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Are the Olympics Extra Terrestrial Misdirection?

by Richard Van Steenberg 4 years ago in extraterrestrial


2018 Olympics
The possibility exists there is an infinite number of examples of misdirection taking place on Earth. The key is how do we look at as few as possible to clearly see that that is what is taking place so we can focus our attention on the bigger picture of trying to understand the ETA so we do not have to sit around and wait for disclosure?

The secret is to look at major events where the possibility may exist that the event may be misdirection. For example, the deadliest aviation accident in history at Tenerife. Your first response might be that that is not misdirection. The key is, you possibly don't really understand what misdirection is. Though the possibility exists that the accident at Tenerife fulfills countless goals of the ETA as part of EPMS, the possibility also exists that every event that takes place on Earth that is not subliminal dissemination is misdirection. The reason this seems so difficult to understand is, you are looking at it from the wrong direction. In other words, you are looking at each incident and trying to teach yourself: is that incident misdirection and, if so, what qualities or characteristics about it made it misdirection so I can recognize it when it happens again while disregarding the other events? Using this methodology, you would need to go through a college level education, which may span 22 years before you understand misdirection.All you have to do is reverse the viewpoint, and every time you see an event, ask yourself one question: Was there a possibility anything about this event put information into my mind pertaining to Aliens, Extra Terrestrials, or UFOs? If the answer is yes, then the event was subliminal dissemination. If the answer is no, then the event was misdirection. So if the event keeps you from learning about, paying attention to, studying, researching, etc... anything to do with Aliens, Extra Terrestrials, and UFOs then it is misdirection. In other words, you do not need to pay that close of attention to each event to learn if it is misdirection or not, all you have to do is decide if it is subliminal dissemination or not. If not, then it's misdirection.So aside from studying major misdirection events, which stand out over time when you view the chronological history of the planet, you will want to pay attention to events that are timely or concurrent in nature.For example, over the past few months, a couple of key, timely, or concurrent events, which possibly were misdirection were:

  1. Trump's military parade
  2. The Super Bowl
  3. Intercontinental Missile False Alarm
These are all events which capture a lot of attention on a mass scale and keep people focused away from discovering the possibility of HETLAU. By filling the daily information pipeline with everything from what appears to be really important to complete nonsense, the possibility exists that the ESH have the EA constructing their ETA and the EA have no idea anything is even going on. In order to keep it that way, more misdirection is placed into the pipeline to keep the EA occupied.So this brings us to the possibility the Olympics are misdirection. The first thing you probably think is that there is no way the Olympics could possibly be misdirection. So before we analyze them, we'll make a little hypothesis we can test. Does the event:
  1. Keep you from paying attention to Aliens, Extra Terrestrials, and UFOs?
  2. Does the event allow technology to be developed and money to be funneled into organizations that would otherwise not happen without the event?
  3. Can any clues be discovered using wormation that will appear as hidden messages revealing repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence in history showing the event was misdirection and the EA were unaware?
First off, you can see item one applies. Even if there was a UFO sighting at the Olympics, that sighting would simply be a sub-event of subliminal dissemination. The larger event the Olympics would still have everyone distracted watching the event, not researching Aliens, Extra Terrestrials, and UFOs.Second, although more a function of EPMS getting the EA to compete against each other, which they want to do naturally, allows an enormous opportunity for the ESH to control the development of the planet that would otherwise not occur. Since the Olympics involves almost every country on Earth, this is a major opportunity to implement the ETA and the event doesn't require the messy circumstances of a tragic accident to accomplish the goals.Third, looking at the word Olympics, PyeongChang, and North and South Korea using wormation we get:OLYMPIC = I COMPLY (enagram)OLYMPICS = COMPLY IS (enagram)So the word Olympic is metaphoric for the Extra Terrestrials speaking for us when we watch the Olympics in that we are complying with the misdirection by watching the Olympics.So if you were to say:

"I am going to watch the olympics," what you are saying in alien is:

"I am complying with the misdirection by watching the Olympics."

Olympics plural says COMPLY IS as in COMPLY IS ET. In other words, the concept of creating the Olympics in order to get the EA to comply is Extra Terrestrial in the way it was done.PYEONGCHANGPY = PlanetarY (ecronym similar to PlanetarY in the Pyramid theory)

E = ET (ecronym)ON = NO (reversal)G = Government (ecronym)Government = mind control (see article)CHANG = CHANGE (ecronym)So PyeongChang says:Will EA "Change the Extra Terrestrial Planetary Mind Control" over them?NORTH = THRONESOUTH = SHOUTKOREA K = 11 (alphanumerics)OR = FOR (ecronym)FOR = FOUR (enagram)FOUR = 4 4+11 = 411 = Information (slang)EA = EARTHLINGSo North and South Korea says "Shout from the Throne this is information for Earthlings," meaning the realization the Olympics is misdirection is being brought to you by the Extra Terrestrials.So you can see how the wormation surrounding the Olympics at PyeongChang involving both North and South Korea clearly says it is written in the system leaving behind hidden clues that reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence that this is misdirection. The only question is, will it only fall on deaf ears, if any at all?

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