Black Cat in a Coal Cellar

by MariTi Lovell 2 years ago in space

Black Holes

Black Cat in a Coal Cellar
A Black hole has "no hair."

Reading Stephen Hawking it is obvious that he and his colleagues are very intelligent people. In the science and math aspects. But in the end, a theory is a theory. It takes a very intelligent person to know when they know nothing at all. Reading up on black holes is fun because of the simple fact that scientists are trying to prove something they cannot see. Even in the field of physics, of physical science, we still have no idea how things work or why. We just know they do. In the case of a black hole, it is a force you can't see but that has a gravitational pull strong enough to suck the light from neighboring stars. It is essentially a black spot in the universe where light cannot escape. Sounds terrifying, right? Hawking says that if an astronaut were to venture inside of one, there would be a great chance that he be stretched out from the tips of his toes to the top of his head in a long, excruciating disappearance. Or perhaps if he could maneuver his way through this dark wormhole, he'd possibly be able to travel distances and time across the universe that we have so far only seen in Sci Fi movies.

But again, just theories. Really cool, hopeful theories but one that even all reaching science can't quite understand, even though there are neutron stars and orbiting singles that give evidence to this theory of Black Holes.

But we still can't see it. We can't observe it. So what is it?

Where else has science tried and failed to prove or disprove the evidence of? God.

Can you imagine? A Black Hole being the actual physical presence of an unobservable God that we want so badly to be there but aren't quite sure if he is. We just have "evidence." And trust me, I am not any sort of a religious person. More spiritual. But after conversing with an older sibling who believes that the world can be dissected down to everything that is math and science, I definitely have had some thoughts on the matter. Science and math can all be taken down to numbers which, even though they seem so definite, are still calculations and descriptions that can be traced back to man. Man is constantly trying to find a way to explain the phenomenons happening around us at any given point. I think it makes us feel better because we always fear what we can't understand. Even light.

What happens to light consumed within a black hole? It all gets trapped and distributed within this hole of? Nothing?

Black Holes, if proven, have the ability to change how we view and move through the Universe.

If we can control black holes, we can use them for our benefit. If we control God, we can do the same. But both are just out of reach.

But what if we send someone into a Black Hole and they actually meet God? Or death? At this point, I see little difference.

In both situations we have no idea what is on the other side, what we have the chance of seeing or meeting.

What if Black Holes are just the physical embodiment of God and Death. What if, within the darkness we see before death, is actually our souls traveling through a black hole, to the other side. Of what, we have yet to envision.

Light can't escape a black hole, but for the benefit of creating its own separate Heaven.

Would it be torture to be thrown into an endless void of light consumed over time? Would we be blinded by it? Would it be too warm? Would it drive us insane? Would we see God?

Now are just theories and here is mine. I want to next write a story speaking more on the theory of Black Hole Death Gods. For the wonderful world of fiction without fact allows me so. But maybe from fiction, facts can be found. If, of course, that matters to you.

MariTi Lovell
MariTi Lovell
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