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Best Christmas Gifts for Conspiracy Theorists

Do you have a friend that would make Dale Gribble look sane? Gifts for conspiracy theorists will bring a smile to their face.

By Riley Raul ReesePublished 5 years ago 5 min read
Top Story - December 2018

Reptilians are taking over the planet. Alien-human hybrids are being made in underground labs. The Illuminati is out to get us. Do these sentences remind you of a certain someone you know? If so, you're friends with a conspiracy theorist.

Conspiracy theorists are an odd bunch. They are some of the most caring people you'll ever meet, but they can also be very eccentric and a little paranoid from time to time.

Even so, having a conspiracy theorist as a friend is a surefire way to ensure that you'll never be bored. You have to show them some appreciation, right?

This holiday season, you can give your favorite conspiracy theorist a gift they'll truly adore. This list of Christmas gifts for conspiracy theorists will prove to be a perfect shopping resource for skeptics who aren't "in the know."

Do you have a friend who's trying to raise awareness to the underhanded tactics the government is using to enslave humanity? Sometimes, the best gifts for conspiracy theorists that are trying to get the word out is apparel that can help them open up a dialogue with others.

This high quality conversation starter is eye-catching, durable, and also gets people questioning what you know. Conspiracy theorists that want to talk about their matters really will adore what this shirt is capable of doing.

This isn't a joke book; it's a legit manual published by the United States Office of Strategic Services. Simple Sabotage Field Manual is a government-made publication detailing steps to help get rid of invading occupiers and also infiltrate threat groups to destroy them from the inside.

Conspiracy theorists will love reading what the US government uses to help destroy threats. The information, though dated, still remains incredibly useful for modern-day resistance groups.

This manual is incredibly impressive when it comes to the sheer number of strategies it offers. All things considered, it makes you wonder what the government is hiding from us now.

Is your friend a little more fashion-conscious and looking to stylishly promote their views? If so, a subtler wardrobe approach might be a better choice for their Christmas gift.

This shirt gives an ominous message about the work of the shadow government and the brainwashing of mainstream America. Its powerful statement is perfect for opening up a dialogue, or making a very strong message about trusting the government.

How your friend works the shirt is up to them, but either way, they'll be sure to love it.

Do you remember watching The X-Files? This classic 90s show was one of the first mainstream science-fiction favorites inspired by conspiracy theories, regularly using them as a base to the show's plot.

Many conspiracy theorists cite The X-Files as the show that got them thinking about things, and rightfully so. It's a classic show that touched many. This poster, by the way, was one of the trademark accessories associated with the show.

The "I Want to Believe" poster is one of the best gifts for conspiracy theorists who love this show—and genuinely want to believe that the truth is out there.

Once in a while, the CIA will publish declassified documents for the public to obtain. This handbook is one of those documents, and as the name suggests, it's the CIA's old guidebook dedicated to teaching agents how to manipulate people into giving them the information they need.

The CIA Document of Human Manipulation is a chilling read, even if you don't believe in conspiracy theories. Realizing how easily people are manipulated and how quickly the government can make you turn on your own is terrifying.

Society6 is one of those art sites that really, truly knows how to cater to the artsy crowd. This framed print shows cartoon versions of nine different popular conspiracy theories ranging from JFK to MK Ultra.

Sure, it's a little cartoony, but it will definitely be a conversation starter for the conspiracy theorist in your life. This framed print is a perfect addition to a den, a bedroom, or a reading room. Actually, it's great anywhere that reptilians won't see it!

Does all this conspiracy theory stuff sound like a game to you? Well, if you buy this board game, it literally is! Conspiracy Theory is an awesome board game that tests players' knowledge of hundreds of internet conspiracy theories.

The game is notoriously fun, even for those who aren't believers. Few gifts for conspiracy theorists will be as entertaining as this one—or as capable of getting your friends to come out of their shells.

Many conspiracy theorists have a single theory they tend to believe in and flex their expertise in. Some, for example, may be experts when it comes to the dozens of different alien species that live among us. Others, however, can tell you every little detail about the flat Earth conspiracy.

Conspiracies and Secret Societies is a massive compendium of every little conspiracy theory that your friend might be curious about. Big Banks? Zionists? Reptilian overlords? Yeah, they have all that, plus some extra.

If your conspiracy theorist is looking to find out new theories that could be connected to what they enjoy, this book will delight them—and maybe open their mind a little more.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of conspiracy theories surrounding a clandestine group known as the Illuminati. No one knows what this cabal does, nor do they know who's a member or why they gather together. Rumors range from contact with aliens to knowing the secret to eternal life.

The Illuminati's Greatest Hits is a book that talks about the most terrifying assassinations that were allegedly pulled off by this notorious sect, and why they were carried out. Could this illuminate truths about this secret society? You never can tell, but it's a riveting read nonetheless.

Finding good gifts for conspiracy theorists that are obsessed with aliens isn't as easy as you'd think. Most of the space conspiracy theories out there just repeat the same stupid Roswell stories or talk about how MIB will make you shut your claptrap.

Walking Among Us is a book from a different breed of UFO conspiracy theory. This is a book written by a man who has studied regressions and noticed that there is an unsettling amount of people who remember having children with aliens.

Jacobs believes alien-human hybrids are being made to take over the planet. Any UFO conspiracy theorist who has been wondering about the end game of aliens on Earth will be fascinated by what he has to share in this book.

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