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Are Aliens Time Travelers from Different Timelines?

Some believe that aliens are evolved humans from the future. Ok sure! However, they could also be different species that respectively come from different timelines. Wow!

By Bazooka TeachesPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

There are obviously many theories as to what aliens are. One theory is that they are strictly made up. Another one is that they are space travelers and travel across galaxies using advanced technology in order to get to our planet. That theory makes a lot of sense since the Universe is gigantic and the possibility of life beyond our planetary system is totally possible.

There is one theory that is wild, but it can also be very true. See, we live in a crazy universe in which anything is quite possible. Anyway, many claim that aliens come from the future. According to Airman John Burroughs, in 1980, he and another officer were doing a routine check around their base in England when a strange-looking ship landed in their vicinity.

When both men spotted the strange craft, they approached it and touched it. Burroughs claims that he received messages, in a telepathic manner, stating that the ship was from the future. He later also deciphered writing that was engraved in his mind. When it was decoded, the message slimpy stated that the ship was from the future and that it was on a mission to travel into the past, which would be Burroughs' present time. See the video below for better details.

Anyway, think about that! Aliens, or possibly evolved humans, travel from the future to our present day. Their mission? Who knows? But, this theory or belief is a constant argument among scholars that are knowledgeable about this subject.

Anyway, let's dig deeper. What if aliens, whatever they are, really are coming from the future? Moreover, the reason why they are different kinds of aliens is that they come from different future timelines. Meaning, that they have evolved differently because their timelines are completely different. So, the evolution process of human evolution is completely different in each timeline. Seriously, if alternate universes exist, the possibility of time travelers from the future coming from different futures is highly likely to be an absolute truth.

So, the Greys could be from the year 5656 and are traveling back to study ancient man, us. The Nordic Aliens could be from the year 5656 but on a different timeline because evolution occurred differently there. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

It gets better! What if Aliens are humans from the past but from an alternate universe in which they have advanced and evolved faster than humans in our timeline? Also, what if they are here to learn from a future that they completely want to avoid? Or, they could just be simply time travelers from wherever the heck they are from and are simply having fun.

Time-traveling Aliens could be many things, but the idea that they can be evolved humans from the future is far out. That idea alone opens up so many possibilities.

What happened to the simple idea that Aliens were little green men from another planet? What about the belief that they were from Mars? Hence, Martians!

All those old ideas could still be true because the masses are always ill-informed. We the people will never really know the truth about aliens and what they are or where they come from. Of course, this is taking in the notion that aliens are actually real.

Some even say that aliens are actually mechanical suits for demons. The suit gives dark entities the ability to walk among us and be able to touch and feel in the tangible world. But if that is the case, why don't they just make a mechanical suit that looks like a regular human?

Or better yet, aliens could be demons from the future that are wearing mechanical suits. Nah, that's a little too much. I mean that could totally be a possibility, but no. Imagine, evolved demons from the future in mechanical suits from different timelines. That would make a great movie at best.

Well, hopefully, aliens, if they exist, will pay Earth a visit. Whether they are from the future or from some distant star. When they do, hopefully, it will not be about Project Blue Beam. Have you heard about Project Blue Beam?

Yes, it is a conspiracy that predicts that one day the elites, who run our world, will use advanced technology to fake an alien invasion. The supposed prediction by conspiracy theorists is that the elite will use a hologram type of technology to make UFOs fly around our skies and freak everyone out.

This will unite all governments into one and start a new world order and have total control of people like sheep. Project Blue Beam might also be used to stage the second coming of Christ. The purpose of this is to unite the world, not for peace and love, but to simply take total control.

Again, if aliens come to Earth, I hope it's peaceful and real, I hope that it is not staged. The crazy part is that it will be hard to believe. Anyway...

Going back to Aliens being from another timeline. My theory as to why there are different species of aliens is that they come from different futures or different dimensions. I could also believe that they come from different parts of space. In the end, the biggest mind-blowing thing that could happen is just being visited by aliens period!

I am going to stop and let this thought go away now! Never!

Aliens from different timelines are freakin' awesome!

by Bazooka Teaches


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Bazooka Teaches

A regular Joe that is just surviving the struggle. Loves to write and is constantly fighting the forces of evil.

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