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by Len Sherman 2 months ago in astronomy

Courageous and a Doer

The constellation of Aries can be located in the northern celestial hemisphere. Aries is formed by a ram’s horns since Babylonian times and before that, it was shaped as a farmhand. According to Greek mythology, a golden ram rescued the twin brothers Phrixus and Helle by Hermes (herald of the gods) from being slain by King Athamas’ second wife Ino because she was very jealous of his children. Unfortunately, Helle should have held onto Aries’ horns more tightly because he fell off during the flight and drowned in the Strait of Gallipoli. Aries is a fire sign.

Aries are courageous activists and natural leaders. You are a doer with very little patience and an overabundance of self-confidence that just won’t take “No” for an answer. You are very competitive and are not afraid of conflict—dying on a battlefield or a protest for freedom—you will lead on until you drop.

Because Aries have an unbending optimism, you are unafraid to take a gamble or follow a dream even if the odds of winning are not in your favour. You have to be in charge and if you don’t get your way, it’s not unknown for you to throw a hissy-fit, have a tantrum and throw yourself on the floor like a little spoiled brat. Also, because of your hot temper and impatience, you have a notorious reputation for not finishing what you start. Since you are seriously independent, you abhor taking orders from others and when that happens, even if your face turns purple with rage, you will not apologize, even if you are wrong. Often, your risk-taking is caused by emotion instead of being calm and thinking clear-headed.

Aries, being radically impulsive, sometimes regret speaking rather bluntly. Because you often put your foot in your mouth, you tend to cause your own turmoil. Since you need to feel things intensely instead of thinking them through clearly beforehand, when you take on a project, they sometimes fail or wind up unfinished.

Although Aries is lucky with money, because of your flamboyant, show-off lifestyle, it runs through your fingers like water. Because you are fearless, becoming a general, kickboxer, wrestler or a firefighter would be a good career call. Also, you could consider becoming another Jackie Chan (fellow Aries) and doing your own stunts in an action-packed movie. Your adrenaline would get all fired up—plus the money would be sensational. Starting your own business is another option because you excel at working hard, especially if you believe in what you are doing. However, you might want to be careful with that career because you might go bankrupt—being a spendthrift has its drawbacks.

Aries gives magnanimously to a friend in need. Although Aries are loyal to their friends, if you are not treated respectfully and the way you feel you should be treated, they may receive the toe of your boot and not in a kindly manner. Since being in charge is important to you, you try to choose your friends carefully. That being said, since you are somewhat fickle and passion-driven, you need friends that are confident and are unafraid to take a chance, no matter how dangerous things may become.

When it comes to romance, Aries are attracted to people who have a lot of energy and can keep up to you, especially in the sack. Since you are prone to falling in love relatively fast, the person of the opposite sex that you have your eye on will be hopefully drawn to your fiery, reckless devil-may-care style and enjoys your up-front directness. However, you need to compromise and try not to become a dictator in a relationship because when you fall in love, you fall in love big time. Although you don’t really believe in monogamy that much, would rather play the field than tie the knot permanently, when you finally decide to have a lasting relationship, best to marry a Leo, Gemini or Capricorn. Beware of Scorpio, so highly explosive, it’s like playing with a short-fused stick of dynamite! Getting divorced could become very volatile.

Ares pioneering spirit, endless energy and undaunting fearlessness allows you to keep up to a spirited steed that’s ready to stampede in any direction or all directions at once. The more excitement happening in your life, the more excited you are.


Len Sherman

I'm a published author/artist but tend to think of myself as a doodler\dabbler. I've sailed the NW Passage & wrote & illustrated a book, ARCTIC ODYSSEY. Currently, I live on 50 semi wilderness acres & see lots of wild critters in the yard.

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Len Sherman
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