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Art of The New Order of Alexandria

by Joseph Roy Wright 2 years ago in art
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From a Post Apocalyptic Adventure Novel

Cover art by Joseph Roy Wright

The New Order of Alexandria is my first novel, written in 2017. For this Post Apocalyptic Adventure; I painted a lot of art. Designing characters, locations and even some of the uniforms & clothes that the soldiers and civilians wore. In this article I will be showcasing some of the artwork I have created for this book over the years.


Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright

Island of Hella shore

This is the Island of Hella, where New Order of Alexandria part 1 takes place. An island that has survived the great tsunamis of 2047, which left the United States in complete ruins.

Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright


The capital of Hella! Where our main characters Jack & Derek live. This is where most Hella citizens live. There are markets here that sell weapons, food, clothing and other such wares.

Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright


Do not venture here, unless you wish to be enslaved! As the Riverway Slavers that roam here are a cruel and unforgiving bunch. They will work you to death! So be wary traveler...

Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright


A hidden place, away from the New Order of Alexandria, the residents here wish to live in peace. They do not agree with (nor want) The NOA's leadership. They are a self sufficient group of residents who can look after their own!

Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright


Not far from Dalewood, the New Order of Alexandria reside. Within a big base, where most of their military personnel carry out duties. Such as recruitment and queries for the people of Hella. It goes without saying, that this place is highly fortified!

Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright

NOA Training Camp

This is where residents of Hella become New Order of Alexandria Soldiers! Here Jack & Derek will learn the basics of survival and military combat. Before joining the ranks.


Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright

NOA Soldiers

The New Order of Alexandria has a large military of well trained and disciplined soldiers, who will carry out all of their orders without question! Most are proud men, who serve loyally to the New Order.

Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright

Island of Hella survivors

The typical Hella citizen, mostly wears survival gear, such as cargo trousers and leather jackets. They can be seen travelling around the island with backpacks and often times weapons, for Hella is a dangerous place!

Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright

Riverway Slavers

Not to be messed with! The worst of the worst! They hunt humans like prey, and put them to working in mines. They will sell you off for a pretty penny, and don't care if you live or die.

Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright

USA Soldiers

From the last remains of America, they come forth onto the Island of Hella. They are at war with The NOA, and most Hella citizens want no part in this bloodshed!

Additional artwork:

Artwork by Roy Wright

New Order of Alexandria Battleship

An NOA Battleship! As seen on posters and leaflets scattered around the Island. This photo is used heavily for NOA propaganda as most islanders have never seen a ship like this one! It installs a great sense of adventure, that has convinced many men to join The New Order of Alexandria. (My Dad painted this one!)


Artwork by Joseph Roy Wright

Promotional Poster for my first book.

Artwork: Soldier (Joseph Roy Wright) Ship (Roy Wright)

The New Order of Alexandria: The Western War Promotional Poster. (Book still in development)

Cover for my first book, The New Order of Alexandria: The Island of Hella

New Order of Alexandria is a post apocalyptic adventure, now available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/New-Order-Alexandria-Island-Hella-ebook/dp/B078G8J1QV

Thank you for reading and looking at my artwork. Please let me know what you thought on Social Media!

Facebook: Joseph Roy Wright

Twitter: Joseph Roy Wright


About the author

Joseph Roy Wright

Hello there.

My name is Joseph Roy Wright, the British author of 5 Independent novels!

I like to write about movies, pop culture, fiction and horror! I review all the latest films (and classics), I also like to write short stories.

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