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Believe That We Are All One

by Laura Holte 4 years ago in religion
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Why is it so collectively hard to believe?

I hate being asked about my religious beliefs.

My easily argued against belief is that "mainstream" religion was created as means to control an uneducated, unpoliced, widely spread, and disconnected population. We have well surpassed all of this. I do understand that I am glossing over many variables, many old religions and making a general statement here. I am not trying to push my views onto anyone or force an argument about religion. I just want people to open their minds more to the possibilities of alternative thoughts or even life without religion.

So, why do we continue to need religion? Well, of course, there are many reasons but I guess the ones that stick out the most and fit where I'm going with this is that it could be basically out of fear and freedom. Fear of the unknown, fear of the afterlife, fear of worry, and the freedom to "know" that you don't have to fear any of that. Which is completely fair. Man, sometimes I admire the strength of those who have faith. Just being able to put your whole life in the hands of the unknown and trust that it will get you where you need to be, that takes so much courage.

Other than using religion to help with the fears and feel more of the freedom, is it necessary? Do we really need something to outline the basics of being a decent human being? Why can't we just believe we should treat everyone equally and not kill people or steal or rape or lie or cheat. Why can't we realize that we are all the same and that we are here, so we should live by the golden rule: "Treat others how you want to be treated." How is it so hard to follow this? Why can't we realize that we are all one?!

You are human, strip you down and all that is left is skin covering a tangle of veins and organs layered on top of bones. Just like the person next to you, next to them, and on the other side of the planet. We are the same and we have to stop letting religion, which often (unfortunately and somehow) includes race, separate us!

Does the idea that we are all one scare people? Why would it?

Humans also have energy. Energy doesn't dissipate, but it can transfer. What happens to that energy when you die? Can you entertain the idea that maybe that energy leaves, and then transfers itself into the collective energy that is life itself or maybe it is God? What if God is nothing but a self-conscious collection of energy from all the lives that have ever been lived on this planet, including plants and wildlife. What if our overindulgence and extreme growth in population is diminishing this stored energy, causing the amount of energy that is put into a new life to be less, which then is creating an increase in disease, cancer, and hate of each other as we are no longer as strongly connected.

Sometimes I wonder, what if we once were connected so greatly through this energy that we could feel, hear, and understand plants and wildlife. It is an idea that a lot of older cultures hint at. For example, Native American tribes have varied beliefs but there seems to be a correlation to the idea that we are kindred spirits with animals and plants. So much so that they would ask permission of the animal's spirit to use their body for food, shelter, and clothing.

Did the thinning of the energy change the way we interact with nature and each other? Or did modern religion create a definitive way for us to separate each other?

Maybe what I’m trying to say here is understood, maybe it is not. Either way, you should read "The Egg." See below link


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