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Antarctica repeatedly shows strange structures

Is it a stargaze for aliens

By La nicePublished 5 months ago 4 min read

The Earth has seven giant land masses, they are called the seven continents by humans, and Antarctica is the only continent that is not inhabited by humans. Multiple photos of Antarctica show that there is white snow everywhere, the temperature is as low as it can get, sometimes even minus 100 degrees Celsius low temperature, and even the emperor penguins are frozen and have to hug for warmth.

Although Antarctica is a desert island unsuitable for human habitation, it is frozen by thousands of mega glaciers, which may become an important freshwater resource for human beings in the future, glaciers also play an important role in global climate and ecology, through the movement of atmospheric circulation, from time to time to the low latitudes to send a gust of cold wind, to cool the summer and stop the pace of global warming.

In recent years, due to the rapid melting of glaciers, people have only begun to pay high attention to the uninhabited Antarctic. Take NASA, which flies over Antarctica at least once a year to understand the melting of its glaciers. With the rise in attention, people have realized that Antarctica is still a very peculiar place, with multiple aerial photos showing the peculiar structures.

22 unknown structures about 50 meters long that don't look like natural formations

In 2019, an American named Blake Cousins once again discovered a row of unknown structures in Antarctica through Google Maps, with a peculiar and visible shape and specific coordinates of 75 degrees south latitude and 0 degrees east longitude. The structure looks strange, not like a human structure, with a black head and a spiny striped tail, looking like a goldfish.

There are a total of 22 unknown structures, about 50 meters long, neatly placed in a straight line 2 km long, what exactly are they? So the citizens on the network discussion opened up, some people speculate that this may be the underground world of exhaust holes, in the Antarctic glacier underneath, perhaps hiding an unknown alien world, others say that this may be the Antarctic research station solar power station, or perhaps a scientific probe.

Many people did claim in the past that the Antarctic might be hiding an alien world, but this is a fallacy without any evidence. However, from the unknown structure location, it does not look like a natural formation, but more like some kind of scientific instrument or equipment deliberately placed by the Antarctic research team, perhaps a wind turbine, perhaps a solar power station, or perhaps a seismograph.

Bones and skeletons

Monkey-faced glacier

In 2019, someone discovered a very peculiarly shaped glacier, the "Monkey Face Glacier", in the Antarctic region through Google Maps, as if it was artificially carved.

From Google Maps, I believe we can see at a glance that this is a face portrait picture, with a slightly open mouth, a protruding human middle, an open forehead, and eyes that squint into a line, just like the apes in the science fiction movie "War of the Apes".

Some say it is a coordinate left by an alien civilization on Earth, and some say it is a historical relic left by an ancient civilization in the Antarctic, but it is most likely just a peculiarly shaped iceberg, from the ghostly work of nature. On Earth, if we talk about strange terrain, it is countless, so it is not surprising.

A 43-meter-long curved object

The strange structures people have found in Antarctica through Google Maps are not the only ones mentioned above. In November 2019, another strange arc was found again, about 43 meters long, with coordinates at 80 degrees south latitude and 81 degrees west longitude.

At first glance, it looks very much like the spinal remains of a giant beast, but this is impossible because there has not been an animal of this size on Earth, and if there is such a giant, then it must be more than 50 meters long because the largest whale in the world is only 33 meters long.

"Alien stargaze", "Space junk dropped by NASA spacecraft", and "Spacecraft crash site", internet users have provided many suggestions and ideas, but the arc-shaped structure has been identified as a man-made object.

Not far from the arc structure is the only private camp for humans in Antarctica, called Patriot Hill Camp, which also has a purely natural ice runway, suitable for a variety of large aircraft takeoff and landing, including the U.S. ILYUSHIN IL-76 and C130 aircraft, the camp can accommodate 50 people at once, equivalent to a small hotel, which not only has a small library, medical station gym, and a solar power station.

So the arc is not a stargaze, nor a crash site, but the only camp for humans in Antarctica.

In conclusion

Although these structures at the South Pole may look peculiar and easily remind people of extraterrestrial civilizations, they are two kinds of objects, one is a naturally occurring object and the other is a man-made object.

With the development of astronomy, more and more scientists believe that extraterrestrial civilizations must exist, but to come to the solar system is almost an impossible thing because the universe is too big, the distance between galaxies is too far, even if the invention of interstellar spacecraft close to the speed of light and what can be? Life is not as ants, not worth mentioning.


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