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Astrology: For a disturbed mind

by Manik Roy 5 days ago in astronomy
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The true purpose of astrology

Astrology: For a disturbed mind
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Although we are living in the era of science, we still have a great belief in astrology. Moreover, astrology was born before science was born. As a result, modern man is more interested in science than astrology. But one thing is certain: When the modern man faces adversity, he will seek relief from it through the use of astrology. The modern man does not believe in astrology, but when he gets into trouble, he will find a way to find relief from his adversity. Then he will go to an astrologer.

Actually, astrology is a branch of the occult that is designated as black magic. But for your knowledge, it is not the mathematical calculation of a man’s fortune that is a part of science itself. But the intellectual part of our society does not believe it as a science; rather, they consider it a form of black magic to make people fools. The main reason for astrology is that there is little scope for research and development in the science area. Therefore, astrology could not produce enough proof that would make it believable to the people of the world. Still, it is one of the most curious subjects for the people of this planet.


Time is the prime element of astrology. Because it will give you a better calculation if you provide the correct birth time. Moreover, it is very much rarer that everybody can provide the correct birth time. The reason is that it is difficult for anybody to keep track of the exact birth time due to the medical formalities. It is better to keep the exact birth time if you induct a special attendant at the time of the childbirth.

So that person will keep the exact record of when the child’s head comes out of the mother’s womb. Logically, when any part of the child’s body gets the first light of the earth, then that particular time will be considered the correct birth time. Always try to use a stopwatch when you are recording the child’s birth time. It will provide you with exact and accurate time data.


The house is very important for astrology. Because it will give the proper characteristics of the planet’s behaviour in your life. As a result, it is more accurate to judge the house placement of the planet in a horoscope. The reason is that a planet can be strong or weak in any house according to the horoscope. So when you go to the astrologer, you should ask him or her which house is strong or weak. So it will help you when the planet is transiting through its houses.

Moreover, you can also feel its effects on your body and mind as well. So you can take precautions in your lifestyle accordingly. Whether you believe in astrology or not, the effects of the planets on our body and mind are absolutely scientifically proven. To your knowledge, the odd houses are generally beneficial, whereas the even houses are malefic. The exception still rules over it.


The planets are the prime determinant of man’s fortune. Moreover, they have a great impact on our lives as well. Every planet has a different impact on us when it is placed in a particular house. So this house will influence the planet to perform accordingly. You will be able to use astrological assistance more accurately once you have a better understanding of the planets in your horoscope.


The planet and housework are together in the phases of astrology. Because the actual predicted result comes from the astrological calculation after determining the phases. As a result, it is critical for any astrological prediction. Actually, the phases will determine the yearly prediction. So, take it with your careful eyes.

Therefore, astrology depends on accurate timing data and an accurate predictive result from the calculation. If you do not provide the exact timing data to the astrologer, then you will never get an accurate result. It is true that astrological predictions have a controversial success rate. People will never ignore its hidden power, despite its accuracy, and will sometimes find solace in their troubled minds.


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  • Mariann Carroll4 days ago

    Very insightful. Interesting . What part of it is black magic?

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