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Artificial Intelligence(Ai), Machine Learning(Mi), and deep learning what are these? How is all this influencing the future of humanity?

by S.Ali 11 months ago in artificial intelligence

Ml, AI, neural networks, Neurons, and other stuff including robotics how is all this so important, what may happen due to it, what is it? Hanson Robotics Sophia the first robot to get a Citizenship.

Artificial Intelligence(Ai), Machine Learning(Mi), and deep learning what are these? How is all this influencing the future of humanity?
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Machine learning, and Ai are pretty famous nowadays, even more famous than few highly recognized celebrities in fact they themselves are celebrities I mean come on who doesn't want to buy Alexa, or Google.

I mean I just heard few years back that a robot named Sophia by Hanson Robotics earned her first Saudi Citizenship can you believe it even I can't get a foreign citizenship that easily, but wow! Sophia on the other hand, got it.

It first came out in 2016 a socially interacting Ai Robot Sophia, she was presented to many conferences, attended many tours, and when you check all of her interviews in Youtube each time she gets more smarter while answering questions.

You can feel it in her tone, the way she interacts, the way she looks at people with all her different weird expressions, I mean when she wore a wig no one could tell if she was a human or a robot.

She can sing now, she can Play Rock Paper, and Scissors.

I mean if we see Sophia how she works, her brain is made up of artificial neural networks, they carry loads of data like our brain neurons, and they transfer the data in seconds but they also learn something from each new interaction with each new bit of data.

Neural networks aren't like neurons in human brains, Neurons in our Brain are more than just information messengers they do thousands of functions we don't even know about yet.

Neural networks on the other hand are large webs of networks, with each operators X, and Y performing a specific function on the data, they get the input then after it passes from the web of neurons then it provides an outcome which will be the output.

Machine learning is a bit different then deep learning or neural networks, it is a field containing three types of learning supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning.

All of these fields in the Machine learning are different from each other especially the last one but they all together build the bases of the field of automation, and ML.

Supervised learning is a field in which you provide labels, I mean you provide the answer to the questions asked first then you give the model new questions similar to the previous ones so it can build answers from the previous data provided. It is being supervised by you on each step, and that is why we call it Supervised learning.

Unsupervised learning this is a type where you introduce only questions, and the model is supposed to answer them by actually thinking like us. A lot of iteration is required in this process.

Reinforcement learning is the third field in this model learns by directly interacting with data like the model is a baby you are going to put it near fire once it get burned then it learns that next time it should crawl up to water because in it's mind Fire = Bad.

Ml is indeed helping people with it's unique algorithms, like classification systems like spam filters help you be safe from Spam emails, and also like Google assistant, and Cortana will help you in knowing weather, will take care of home appliances complete certain tasks.

Systems like suggesting which provide suggestions on the best movies to watch or best youtube videos according to your taste or best Netflix shows that you might want to watch, Systems like these, and linear regression helps you every day yet you are unaware of it.

Nowadays there are self-driving Cars, and many Atm machines that just provide you with full automation for your transactions are quite handy aren't they?

This is how Ai is changing future, how these studies are actually changing the world we live in, how they are getting in our lives everyday.

All of this does give rise to one famous question, are artificial intelligence ever going to overcome us?

That seems to me a mystery but as you can see that in these new fields like Deep learning or neural networks you are giving the machine actually it's own mind to think, so if you ask me if it can ever think about destroying us I would say yes, because everything with a mind is capable of making its own decisions so why not Robots.

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