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Becoming a dragon queen

Merry found a way to make sure her eggs will survive

By Jennisea RedfieldPublished about a year ago 16 min read
Becoming a dragon queen
Photo by Alexander Ant on Unsplash

There weren't always dragons in the valley....

But then again, life is weird enough. With the discovery of dragons, there was also a mass influx of medical alterations that many people can perform on themselves, but I explain those later.

The dragons are harmless. Most of them were no bigger than house cats and while they were carnivores, they were also scavengers. In a way, the little flying bastards are not much different than a raccoon. I lost count of how many times a tiny dragon hissed at me over a bagel that was dropped. They appeared after the 2022 lunar eclipse, along with urban griffins, twin tail pets, and flower dolls. There were also some dragons the size of a large dog, some large as a horse and then there some as large as a house. Those ones normally avoid humans, so they aren’t really a threat.

But as I stated before, life is weird enough. There are more than the little dragons anyhow. There were wyrms, lung dragons, amphitheres, drakes, lindwurms and wyverns too.

When they first appeared, everyone was confused. Dragons were once just fairytales we’ve been told since childhood. They were amazing, if I say so myself. Large, stocky bodies of muscle. The scales looked like short feathers that layers in a peculiar pattern. For scientific purposes, one was killed. This is where I come in.

I was one of the poor jack Holes that was paid to aid in the necropsy. The dragon killed was small, warmer than a cat and the scales were buttery soft. The particular deceased specimen was tabby patterned albeit a soft blue and green in color, with a thick ruff that was a solid white. The little thing also had long spinal scales that zig zagged down his back and tufted out onto his tail. As for his wings, they were green and blue as well, with white and grey underneath. The gender dimorphism was beautiful. From the air, I wouldn’t distinguish the little guy from a hawk or another bird of prey.

We found out that Dragonkind has a small bile pouch in their throat. Upon further inspection, the bile pouch held a fluid that was more like liquified propane, but there wasn’t a lot. The pouch was connected to a urethral like tube that went to the back of the tongue and connected to two bits of flint-based teeth to ignite a low flame. Further studies indicated towards it was a defense system, like a spitting cobra.

Another thing we noticed was that the organs and flesh were more of a gold color, like actual gold. There was a thick, armored heart that held six chambers to regulate blood. The organs were covered in a flexible, but durable shell that was nearly pure bone carbon. This allowed the dragon to fall like a dead weight and not be harmed or get hit by an airplane and live.

We found out it was male outside of its beautiful color. It had a retractable penis, shaped like an arrow and held small grooves and pearls along the shaft. The ejaculate, combined with the blood of a female anything, produced small eggs that held live young. So, the small creatures can interbreed with other warm-blooded mammals. We only found this out by accident, as I had cut my thumb on one of the feather scales.

The congealing blood was a silvery color, as slippery and shiny as mercury. A few tests on the blood, showed it was a very purified form of liquid silver, perfect for vaccine usage. One pint of blood is enough for ten thousand vaccines. It was remarkable.

The bones of the dragon were hollow, like a bird, but with thin strands of gelatin like fluid that acted as a heat conductor, allowing the dragon to fly into unreached heights. Several of the bones had extra joints that can buckle with ease, which helped the dragon to twists and turn in ways only rats and snakes could slip into.

Underneath the feathery scales was thick skin. Tests on the skin showed that it was fireproof and very elastic the skin one this specimen was striped with grey markings that matched the small bull’s pattern.

These discoveries were amazing, and after finding out all this, we buried the little fellow. As for me...I was now in charge of tending to the newly formed eggs.


Make no mistake, I aint a scientist. But I do read a lot of books about many subjects, so I was volunteered. So... how the fuck am I supposed to tend to dragon eggs? Since their forming, they have been alive for a month, and were not like any other eggs I've ever seen in my short life.

