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Blood Feud: Wookiees vs Trandoshans

by Culture Slate about a year ago in star wars
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Generations Of Conflict

Across the galaxy, tens of thousands of species have developed unique civilizations and customs away from the influence of Coruscant. In the Mid Rim system of Kashyyyk, the Wookie culture has flourished in villages atop the native wroshyr trees. This temperate rainforest planet is rich in natural resources, allowing the mostly peaceful Wookies to live quiet, bountiful lives. However, on a nearby planet lurks a sinister threat: the Trandoshans. These cold-blooded hunters take particular pride in claiming the pelts of Wookiee warriors. For many Trandoshan clans, the killing of a Wookiee in the name of their unique god is the final step to take on a hatchlings journey to become a true Trandoshan hunter.

Known for their strength, tenacity, and loyalty, Wookiees have been well-respected members of the Republic Senate for many years before the rise of the Galactic Empire. Standing at 9 feet tall and weighing in as much as 330 pounds, Wookiees make for distinct and imposing figures. While easy to pick out in a crowd, Wookiees are generally a reclusive and solitary species, preferring to remain in their simple existence on Kashyyyk than to expand too far into outside galactic affairs. Talented in mechanics and craftsmanship, Wookiees have developed some of the most unique technology in the galaxy, including the bowcaster and Oevvaor catamaran, an airspeeder propelled by dragonfly-like wings.

The Empire, seeing their great strength and skill as mechanics, sent battalions of stormtroopers to Kashyyyk to conquer and enslave the Wookiee population. Allying themselves with the Wookiees' hostile planetary neighbors, the Trandoshans, the Empire set large bounties on the heads of leaders of Kashyyyk that the Trandoshans were all too happy to cash in on. Following the pacification of their homeworld, the Wookiees were put to work building Star Destroyers, working the Coaxium mines on Kessel and building the dreaded Death Star.

One such enslaved Wookiee was the legendary Chewbacca, who helped lead his people during the Clone Wars and would go on to co-pilot the Millennium Falcon and help the Rebel Alliance in overthrowing the Empire. Fortunately, he was freed from his Imperial cell on Mimban by a young Han Solo. After the Battle of Endor, Solo and Chewbacca traveled the galaxy seeking out and freeing the remaining enslaved Wookiees, freeing dozens of other species along the way. Kashyyyk was also known and valued in the Republic as a mineral-rich world. Abundant in fuel resources, the Wookiees allowed the Republic to build environmentally friendly refineries across the planet. These were highly valuable targets to the CIS during their invasion in 19 ABY, as it would severely cripple the Republic Star Fleet to lose such rich fuel resources. Fortunately, a clone battalion led by Masters Yoda and Luminara Unduli together with native Wookiee warriors were able to repel the droid incursion.

The ancient adversary of the Wookiee, the Trandoshans are large reptilian, battle-loving bipeds who revel in hunting other species, destroying them and claiming pelts, scalps, or other trophies. Being reptilian, they are able to heal at an impressively accelerated rate, allowing them to even regenerate lost limbs. Their planet, Trandosha, resides in the Kashyyyk system, perilously close to the Wookiee homeworld. Trandoshans worship a god they refer to as the Scorekeeper, an all-knowing, all-wise, infinite being who keeps tallies on all the war-like and predatory deeds done by all Trandoshans. Points are awarded to Trandoshan warriors by this mythical Scorekeeper based on the abilities of the defeated enemy and the method in which the hunter gains victory. Traps and deception especially please the almighty Scorekeeper. This has led to many Trandoshans becoming mercenaries and bounty hunters across the galaxy, the most famous of which being Bossk. Wielding a Relby V-10 rifle and microgrenade launcher, Bossk sought and destroyed targets across the galaxy in the name of the Scorekeeper. These reptilians delighted in the thrill of a hunt and frequently abducted other species to stock Trandosha's jungle moon, Wasskah, with prey for the hunt.

Trandoshans have made a sport of hunting Wookiees for centuries, with the Wookiees aggressively defending themselves, claiming many Trandoshan lives in the process. Bossk made it a personal mission of his to claim the pelt of Chewbacca after the latter gained renown as a Rebellion war hero. Chasing the Millennium Falcon across the galaxy, Bossk came close to killing his adversary many times.

While Wookiees are generally peaceful and reclusive, they are also immensely powerful and have no qualms about defending themselves or their homeworld, especially against large predatory reptiles. Trandoshans, determined to secure their spot of honor in the afterlife, continue to hunt the galaxy's deadliest game using all the weaponry and trickery at their disposal. With these two uniquely powerful and dangerous species living in such close proximity, there is no doubt that this ancient blood feud continues for centuries to come.

Written By Weston Erickson

Syndicated From Culture Slate

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