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Auburn Maiden

by Julienne Holmes about a year ago in fantasy
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Picture of Bougainvillea taken by me

Gemavore: a mystical female being that has the powers of the leprechaun. Except, unlike the leprechaun, this being is given the utmost respect. She has the ability to bring prosperity, wealth, and countless other good luck vibes to any place she ends up in.

It is thought and believed that for a female child to be the Gemavore, she would have to be born with red hair...

Yet, there are exceptions to this rule...


She had absolutely no idea where she was going and where she would end up. All she knew, was that she was through being the doormat in her family and village. There was this unbearably, realistic, fact hanging over her head that there really was no real escape from the meanness of not just her family, but all the villagers. She went to school and put up with the villagers' children's insults and bullying. And while at home, she was treated lower than dirt and made to be a servant in her families' household.

So she wasn't the mystically, legendary, Gemavore. That was her cousin's ill begotten fate. And to be perfectly honest, she had no jealously or envy in her heart over this. During the course of her fourteen years, she noticed that her ill tempered cousin had no real friends. Just people who used her, because they wanted her Gemavore powers to rub off on them.

With that uncomfortable responsibility not hanging over her head, she knew that escape was more plausible than it would be for her cousin.

So that was why she was now sitting on a bus, going to an unknown/undecided destination. And, while she would rather be thinking about something other than that twit cousin of hers. For some reason her thoughts unbecomingly went to that little thoughtless, brat; like an arrow aimed for it's target, her cousin kept making an uninvited appearance in her thoughts.

Her cousin had been raised a little princess, because of her being born the (unlucky) Gemavore. During the course of her cousin's short life, she had been taught and raised to be more special than anyone else. This had, of course, gone to her, already, inflated head and ego. She treated everyone badly and took them for granted. Yet, because, Miss. Princess Twit thought herself special, she recklessly became disillusioned over how truly useless she was. She had no real talents, and, if ever forced to fend for herself, she would most likely die in a ditch.

It was really quite pitiful, how princess twit couldn't escape her own misfortune that was her pathetic existence. She was not free, like a certain non-special someone was.

For so many years, she had loathed the mere image and mention of her cousin. Yet, for some surprising reason, this time, she was not bothered over the mere thought of her. The only logical conclusion for this, was, that because she had put distance between her and Princess Twit, she now could feel some sympathy for the little brat. Also she viewed this, uninvited disturbance, as being one final goodbye to everyone. She would let the little twit disrupt her thoughts for the time being. At least until she made it to where she wanted or needed to be. Then she would think about her no longer.

So, during this journey of self reflection, she sat on the bus, watching as the scenery went by. And the sigh she let loose, had her surprisingly feeling content and relaxed.

The contently relaxing sensation that washed over her, left her no longer uncertain over whether or not she had made a mistake about leaving her unloving family. She finally recognized that it was by far the best decision she could have made. Also along with these sensations, she wasn't worried about anyone from her village or family coming after her. They wouldn't even bat an eye over her leaving. She was so unimportant, that the mere thought of her, would be, if anything, nonexistent.

It was that thought and how contently relaxing she felt, that had her drowsily snuggling down into her bus seat and watching as the scenery, blurred by, in beautiful greens. As she dozed off in her seat, she found herself not frightened or even the least bit worried about what her life had in store for her. Because things had to be better elsewhere than back in her hometown, where she would not be missed by anyone. Except, that is, her dear animal friends, who she had every intention of seeing again.

To be continued...

Chapter One is coming soon


About the author

Julienne Holmes

I'm a writer, but I haven't had many successful books or stories published. I'm also a photographer, and have submitted a few pictures to photo stock companies; such as adobe stock and Shuttershock.

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