The Story of a Rising Group Wanting to Change the World


The Beginning—Chapter 1

If you’re reading this, then I’m dead but my story will live on. I’ll start at the beginning.

I was the only baby born at home in the history of Eden. March 17th 3020. Who would’ve known that twenty years later I would be in a war. A war with an army I would build.

I was born into a family with complications, my father worked in an office in the Beatitudinem Corporation and my mother was dead. My mother didn’t agree with the policies of Eden and was killed just before my birth, unfortunately for me, I was placed in an incubator sack where I continued to grow until my day of birth.

From the age of two, my father noticed I was different. I was not only happy but had other emotions too. Sadness, anger, regret, remorse etcetera. My father knew I would be killed. How could I be the child of a Beatitudinem Corporation man and be so different. He thinks it’s because of my mother and her hatred for Eden, she refused to be injected through her pregnancy with "Beatitudinem." He thinks it may have interfered with my development. He says there were scriptures of a prophecy, a prophecy of the ‘War Child’. A child with the ability to change the vision of beatitudinem and show reality to those who needed it most. A child like this was a danger to Eden. I was home schooled and had no friends. My father taught me how to hide my other dominant emotions as to not be caught. My life was built on a lie, I was continuously having to smile, even when I was sad. I questioned my father about my mother’s hatred for Eden but he would never tell me. He would just shrug it off and say she was delirious.

I would later find that this was not the case and that in fact what my mother stood for was the reason I was this "War Child." You may be wondering why I’m telling you this, but you’ll find out soon enough.

I’m here to tell you my story and how Eden almost destroyed me and the world you currently live in.

Eden may seem perfect but you’re wrong. It’s a cruel and heartless place run by the big bosses in Beatitudinem where they brainwash you to forget about the pain and sadness and pump you with Beatitudinem, a drug that gives you constant bliss and total ignorance to the suffering world around us. My father was director of the company operating behind the scenes of running Eden smoothly and handling any legal matters. I watched him for years ignoring the cries of the world and still pumping pregnant women with this drug, whilst I was his dirty secret. The true meaning of happiness. The only one of my kind. Fifteen years passed, and I had been plotting to destroy this hell. I had my army, it was just figuring out when D-day was.

The Day of War—Chapter 2

March 3rd 3036. D-day. We attack tonight. We have been training for this exact moment, the moment we storm the Beatitudinem HQ, we will rise. We made sure to have an inside man, we needed access without being noticed this attack had to go to plan otherwise fifteen years of planning were all for nothing. Myself and my right-hand man, Thom had two teams the first team, Thom’s team would be the ones to open the pathway to our righteous glory. Thom had access to the security footage, enabling us to sneak in whilst he hacked the footage to make it seem as nothing was happening.

My team would then be the ones to complete this task. No longer will we be supressed. No longer shall we hide in the shadows for being "abominations" when in reality we are the free. We are the ones who can see what those blinded cannot. They were the abominations pumping mothers with a drug to corrupt and control the mind, to numb them from the realities of life, from the experiences. The happiness and sadness, the excitement and regret. We are not the abomination and we will show Eden that this is Hell and not a blissful haven.

We stormed in only for me to freeze. My father was standing there prepared for war just as I was, reflecting each other holding our weapons. This was a war clearly only one would win. It didn’t matter if we were family or foe, this was a fight to the death.

The battle was bloody with many casualties, but that didn’t stop us we knew we had a message to spread and the only way that was going to be accomplished was to kill every last one of the Beatitudinem corporation.

Our men and women knew what they were signing up for, the greater good, even if meant killing my own father. The father who saw me as the very thing Eden feared. I and many others could see beyond the veil. Thom’s team set of a grenade exploding the middle floor level causing the building to fall in a sloping manner. At first it was silent, then there was a crack as the sound rippled through the building, the bricks could be heard crashing to the ground along with the voices of our warriors and those of Beatitudinem. The smoke created a great camouflage for us as we attacked the enemy, the building still crumbling made it hard to run and eve harder to keep your balance but it was worth it. All for the greater good. As the building finally collapsed there was debris and dust, the fire blazed on in the background, the smell of fire filled the air. Many lives were indeed lost but none forgotten. Even those who fought oppose us will be remembered as their death’s allowed us to revel in this glorious moment, a moment of victory and clarity. A moment in which a new world will be created. A world where you’re free. Free to be yourself and enjoy everything that comes your way.

I found my father clinging onto life as his body laid crushed underneath a concrete beam. He struggled for breath but didn’t want my help, he still blamed me for everything and new I would be the reason for Eden’s demise.

We stood tall and proud over the many lifeless bodies the flames and rubble had claimed. As the sun rose over the broken city, shining its bright light against our blood-stained skin, we realised we did it. We won. The world was ours to do as we please with. This was the true beatitudinem.

The World is Ours—Chapter 3

3046. We have begun to rebuild the city calling it "Veritas," meaning "The Truth." We are no longer hiding in the shadows and suppressing our nature. We are the truth seekers and happy to be part of it, the world shouldn’t fear us we are the new world. We are the people of Veritas, a place where no one will ever have to hide again. After the war I became known as the War Child, just as the scriptures predicted a child who would set the world into motion. The elders of the city looked on in joy as we rebuilt our lives and civilisation with warmth in our hearts, welcoming other cities to join us. The elders crowned me as their leader, I of course took this offer however put my own spin on it making sure I was an active part of Veritas helping where I could and bringing wisdom to those I came across. Inspiring those to live the way I did and to never be shunned or pushed to the shadows ever again. I watched as twenty, thirty, forty years went by and saw the city thrive. The city invited many tourists and settlers who enjoyed living here. The idea that you have to force happiness is ridiculous you should be free to find it yourself as I found mine. This was my true happiness, my true Beatitudinem. I wonder though if my mother had been around would she be proud of what I accomplished? Or would she see me as my father saw me? I guess I will never know. To you my reader, never forget you are a wonderful being in this enormous galaxy and no one should ever try to change you, being different is what helped make this world what it is and you should continue on the path that you set for yourself. Veritas vos liberabit (the truth will set you free).

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