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An open letter to ELON

i mean Musk

By Reinhold LautnerPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Dear Elon,

I am like millions of others — a fan of yours. Thinking of you, I pondered: what is the difference between you and me? To be truthful, this letter contains some autobiographical details.

I am now a 66-year-old retired dermatologist. (That was me, by the way, when I was still active)I have always lived comfortably. I had my problems (primarily financial, which you do not have). But comparing what you do and what I did, I asked myself — which is the better life?

Nerro Negro Nicaragua 2016

You have endless meetings, often with people you likely don’t enjoy being around (Congress, etc). I had none and never had to do such things. So I lived relatively freely, and now, as a retiree, entirely freely. I don’t need to worry if my next rocket will plunge into the ocean or explode midair.I get up when i get up and i sleep when i think i have to sleep a little.Only my not stinking and not hair loosing dogs disturb me sometimes.

It’s clear to me that what you’ve achieved so far is extraordinary but at a cost. You may drive a Tesla and some other exclusive cars(only to look at), but my most excellent car was a 500SL convertible, and I was happy. I could also afford to drive a 1600cc BMW motorbike recklessly (and somehow survived) for a few years — which is actual rocket-like fun!

When you think you only have one life, you should start living more fully. Look at Bezos — he only loosened up because of his partner. Otherwise, he would never have ordered that yacht, which gets dull after some time.

I appreciate your private jets — it’s simply better traveling and buys you some time. But an average person like me doesn’t require that. I’ve been to 97 countries in my lifetime, and now I’m in beautiful Nicaragua, where random crime is much lower than in other Latin American countries. As a foreigner without much money, you can live well respected and like a king.

I don’t need to travel anymore, so I’m satisfied with my 5 dogs, a beautiful, slightly younger wife, (25 years)two kids here, two kids there (I followed in your footsteps), and absolutely no stress.

Comparing what you do versus what I do, I’d choose my life.

You should know when to hit the brakes. I hope you haven’t been vaccinated like all the other uninformed people following the herd. But I suspect your friend Bill (who owns many shares in everything) advised you similarly.

A recently deceased 67-year-old orthopedic doctor friend of mine was very fit but died after 5 vaccinations after doing a sport he always did. I know — stupid, but in Austria, they’d revoke your medical license if you didn’t vaccinate yourself — all part of the “Great Reset” — damn Schwab!

I hope you’ll reconsider your legacy (which is already staggering) and make some time to live a little. I could organize a very nice 2000x7000 squaremeters property in Nicaragua near the beach, reachable for you by helicopter. (Its a natural reserve as well)No one to bother you — bring your internet and fly out via Costa Rica if needed.

But I suspect your drive prevents you from relaxing, even if it’d be good for you.

Van allen Belt

I’m sorry the Van Allen belts dash your Mars dreams. I never believed the moon landing, and when Donald ,Jessica’ Trump (Kimmel) is president again, you could ask him to declassify the lost documents — JFK’s, too. Add Epstein’s while you’re at it — that would be interesting.

I’ve digressed into geo- and other politics a bit — please forgive me.

I hope all your children are well-educated, multilingual (like mine), and well-mannered (like mine).

Wishing you health and happiness,



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