain Jedi-in-hiding chooses the desert world of his former friend/apprentice.

The Inquisitors scour the galaxy for the Jedi literally investigating anybody or anything with the potential for Force sensitivity. The hunt will begin with the probe droids. If anything is out of place or deems suspect, the probe droids will be sent back to the Inquisitors and they make the call whether the situation is worthy of further investigation. Any Force-sensitive is a possible Jedi.

The "I" In The Title Card Is Obi-Wan's Lightsaber Hilt

In a time when owning a lightsaber was a death sentence, the trailer's title card subtly includes his most valuable item. Despite having the lightsaber in his possession symbolically, Obi-Wan will still be left defenseless against whatever foe might cross his path. In times of desperation, Kenobi has resorted to carrying a blaster, something he had previously considered uncivilized, deadly, and commonplace. Kenobi bends and blends into his surroundings in some attempt of concealing his true identity.

Darth Vader Returns

As newcomer Reva declares, "[Kenobi] can't escape [Anakin/Darth Vader]!" Though Obi-Wan is troubled by his actions of leaving Anakin on Mustafar, he has not seen the aftermath. He did not witness Anakin’s transformation into a machine. The audience did. Twice.

In the initial construction of Darth Vader in Revenge of the Sith, viewers watch Anakin undergo the painstaking surgery of constructing new life out of the charred remains of his former self. The trailer subtly treats viewers to the everyday routine of what it takes to keep Darth Vader functional. As Emperor Palpatine's second in command, Vader will have also sustained new injuries. New limbs, upgrades, and routine maintenance have become part of his new life. With each new modification and upgrade, Vader will lose more of his physical human side. Though his robotic limbs grant him everyday use and function, the process of them being removed and reattached to the little flesh remaining is one of indescribable pain and a reminder of all Anakin loved and lost. Imagine the pain Obi-Wan feels upon seeing the dark reality of Anakin being kept alive by machines and wires.

With the heavy breath of Darth Vader permeating through the final moments of the Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer, will the audience be treated to another dramatic entrance reminiscent of Rogue One? With rumors of a battle brewing between the former friends, Obi-Wan must be prepared to face any if all aspects of his past life. How he will keep a level head throughout everything will be worth the wait come May 27th.

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Written By Idalis Wood

Source(s): YouTube [1], [2]

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