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Are We Alone?

Who is Haim Eshed and the Galactic Federation?

Are We Alone?
Written By Savannah Sproul, RN

Recently NBC news released an article stating that a retired Israeli space security chief named Haim Eshed came out making claims that extraterrestrial life does indeed exist and that current U.S President Donald Trump knows about this information. Eshed states that the leaders of planet earth and the extraterrestrial group that goes by the name the “Galactic Federation” have been waiting for the right time to release this to the public but could not do so until they felt humans had reached a point where they would be able to take in this material without it causing widespread panic and hysteria. Does this mean that NBC and Haim Eshed are telling us that that time is now?

The article that NBC published immediately caught by attention, as I am sure it did anyone else that read even just the title of it. I wanted to instantly do research on some questions I had about what I was seeing. First off, I of course wanted to know who Haim Eshed is and if he was reputable. I dug around online searching for records of this guy which were very easy to find because of his long list of accomplishments and successful career. From what I found, he is a well-respected, educated, and legitimate person. In other words, he is not just some random guy claiming his cow got beamed up out of his barn in the middle of the night or even a low-ranking former military soldier that is making outlandish claims out of nowhere. From what I understand, it seems that if there was ever a time you needed information on this topic this would be the man you would go to.

According to Wikipedia Haim Eshed is a former brigadier general of the Israeli Defense Forces. For almost 30 years he operated as the Director of Space Programs for the Israel Ministry of Defense and was an officer in the Israeli Military Intelligence. Over the years, he has received many awards that include the Chief of Staff Citation, which is the highest non-combat decoration that can be awarded by the Israel Defense Forces. Eshed also received the Israel Defense Prize three different times for reasons that today remain classified. The Israel Defense Prize is the highest civilian defense honor that the State of Israel can give. Eshed also spent time working at Unit 81 which is a top-secret unit that provides technological solutions to the IDF’s Military Intelligence Board. On top of all his accomplishments and awards during his career, Eshed also obtained a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering, as well as a master's and doctorate degree in aeronautical engineering.

Haim retired in 2011 and now in December of 2020 came out to an Israeli newspaper that this “Galactic Federation” has been working with the United States Government for a long time. He says that there was an agreement made between the United States government and the extraterrestrial beings so that they were able to do experiments here on earth. He makes claims that Donald Trump knows all about this and was about to tell the public until the extraterrestrial being convinced him not to to prevent people going into a panic. Eshed also goes on to say that astronauts have been going to mars for years and that there is a secret base below the surface of the planet where they meet with American astronauts.

There are some people that think he is making these claims as a publicity stunt to help sell his book. This could very well be true, but why would someone who already had a successful career, who is still a respected educator ruin his reputation and status by making up false claims to sell a book at the end of his career? Haim Eshed is also not the first person who has come out to say that alien life exists and that we are not alone in the universe. Over the past 5 years many reputable people have come forward with claims that they interacted with other beings or witnessed unexplained flying objects. In the 2017 a Netflix documentary was released called Unacknowledged, which was produced by Steven M. Greer. Greer, a former medical doctor who has now dedicated his life to the study of UFO’s and the disclosure of government coverups of Extraterrestrial activity, interviewed many legitimate former military officers and government officials that also state that there has indeed been contact with species not from this planet.

Is the releasing of these documentaries on popular platforms like Netflix and articles now appearing in major news programs like NBC a way to begin to prepare humanity for disclosure? Could it really be a complete publicity stunt to help sell books? Have we really been in contact with extraterrestrial life for a long time now and if so, what is our purpose to them? I think only time will tell and maybe time will tell sooner than we think.

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