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Before Freaking Out About AI I Talked To A Tech Specialist And Experimented

This is what I found to be the case after a hard look at the AI, ChatGPT.

By Jason Ray MortonPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

ChatGpt is like the new bike that came out or that new pair of Jordans that dropped at the shoe store. Everybody hears about it, and many run to it, yet it’s another thing that we experience. It’s the AI equivalent of early cell phones.

This is because it’s not perfect. After trying it out recently, I found that the answers aren’t perfect. I asked it a series of questions, did research and compared the results. From a reputable source on the subject, I got an answer that was 70% correct.

ChatGpt And AI Remain Limited

While ChatGpt and other AI systems may aid humans in productivity, may help to speed along certain tasks, and may benefit humans in the long run there are limits to what they can do. Sure, significant advancements in technology have brought AI to the point of being able to perform some complex tasks, like processing natural languages, facial and image recognition, and predictive analytics. They don’t possess the human traits to go farther.

AI has a lack of creative ability. They can generate content and make predictions but it’s all from patterns in data. Their originality and creativity are nowhere near that of human beings.

AI bots like ChatGpt don’t understand the context the way people do. They will struggle with nuances and complexities of human language, cultures, and context. Thus, they’re going to be errors or misunderstandings between the questions posed and the answers given.

This is something that AI will not be able to achieve for generations, common sense. Without common sense, the systems are going to struggle with applying what they know and reasoning skills, which will limit them in performing certain tasks.

AI is a computerized process when all is said and done, thus they’ll be overly dependent on data. The systems require large amounts of data to learn and improve, and those faced with new or unfamiliar situations will struggle with predictions or decisions.

Like any other tool, AI comes with the possibility of being misused and the impact that would have on the world. Bias in decision-making, unemployment due to automation in the job place, and the potential for it to be corrupted for insidious or illegal purposes are all areas of concern when it comes to the future of AI.

What’s ChatGpt Or AI Good For Today

Image By Author On DALL-E Open AI Lab

We’ve seen AI in the movies, and it’s been vilified and worshipped. Perhaps the fear of Skynet raining down terror on the world, our hubris catching up to us, is something we can thank James Cameron for creating. He would probably say it was just a movie, and I would agree. But, as we all know, humanity is its own worst enemy so us blowing ourselves off the planet, or creating sentient robots that grow to realize we’re a danger, could happen.

There are some advantages to AI technologies that could make life for humans easier. Imagine if you were freed up from those mundane or repetitive tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on something more complex you need to get done? Or perhaps your creative side would feel less stifled if you had more time to explore painting, music, and writing. Through automation, things like cleaning your house, mowing your yard, or the mundane tasks that jam you up at work could be accomplished with a friendly AI bot.

Eventually, through its learning ability, AI could make the task of personalization more streamlined. By looking at records AI could help to personalize goods and services bought in the past by a customer, keeping their time to a minimum today. It could even personalize medical care and make it easier to look up your records, your test results, and your personal health choices.

Through the advantages of AI, large datasets could be analyzed and used to make predictions. This is in its early stages but is being used by scientists to track and calculate asteroids approaching our planet. Eventually, this will aid in the fields of genetics and drug research more than it does today.

Productivity: Things like ChatGpt and other AI sources can make the task of research much quicker than it’s been before. Not only do you get an answer gathered from all the data on the web, but it’s gathered together in record time and you can start examining it and finding a second source within minutes, instead of searching multiple sources for hours and having to weed through the sometimes complex answers and slight differences.


Being fortunate enough to know a highly skilled information technologies person, someone skilled with computers and up on the current tech trends, we discussed what ChatGpt can do at the present time as well as AI in general. At the present time, and likely for the next decade or more, AI is here to assist people in their day-to-day work, their projects, and even with some repetitive tasks.

While it’s impressive to see the advancements and how strongly it’s progressing, it’s extremely unlikely that we’ll be seeing flying AI-controlled machines or AI-controlled robots marching over the streets of skulls and bones anytime in our lifetimes. As I experimented with ChatGpt while doing two articles, it dawned on me that there’s still research and fact-checking to do and that ChatGpt could help guide me to sources, and even give me answers to questions. It’s not a substitute for a personal sentiment and will likely not replace content writers for quite some time to come.

Writer’s Note: This is mostly opinion, coming from speaking with a hardcore computer and IT professional, but does contain some information gathered using ChatGpt.

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