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Attitude To Life

by liupengbo 2 months ago in future
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What kind of attitude will we use to write our own future

Many young people are confused, confused and at a loss in reality. So I wasted my time, on the Internet, in games, on the street... I saw our young people doing nothing all the time. We are really a little confused. Work, the pressure of work is so great, there are so many tedious things, and the relationship between colleagues is so laborious... So many young friends choose to escape, but are we really avoiding? Naturally, many people choose to escape, but we know that most of them are helpless. Do we want this? What if we don't? I think the most important thing is the attitude of our young people. We should face life with a positive attitude. We should actively face the problems in life, think of ways, try our best to solve the problems with positive actions, rather than avoiding them. Although there is still a lot of employment pressure after entering the University, isn't it less competitive advantage without a university degree when most people have a university degree? High work pressure? The work unit is a social circle. If you want to work, you must have a relationship with colleagues. Moreover, without the mutual assistance and cooperation between colleagues, even excellent people will not do much. Today's society is a competitive society, but it is also a society of mutual assistance and win-win results. As long as we survive, there will be competition, competition, pressure, and progress. Without the pressure of survival, our ancestors may still live in the primitive forest. So how to have a good attitude towards life? Face the social reality correctly: we should know that society is a large system composed of multiple subsystems; Society is bright, but it also has a dark side; There are good people in the world, but there are also bad people. We should not be too idealistic in looking at the society. We should see that the inequality among social members exists objectively. We should not use our own standards to measure the fairness of the society. Instead, we should face the society squarely, recognize the differences, and strive to narrow the gap between ourselves and others. To treat society is not full of complaints, but to turn complaints into motivation and strive to transform society. At the same time, we should also treat ourselves correctly: when encountering setbacks, we should first look for the reasons from our own subjective aspects. Firmly believe that "no one is perfect", everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. As long as they are positive and promising, develop their strengths and make up for their weaknesses, "long wind and waves" will "sometimes"; Stop self comparison, don't worry about being inferior to others, accept yourself, and establish a state of mind of self-improvement, self-confidence and self-reliance, otherwise it is easy to form inferiority complex. To compare with others, you should know yourself and the enemy, so that you can know whether it is comparable. For example, whether the abilities, knowledge, skills and inputs of the two people are the same, otherwise they cannot be compared. With this, people's psychological imbalance will be greatly reduced, and they will not feel restless and at a loss. We should not be happy with things, not sad with ourselves. Then we should learn to encourage ourselves: we should have a dialectical view of frustration, and read more sages' philosophies and biographies of celebrities. People will encounter many setbacks in their life. How to overcome them, the thoughts of sages and the deeds of celebrities give us a lot of inspiration. "Since ancient times, heroes have suffered many hardships". People often do their best work in frustration and adversity. As long as we face life with a correct attitude, our life will be bright and beautiful.


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