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August Horoscope Predictions

by Angel Pagan 2 years ago in astronomy
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August month predictions by weeks!

August Horoscope Predictions
Photo by Denes Kozma on Unsplash

Hello Everyone and How are you?

This is meant to give you insight in what will happen in these few days.

This is your August Predictions , from the 1st to the 7th.

Aries-You might be a little sick this week. Make sure you take your medicine and stay hydrated.

Leo-These days might get a little spicy, so if you have a partner be ready to have fun. If you don't then buy protection cause fun is on its way.

Cancer-You might have a bit of trouble with friends or a partner during this time. Just breathed in and out and give them time.

Pisces-Someone might declare their love for you between these dates. If its not a partner then a friend or family expressing admiration.

Scorpio-The universe is directing you to a new path,be ready for what is ahead.

Taurus-Your lover might surprise you with a lot of passion being by phone or physically.

Sagittarius-Your intuition is right, but the choice is yours. You can let it affect you or move on.

Gemini-You might be a bit confuse with someones actions these days. Take a deep breath and analyze everything before reacting.

Virgo-Disciplinary actions will be taken if you do what your not suppose to do these days.Take work seriously.

Libra-Your honesty will be tested these days, make sure they see the truth.

Capricorn-These days will be successful financially, get ready for a bigger check.

Aquarius-Don't stop what you are doing. You are on the right path. Just push a bit longer and you will see results.

This is your August Predictions , from the 8th to the 14th.

Aries-A breakthrough will happen for you in these days. Keep your focus and eyes on the prize.

Leo-Stand still on your choices these days. Analyze then make the choice.

Cancer-Someone wants the worst for you these days, look at your surrounding and analyze you coworkers.

Pisces-You will have some rivalry these days,but they will not succeed .

Scorpio-Love will be returned to you at full blast.Hold on to your seat,You will be taken for a ride.

Taurus-Voice your concern if you have to within these days. Now is not the time to stay quiet.

Sagittarius-You will have success in anything that you plan these days. So plan ahead.

Gemini-Time to be isolated, and take time for your thoughts,, your feelings, mainly yourself.

Virgo-You are going top be pushed out of your comfort zone but it is for the best. This is to show you,tour potential.

Libra-In these days they will try to cheat you out of deal.Analyze everything first.

Capricorn-Some obstacles will get in your way these days. Stay level headed and calm. This is only temporary.

Aquarius-A message from a love one will come to you. It is important for you to hear it carefully.

This is your August Predictions , from the 15th to the 21st.

Aries-Constructive criticism will come your way, be open to it and don't close yourself up.

Leo-A change in plans will happen with a partner or friend. Give them time ,they will tell you later what happened.

Cancer-Money you will find laying around these day.But save it for a rainy day, you don't know why the universe is preparing you for.

Pisces-Reconciliation is on the horizon. It being a partner, friend or family.

Scorpio-Some friction will be in the air these days. Watch your words and don;t loose your cool.

Taurus-You are just lucky these days, Have fun and let your hair down. Enjoy this gift from the universe.

Sagittarius-You will experience a bit of emotional pain these days. Find someone to talk to and don't keep it bottle up.

Gemini-You will get a sense of relief these days. Enjoy it ! You deserve it.

Virgo-A sincere friend will reach out to you these days. Hear them out, they need a friend.

Libra-Get creative, make music, enjoy being artsy, it will bring good results.

Capricorn-Time to forgive and forget. Let go of what has been holding you back this whole time.

Aquarius-Your relationship will flourish theses days, if you have no one ,then Mr or Misses Right might come to see you.

This is your August Predictions , from the 22nd to the 31th.

Aries-Financial difficulties will come your way,beware they will try to manipulate you.

Leo-Don't stop at this moment, keep fighting for your goals,ignore all disputes.

Cancer-Your love life will reach a new chapter, you will either find love or your partner will surprise you.

Pisces-Some friction will happen at work. Keep your cool and stay still. if you stay still ,good results will come out of it.

Scorpio-Maintain interest in your projects and don't loose focus. Procrastination is not a good thing.

Taurus-Some obstacles will interrupt your plans. That is for your good , just change the date.

Sagittarius-Your relationship will finally reach the honeymoon phase ,enjoy it.

Gemini-The journey these days will be hard, but you have a loyal friend that is willing to help. Just ask, he/she will say yes.

Virgo-I see victory in love and friendship these days. Enjoy the events and the dates. Its about time you have fun.

Libra-A tough call will make you hesitate to make a decision.Talk it out ,then choose, ask a friend for help.

Capricorn-This is only temporary, you have to recognize that you cant control everything in life. The results will be good ,so don't worry.

Aquarius-These days your work place will be your best friend.I see good sales and a peaceful break.

*Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes, take the message at your own will and interpretation.*


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Angel Pagan

I am a novice at writing ,but a passion of mine it is. It drives me to better myself,to help others and to make you have a laugh. I am in my late 20's,driven and I love to work. I love to play my instruments and learn new languages.

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