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Are we approaching the end of the world ... why are we not afraid of it ?!

Are we nearing the end of the world ...

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

We are always thinking about the destruction of the world. We always approach it with an interest without fear of it. The rumor that the world is going to perish is spreading faster than fire. When the rumor spread that the world was going to end in 2012, we looked forward to that day without a drop of regret or fear.The main reason for such a state of mind is our firm belief that the world will not perish for now. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Creation enjoys more destruction than our mind desires. That is why,We stare at any vehicle that has been involved in an accident for a long time. The videos of breaking expensive items from a height attract more viewers on YouTube. Well now why do you say so many explanations for destruction?
Would you believe that in the past there were possibilities for the destruction of the world without us even knowing it, and still exist? Yes, the present development of mankind is always on the brink of the destruction of the world. It can happen anytime. But the question is when.In the past there was the possibility of the destruction of the world in some cases described as the next development of the human race. Some of those events are very chilling to us.The world celebrated the first man to walk on the moon. The name of the person who first set foot on the moon will never leave the minds of the people for a long time. But what if man went to the moon and destroyed the human race?. Before the first man went to the moon no one knew what was there. Before the launch of the spacecraft from NASA in the 1960s, the spacecraft had explored the possibilities.Before the spacecraft took off from Earth, they were thoroughly cleaned and carefully inspected for any germs. This is probably because of the precautionary measures taken against living things on the moon to prevent them from being infected by germs on Earth.Similarly, after humans return to Earth from the moon, they must be isolated on a ship for 15 days. The instructions were all told to let them in only after it was confirmed that no germs were traveling with them from the moon.But, after their spacecraft crashed into the sea, they were allowed directly without following the instructions considering their health and mental health. Fortunately no infectious germs traveled with them from the moon. If there had been, the capital of mankind would have changed.Going back a little further, we come to the time when the first nuclear weapons were tested.
July 16, 1945
The day the world's first nuclear test took place.
Mankind is now aware of the terrible consequences of nuclear weapons. Japan was a witness to that, but when it first tested a nuclear weapon, scientists were immediately apprehensive about what it would do to the Earth.Until then no one had seen in person how deadly the nuclear weapon would be. The heat emitted from a nuclear explosion can be very large, very far away.The reason for the scientists' fear is that if the heat emitted from it reacts in the atmosphere and burns up the entire atmosphere and destroys the earth.Until the day before the nuclear test, they were repeatedly testing the possibility of such a thing happening.The likelihood of such a reaction is very low. Less, but no one could say for sure that it would never happen. Fortunately nothing like that happened. A scientist who witnessed the first nuclear explosion shares his recollection that he thought at that moment that he had begun the destruction of mankind.
The extinction of mankind in the 20th century was at a rate of 1/100. But it has grown at a rate of 1/6 since the beginning of the current 21st century.


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