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Blue Moon

by Layla Nelson 12 months ago in fantasy
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A Dream of My Own

Summer was coming to a close. This is the second summer since what we call “ Aberzombie and Fitch" has been wreaking havoc all over our world. Before we go any further into the horrors , let me introduce myself. My name is Layla Hendrix and I am from the beautiful state of California. Southern California to be precise . Since of course my state was one of the first places the outbreak started, which is where the name came from, I got my little dog Mr. Miyagi and drove my yellow Volkswagen Beetle all the way to my grandparents who live in West Virginia. Kanawha County to be exact. I would say I've had some culture shock but that would be first world problems being the state the world is in now. I was just grateful to be with my only known living family. And they needed to be kept safe. My grandma Lena was the sweetest soul and my grandpa was half Cherokee and very proud of it. He was also so vigilant , up most of the night, sitting out on the sun porch, making sure no Aberzombies were passing through. So far in the small town of Dunbar, there had only been a few and one was just a homeless person that was mistaken for a zombie. To be honest, sadly he looked worse.

Anyways, tonight I am going to the local wrestling show. It is in the city of Crossroads and tonight it will be in an old barn. It is shut off from the rest of the city and there is barb wire fence out around it. The zombies in our world can be fast. Some of them can still think, at least for a little while longer. They problem solve. You can see that some of them wrestle with their emotions, almost as if they know they are turning. And the older zombies, who were seniors, they move slow and don't last long but it seems very painful. They are taken out of their misery gently. If they have family, they still have funerals for them. They still bury them. Because once they were a human. There are children zombies. They are the scariest. Highly unpredictable and they are the hardest to kill. The West Virginia Zombies seem to be a whole breed of their own. Wild, screaming in the night. Still play the banjos and drink moonshine. A lot will get in their huge trucks or jeeps and go muddin' as they call it here only to wreck and kill themselves usually. Although sometimes one will make it out dead and be even more..dead .

It is almost time for the first wrestling match to start. I've come with my best friend Melissa . “ Oh my word, look at that tall glass of water with a silver spoon up his ass.” She says, her eyes on the prize. Sometimes she is embarrassing. “ Melissa, that is what Morgan Freeman said about Tim Robbins character in Shawshank Redemption. Yes I know every word to that movie. “ Girl, look.” , she said , turning my head. And there he was. The man of my dreams. Of my past. The man I left here years ago to go back home to California. Logan . “ Bet they don't have those back home do they Cali girl.” , she said winking. I couldn't catch my breath. His 6 foot presence took over. His voice rang through the old barn, calling out the names of the first match. He was the announcer. Of all things. He was here in this old wore down barn, in the middle of the Aberzombie and Fitch Apocalypse. He was right out of a 50's movie. So dreamy. We were always listening to 50s music together. It seemed we came from another time together and together we would meet in the next time, should it exist. My mouth got dry. Then I seen his dark eyes look over at me. He fumbled for words. I just smiled. Melissa laughed. “ Yep, someone just got hit with cupids arrow. “ Did I mention she talks really loud and laugh snorts at her own jokes?

I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. And he didn't seem able to keep his off of me, when I wasn't looking. Melissa let me know this. We would meet eyes occasionally, across the room. But he had to pay attention to the fight. He was even more attractive in his black suit and tie. I must say mercy but I'm glad I am here, no matter what may happen. He steps in the ring to announce the next match when out of nowhere, a man in cut off jeans and a ripped flannel shirt, comes running and growling, through the crowd of people. Towards the mat. Oh no! I usually don't panic but it is a West Virginia Zombies and he's headed for my heart. Then I look at there are 4 more coming through the crowd of people. We all start trying to run and people are screaming. I've locked eyes with Logan . This time we were not letting each other go. He disappeared in the crowd and I was holding onto Melissa. We were going the opposite way of the crowd. Doing what grandpa told me to do. I felt a hand on mine. I turned to see Logan. Sad that in this chaotic moment, all I wanted to do was kiss him and stare into his eyes. “ Didn't picture us meeting like this again, beautiful .”, he smiled. “Let's go this way", he said as he was leading us towards the back of the barn with an old ladder. He stopped at the bottom. “ Please go up and stay there , I'll be right back.” “ But…,I started while holding his hand which was twice as big as mine. “ Girl get your ass up this ladder like the man said !”, Melissa commanded. And I obeyed. “ Use the saw beside of you and cut the ladder off”, he said as he disappeared. Melissa and I did just that as fast as we could. People were being bit and turning within seconds. The ladder fell to the ground, knocking one down. “ High five!”, she yelled, raising her palm. I gave her the side eye. “ After we get home we can high five. My heart was pounding. Surely he would be back . He always came back when he said he would. I'm the one who didn't. I couldn't bear to think I’d see him as Logan the zombie. I started to cry. And then there he was. In his , of course, pickup truck. He just drove right through the barn and the people. He got in the bed of the pickup, which had a mattress. Did I want to know I asked myself. We jumped down and he jumped back in his truck, with his rifle pointed out the window. You ever live in something you never thought you'd see or experience? Welcome to my world.

He remembered where Melissa lived and dropped her off. “ So, before you suck face, how about that high five?, she asked. I entertained her and hugged her. Remember, use protection “, She tried to whisper but really it wasn't. Logan grinned and walked her to the door. I got in the passengers side and waited for him to get back in. My he was handsome. He got in and sat staring at me for a moment. “ Would you like to go to the most beautiful lake that has ever existed?”, he asked . I just stared at him. I wanted to look at every part of his face for as long as possible . Then I seen his dark eyes glance over and sure enough there she was. Melissa in the window. We laughed and he took me to the lake. It was night and I called my grandparents to check on them and let them know I was okay. His truck was an older model. Technically an antique . And it was beautiful. We caught up and laughed. Shyly looking at each other from time to time. If ever there was a time to tell someone you loved them, this was it. “ I love you Logan.” I just said it. For once I didn't hold back. I just said it. And it was so wonderful. It felt so wonderful. “ I love you too and I always have. “ And with that he turned on his radio and kissed me. And what should be playing, to drown out the noise of the moonshining, screaming wild, banjo playing zombies, but Blue Moon. He was my Blue Moon forever.


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