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Artificial Intelligence

by Robert Hammond about a month ago in artificial intelligence
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Human Mechanism

Procrastination on words, while music waits for lyrics, and I have stopped waiting. But I am still writing. The silent word on screen. Not the like the workout. Not like the exercise. Like the warm up. Like the recognition of me beginning a new task. The same as any other task you begin. Should be carried out with the exposure that when you finish they almost already know you were the one responsible. After all your time is passing. The words that were never written they weren't I know they weren't because I never wrote them and why did I knot write them because or hesitation because I seen other writers speaking about how writers block was a thing and though oh how come I never got that maybe I'm due a case of writers block, here it is then I guess I should just stop writing right now and never finish a story again. Never put the ideas I know I have on to paper or on to type out. To leave them a mystery. Is this just a warm up to have my words flowing okay? I'm not sure but I know I can link them up in sync in order and even to rhyme, all it really takes is dedication and time. Can my words flow better if I just rhyme them all? Because without an abrupt end the story might never end. The link to the next, as I type the text. So then what really stops the writing is it the indecision on a topic? Or the thought that I shouldn't over do it. Is it the subconscious mind being convinced we are not capable of producing good work due to the way we speak to our self.

Is the human mechanism adapting to continue life with an electronic device attached to itself. Is it subjected to hours of mind numbing television and advertisements. Is it wrong to call our self's a mechanism. After all we use our brain to control our body, our senses to adapt to our environment and when we sell our self short and give up on our dreams to work for a wage we use our body to successfully perform them tasks. Giving a result of wages to use to pursue our desires and goals. Those who choose to care for their body's do so as if taking a service out on a machine. But we are definitely not machine. Our bones can break our skin can tear, we are not made from metal.

Artificial robots are made from metal, and various other tech materials. I wonder can they apply themselves to sit and write, to sit and read. I wonder if they are going to one day be able to write these words for us as we read them out. And take away the task of having to apply the key to the board. If somehow the computer can pick up the thought of the word I want to display on the screen. At what point do you call yourself a writer? Why do you write? At what point can you stop calling yourself a writer after not producing some sort of written content. To where is the line between casual words put together on the page and astounding world renowned writer. To the depths of your own content. Where you have written chapter after chapter, produced books, written story's, and papers, and still wonder, does anyone ever read my work? Is anyone ever going to? Or should they even. So you sit with half finished projects and before you have even finished are asking yourself what is the point? The point is, somewhere in the world you have written about there is an ending waiting to be created. Waiting to be crafted. After a solid beginning and a structured bulk of a story, somewhere along the lines you have to bring your story's to an end. With your topic to write about are you just making excuses for not producing your very own page turner. Your very own best seller. After all if they are not things you wish to achieve that is understandable some people do only write for expression. For their own health also. Writing is a brilliant way to get the thoughts and feelings you have inside you off your mind. As if putting them on the page is removing them from your head. There is a sense of relief almost as we write. As every last word you put down is one less to have to remember because you know you have it to reference to. I often find myself getting ideas during the day and have to write them down as soon as they pop into my head. I have taken the time to make it a habit and will stop everything I'm doing to put the idea on a piece of paper. How many times have you thought of something amazing? A wonderful business idea? or a plot twist to a story? and you even doubled back on your thoughts and said to yourself ''oh that's a good one I'll put that to the test later on.'' and then find you never get around to doing what ever it was, let alone remember it. I have a better grasp of writing on my laptop now than ever before. I can't emphasis how much chapters or notes I have lost from unsaved work and a low battery. There is a wonderful feeling when you have taken the time to write a certain piece. In your own words and when almost ready to share it with your readers... shutdown screen. Absolutely devastating. So as I look to close this piece with some sort of ending that is going to keep your attention. I do have my charger plugged in. Story telling in what ever form is definitely an art when done properly. The emotions a reader is taken through from your words are real. They are not Artificial Intelligence with no feelings. Not yet anyway. Or the other way around?

Unless your writing fiction, don't lie.

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