The eggs were no bigger than a golf ball, and red like my blood. They were oval shaped, and squishy. There were also clear, well, shell-less. Already forming inside the yolk was a small worm looking thing. Not like a wyrm, which are notorious for going through my trash, but like the bug. They were pulsing, fluttering with heartbeats. I was keeping the eggs warm and damp, trying to match the inner womb of a female dragon. But I think it was futile. There were five of them. And they were dying.

“How are the eggs?” My roommate, ironically named Drake, asked as he came in. Now Drake, he was a biologist, currently earning his degree in dragonology.

“Still pulsing. But they need an egg chamber. The incubator is too dry, and I haven't sleep for three days.” I croaked. Drake laughed. Asshole. He sent a text to our more favorable chinses take out and sat down next to me. He gently pried lose my frazzled braid and removed his jacket.

“You go take a shower and a nap. I'll watch the eggs for a while.” he offered.

“I love you.” I gasped, spritzing the eggs one last time. I tossed the water bottle to Drake and stripped as I ran to the bathroom.

The hot water was orgasm inducing. Once stripped nude, I started to scrub three days of dirt and sweat from my body. Without soap first. It was just a routine step before I bathe. Opening the foggy curtain, I yelped as a small grey Amphithere hissed at me for disturbing its nap. The winged snake flew in a few days after the necropsy and made its bed in my room. I hissed back at her. Picking her up, she went limp like fresh pasta with a surprised chirp. She was more like a cat than a lizard.

“Drake! Ramen was in the tub again! I'm putting her out in the hallway!” I dropped Ramen outside the bathroom, who curled and popped up like a spring to hiss at me. I flipped her off and went back to my shower.

Once in, I let out a heaving sigh as the hot water freshened my body. Already I can feel the grime slip away. I lathered my skin with goat milk and cherry blossom soap, enjoying the sweet fragrance. I did the same to my hair with a shampoo.

“The eggs need a chamber that is moist, a constant temperature. Like a...like a...” And, like a jolt of lightning through my brain, I found a solution. Jumping out of the shower, grabbing a towel and rushing out, I shouted for Drake.

“Drake! Drake! I know what we can do to save the eggs!!!” I shrieked, ignoring my naked wet body dripping water onto the carpet. In my haste, I dropped that towel and stood in all my naked glory. Drake gave me a flat look as he watched water pool under my feet.

“You’re naked.” my friend chimed. I scoffed.

“Like you actually cared.” I snipped back. Drake had the eggs on a heating pad with a damp rag over them to stay warm.

“Never mind my nakedness. I know of a way to save them.” I chirped again. Ramen let out a purr of curiosity. Dragons were much smarter than people seem to realize. The small amphithere kept her beetle black eyes on me, like she knew my plan.

“How? How can we make sure these eggs survive?” Drake asked.

“They need somewhere that is warm, moist and protected from the elements, right?” I quizzed.

“Duh.” Drake replied, flat eyed.

“It’s obvious then, ain’t it?” I asked, waiting for Drake to catch on.

“Not really.” my friend replied. I growled in frustration.

“....Me! Use my womb, my uterus! It has all the qualifications we need, and these eggs are technically my babies anyway. It makes the most sense that I be the chamber they need.” I revealed. Drake, who was also half sleep deprived, looked amazed.

“Thats...not a bad idea. No one ever tried cross species intro vito before. But you never had a kid before, so your uterus was never filled and stretched. We will need to do some minor alternations so you can carry them safely.” Drake replied. I grinned.

“....Can you go get dressed now? Or at least finish your shower? While you do that, I'll call a house doctor for the alterations.” I smiled and skipped merrily back to my shower.

The thirty minutes it took me to dress and to put on some loose-fitting clothing, the house doctor was already setting up injectable serums, and tools that would not be out of place in a Gyno’s practice. Luckily, the doctor was a woman, so I was a bit more relaxed. Drake was misting the eggs with more homemade saline water, mixed with soft antiseptic. I only knew this because I can pick up the sharp scent of antiseptic. I have a very keen sense of smell.

“Ah, you must be Merry. I’m Doctor DeMayo, and I will be leading this procedure.” Dr. DeMayo chirped. I smiled, taking a seat on the day bed we’ve been using as a couch.

