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Born on the Day of the Dead

by Sonia Langlois about a year ago in astronomy
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Unleash the Scorpio

Born on the Day of the Dead
Photo by Salvador Altamirano on Unsplash

Being born a Scorpio, on the day of the dead, in one of the darkest month of the year, has led me to question the forces at play in this alignment. As if being a Scorpio was not dark enough in itself, I also carry the stigma of being born on ‘All Hallow’s Day’, a day to honour dead souls. Ghosts, intuition, and foresight are undoubtedly my greatest fascinations. My strange attachment to death surely finds its origin in the collective celebrations that coincides with the day of my birth. Vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifter are creatures that seduce the psyche of my inner Scorpio. I find my self drawn, seduced, by all mystic and enigmatic beings.

The unseen forces that surround us probably hold my strongest ties to the occult sign. My analytical tendencies seem to escape me when my gut dictates otherwise. It baffles me to analyze a situation to no end and then, to my biggest surprise, choose an option that I cannot logically defend whilst being convinced that it is the right answer. Tormenting to say the least! How can I logically surrender to my intuition when there are no facts to support this course? Relinquishing to my unconscious mind is always surprising and inexplicable.

For the most part, I have always been reserved when asked about my sign, possibly tied into my secretive trait. Is it my wish to be mysterious that pushes me to hide my sign from all but those who are closest to me? Perhaps the raised eyebrows and the knowing looks, are my biggest deterrent. Truthfully, I believe that my reluctance to share my zodiac sign stems from the critique I face, like I am someone to beware of, quite embarrassing. The “Oh really?’’ and ‘’Hmmm’’ reactions leave me flustered.

Mostly, my sign is portrayed as manipulative, combative, jealous, and temperamental. How nice, well of course I do not like to think that this is true, that would make me an eyebrow raising case! Or perhaps, it is my warrior nature that fights against acceptance of this as my true nature? Regardless, it appears that I have been dealt with the less desirable sign of the lot. Or again, is it my pessimistic nature that taints my view?

In a chance encounter, I once revealed my undesirable sign, unknowingly, to a professional astrologer. She smiled and remained silent. After some probing, she told me that my sign was widely misunderstood, this somehow relieved me. Perhaps I was not so bad… Perhaps the forces influencing my temperament could veer towards the yin or the yang direction. The qualities of my faults. I wanted to hold on to this new way of looking at my sign. I might be on to something… Surely being a loyal warrior who needed to scratch below the surface, to get to the bottom of a situation, was not a bad thing? Evaluating the worst-case scenario to avoid it, had a certain appeal, a valuable trait. Surely my analytical skills used to zoom in on the weak spot of my opponent, could be used for the greater good. Undoubtedly the energy derived from Mars, confidence, and competitiveness, could be used to advance a cause…

But how to advance a cause? Of course, I would need to be passionate about it. Could I be selfless and engage in a combat for others or would I be selfish and fight for myself? I guess the answer can not be black nor white, but some shade of grey. Fighting for my loved ones, protecting them seems natural and effortless. My energy knows no bound when I feel that the cause is just. To tap into my passionate side, I know that I must feel engaged and committed. In this quest of self discovery, to better myself, I must surrender to my true nature. I now have an objective: Strive to find a greater cause and unleash the Scorpio in me.


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Les histoires me transporte dans un monde imaginaire!

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