Boy on Fire (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3

Boy on Fire (Chapter 3)

Ikarus stands outside her door for what seems like an eternity, he had dreamed of staying with her, holding her close as she slept and only releasing her when she asked. He strides down the hall, his bare feet making a soft padding sound in the otherwise silent corridor.

Through his mind, her face raced, flushed pink from using her power and back exposed, asking to be touched. Her skin felt so soft and warm and those scars! He stops and clenches his hands, he turns and punches the wall. His knuckles split and blood drips down his fingers. He curses and his thoughts go to that day.


She was younger, her long hair tied into a braid. It danced with her as she spun during practice. She had just mastered Water Style to perfection and was demonstrating her technique to him. He didn't have his tattoos yet and his eyes were bright with mirth.

She wore the light blue of her people and her eyes shone with pleasure. She had looped the water around her making it shift in the light shining rainbows on her lovely face. With a grin she flowed the water back into the fountain and then she smiled at him.

He walked towards her, knowing it was time to tell her how he felt. He blushed when she looked up at him, her eyes so bright and cheerful. Slowly he began to tell her how he felt, then suddenly one of the other students came up to them. Sheba from the eastern Earth village, she hated Maia from the moment she entered the temple and impressed Master Udin with her skills.

She started to mock her and tease her about her town which had been poor and nearly desolate since the last Water Sage had been chosen. He saw the hurt and embarrassment in Maia's eyes as the other students started to laugh and felt the rage role through him. The flames danced between his fingertips and the heat left his body. He heard the screams of pain as several students were hurt and Sheba was burnt across her face, then a cry he knew.

Sweet even in pain, he turned and saw Maia on the ground screaming. He stopped the fire and the students ran, he dropped to his knees and reached to her. Red marks crossed her beautiful skin and tears dripped down her face, his hand rested on apart of skin that hadn't been burned. She cried out and slapped her hand across his face, she jerked to her feet and ran, calling for help.


Ikarus clenches his hands into fists as the memory ends, he had hurt her in more ways than one. Her burns were the scars of a memory that changed her life, a life that could've been incredible and joyous. He continues down the hall, his eyes hard and determined. He slams his door shut when he finally reaches his chambers and crosses the room to the mirror.

Shadows lie under his eyes and lines mark his brow, he takes off his shirt revealing the red tattoos swirling across his body. He received the marks only three years after the incident, marking him the next Fire Sage after the last. He could no longer use the other elements as most benders could and was trained in the strongest art of fire bending.

He sighs and throws himself onto the bed. For hours he lies there, staring up at the canopy questioning his actions. Finally, sleep takes him.

He wakes with a start, moonlight filters into the room. His eyes scan the room, searching for any disturbance. Then he sees her, her hair tumbling down over her shoulders and a small smile resting on her lips.

"What are you doing Maia?" he whispers as she comes closer.

"I've dreamed about you, what it would be like to lay with you Ikarus."

She murmurs placing her hands on the bed.

He struggles to swallow as she crawls up next to him. She radiates warmth and passion, her scent envelopes him and he fights to keep in control of his actions. She was so close he could lean forward and take her. She moves closer, lips only inches away, she smiles lightly.

"Kiss me." she murmurs, her breath on his face.

With a blind power, he grabs her shoulders and brings her mouth to his. She sighs as their lips tangle together. His hands run down to her hips where he jerks the fabric of her nightgown up. He finds bare, smooth skin and relishes in the feel of her body. Roughly he grips her and pulls her on top of him, molding their bodies together. Gasping she kisses him with raw passion, finally, she pulls away and whispers in his ear.

"I love you."

Ikarus wakes suddenly, light flooding the room. He is alone and his door still bolted shut. He groans and rubs his eyes, it had been only a dream he realizes with a curse. He stands and shrugs on a fresh shirt then leaves.

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Samantha Pardo
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