“Hi Doc. So...what do I need to do for this procedure?” I asked. Dr. DeMayo smiled.

“Undress your lower half, I need access to your cervix and vagina. I have a portable table with stirrups, so once you undress, come lay on the table.” I glanced over at the table. It was a large, purple thing made of lightweight industrial plastic, like the kind used on playgrounds lately. Drake had the thing ready for me and covered the bulk of the part where my body will lay with one of our thick, fluffy towels. He even had a sheet ready to give me the illusion of privacy.

Once situated on the table, Dr. DeMayo slipped on gloves and handed over a pair for Drake.

“Merry? Are you comfortable with me as an assistant to the doc?” Drake asked.

“I don’t really care one way or the other. Besides, you’re training to be a dragonologist, and may possibly have to do this alteration for future eggs. And you’re gay, so I don’t feel threatened anyhow.” I explained. Drake looked a bit more relaxed after that. He gently covered my body with the sheet and waited for instructions.

Dr. DeMayo then used a speculum to part my orifice wide enough to have clear access to my cervix. It was a bit uncomfortable. She then held up a syringe with a golden, metallic fluid.

“This is something that will relax your cervix enough for some manipulation. It will need two minutes to work completely. Before I give that, I will apply some pain numbing paste. The manipulations will cause some discomfort and can be intense.” She placed the needle on by stomach and used a minty colored paste to smear on my cervix. I hissed, it stung a bit and was cold. But it kicked in quick. That was modern medicine for you. I could feel her prodding my cervix, but I couldn’t feel it at the same time.

“You ready?” she asked.

“As I'll ever be.” I replied. Drake stood nearby, occasionally misting the eggs to keep them healthy. Despite being numb, I still felt a minor pinch as Dr. DeMayo inserted the needle for my alternation. She held up a smaller speculum and inserted it into my womb, forcing my cervical muscles open to accept more medicine. I felt my womb grow heavy and full with alternating fluid. Hissing, I fought to not push out the fluid. Drake noticed my discomfort and rubbed my stomach as it swelled slightly.

“Luckily, you don’t need to be completely full and round like a nine-month along woman. But it still hurts, doesn’t it?” Drake asked.

“Yeah. But your rubbing was helping some. Makes it a bit bearable.” I replied. Dr. DeMayo smiled.

“You two are going to be pioneers in dragonology. Okay, now we wait as your body adjusts. Should take about ten minutes. IN the meantime, lets place the eggs on your stomach to get them used to your body heat. It will make the insertion a might easier.” she explained. Drake was rolling up my shirt and placed the eggs on the growing swell of my stomach. I could feel the faint fluttering of the heartbeats from the eggs.

“Good. While that takes place, I will be inserting a hormone pouch. The hormones are artificial and should mimic a female’s gravid state. I will have to warn you that sometimes, this process makes wild Bull’s seek you out.” she then held up a small fleshy pouch, no bigger than a stamp, and a scalpel. I nodded for her to go ahead. Because I was numb, I only felt a minor sting as she made a cut in my vagina, near my clitoris and delicately inserted the pouch. It was a bizarre feeling as she carefully bonded the foreign object to my own glands. She used a special paste that speeds up healing as she finished the bonding.

“Okay, looks like your uterus is ready for the eggs.” she gently picked up the eggs and spritzed them with more antiseptic.

“This part will hurt a bit.” that was all the warning she gave me as she then inserted, very slowly I might add, one egg. I gritted my teeth as I felt the golf ball sized egg enter my womb and settle.

“That’s one.” she chirped. I gave her a glare. She frowned at my crotch for a minute.

“We need some more lubricant. Drake, can you apply it? I cannot at the minute. Be quick, the eggs need to be inserted fast, or she’ll start to close.” she then instructed Drake to apply a dragon pheromone-based lubricant to my battered groin.

“Sorry. We can only use this kind because of the eggs.” he warned. I hissed again as the lubricant greased my groin. Once finished, he stepped away and placed a hand on my stomach.

“Merry. I can feel the egg inside you.” he gasped, amazed.

“Imagine how I feel. It's like a soft weight inside me. I can still feel the heartbeat from inside me.” I replied, equally amazed.

“This is working. Your idea is working!” he chirped. I smiled and nodded towards Dr. DeMayo to continue.

“Alright, here comes number two.” I bit down on my lip as she pressed the egg inside me, right next to the first one. Ramen then flew over and curled on my stomach, purring as she nudged the eggs.

“What the hell?” I gasped as the amphithere started to scent mark me, like a cat, by rubbing her arrow-shaped head on my stomach and my breasts. Drake went to move her. DeMayo held up her hand, stopping him.

“Wait...look at her.” the doctor whispered. Ramen then flicked her rough forked tongue out to taste my skin. She began chirping and crooning as she used her long, noodle-like body to massage my belly.

“She...she thinks you’re an Alpha female.” Drake pointed out.

“The hormone pouch and pheromone lube must make her think you are a dragon queen.” Drake added as Ramen remained curled on my swelling stomach.

“As long as she doesn’t get in my way of the insertion, she is fine where she is.” I replied. Dr. DeMayo then nodded and continued to insert the eggs. After the first two, the last three went in easy. The entire procedure took less than an hour.

Once completely inside me, Drake helped my now gravid body up. I grunted at the shift of my body weight. I remained seated on the plastic table, rubbing away the battered aches my stomach was sporting. It looked like a soft ball was bulging from my gut. Ramen then flew around and began to chirp, highly concerned. I laughed as she then tried to give me a fat cockroach from her bowl to eat.

“No thank you.” I chuckled, keeping a hand on my new bump, amazed as I could feel the eggs flutter. Ramen chirped, ate the roach, and flew out the open window for some unknown reason.

Doctor De Mayo was packing up her tools now.

“I’ll come by and check in once a week. This is a new procedure and it's still experimental.” she stated. Drake smiled as he rubbed my stomach, easing the dull ache from the insertions.

“I’ll check in once a day, give you an update.” Drake stated.

“Doc. Thank you. If this works, it can mean a change for science and more than dragonology.” I stated. Drake went to help the doctor, leaving me to grow accustomed to the new body alternations.

Ramen flew back in with a large chunk of bread. Where she got it, I have no idea. But as she dropped the heel of bread on my lap, the little winged snake curled in a ball and waited. I think she wanted me to eat it.

The bread was fresh, still warm from the oven, and loaded with raisins and cranberries. I nibbled on it, already making plans on how to pay for the stolen pastry.

“Merry?” I turned to see Drake; the doctor now gone.

“I’m okay. A little tired, though.” I replied. Drake moved to gently pick me up, carrying me over to our day bed/couch. Placing me on the soft mattress, he moved to cover me with a blanket.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Sore. But...this feels right, somehow. Like it was meant to happen. I should be completely healed by the end of the day. Are you going to inform your professor?” I asked. Drake nodded.

“I am. And the institute. You’ll be under scrutiny for some time. We don’t even know how long dragons incubate their eggs, so you might be like this for a while.” he replied. I looked down at Ramen, my stomach bulge, and the scar on my thumb.

“...I’m willing to go through with it. I have to. These are my babies, too.” I replied. Drake smiled.

“You’ve bonded with the eggs.” he stated. I nodded.

“My blood made them. I am their mother, and I will raze the ground to ashes to protect them.” I stated, feeling a blazing heat in my chest.

“Chill out, Khaleesi. I will help you protect them.” Drake revealed, earning a scowl from me at the Game of Thrones joke.

“Smartass. I’m going to take a nap. Wake me when the food gets here.” I replied. Drake gave me a two finger salute, our way of non-vocal communication. He went on his way.

I rubbed my stomach bulge, slowly succumbing to the call of sleep. I fell into such a deep slumber, I didn’t budge when the food finally arrived.


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